Features :
- Option to hide blizzard minimap clock
- Random mount keybind: With one key, it will choose a mount for you among 3 lists: flight (if in flying zone), ground, battleground (usefull to use a multi passenger mount in BG)
- Easy travel keybind (mostly for druids) : When in human form and moving -> shift into travel form (or cast your mount if standing still, or cast Aqua if swimming, or cast flight form if available). In any form -> get back to human form (or unmount if on your mount).
- Easy morph keybinds (druids) : When in human form shift to (bear/cat/aqua/travel). In any form shift back to human. You can use the same key as 'Quick travel' using ALT/CTRL/SHIFT key mods.
- Can play a sound to bip you, when you are called in guild, party or raid channel.
- MouseLook : Real DAoC mouse look mode. Key1 switch to and from MouseLook on each press. Hold Key2 to move the camera (when in MouseLook mode).
In MouseLook mode, Button1 and Button2 are remapped to MoveForward and MoveBackward. MouseLook mode does NOT break follow mode.
- Can print a warning if you don't have any tracking active (herb,ore, humanoid, ...)
- This AddOn fixes the AutoRun bug when you start following a target (following a target break the autorun but the game doesn't notice it, and you have to hit twice AutoRun button to re-run again).
With this when you are following a target, you break auto-follow by hitting AutoRun key just once (and so start auto-running).
- KU_Attack() function : Switch to Fight mode.
Example to autofight after casting a taunt "/cast Growl (Rank 1) /script KU_Attack()"
- Shows who clicked on the minimap
- Many more, see "/ku help" ingame to full commands list

Notes :
- MouseLook does not break /follow
- MouseLook does not have the bug of weird autorun if activated while pressing a mouse button
- AutoFight after shapeshift works for warrior too (when switching stance)

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