Mount Options

Summon a random location-appropriate mount. Supports new mounts automatically. Supports Flight Form, Ghost Wolf, Running Wild, Tarecgosa, Telaari Talbuk/Frostwolf War Wolf and other zone-specific mounts.

LiteMount summons ground-only mounts in areas where you cannot fly (including all of Draenor).

LiteMount works out of the box and does not require updating when new mounts are added to the game.

Supported Mounts

Supports all mounts and flight form!

  • All Mount Journal mounts
  • Druid Flight Form
  • Shaman Ghost Wolf
  • Running Wild (Worgen Racial)
  • Telaari Talbuk/Frostwolf War Wolf in Nagrand with Corral built.
  • Item-summoned mounts (Hallow's End brooms, Tarecgosa's Visage, Loaned Gryphon/Wind Rider)
  • Ahn'Qiraj "Battle Tank" Mounts
  • Vashj'ir Abyssal Seahorse and Subdued Seahorse.

How To Use

To use LiteMount, set key bindings for LiteMount in the Blizzard "Key Bindings" options, under the "Addons" category.

There is a separate key binding to force a non-flying mount.

When pushing the key, if you are already mounted it will dismount you. If you are in a vehicle it will exit the vehicle. If you are in a mount-style shapeshift form it will cancel the form.

Alternatively if you prefer to use a macro, typing:

/litemount macro

into a chat entry box will create a macro for you and pick it up ready to drop onto an action bar slot.

Mount Copying

If you have a player targeted, LiteMount will try to copy the mount they are currently using, if possible. You can turn this awesome feature off in the settings.

Mount Selection

A mount is selected based on the following criteria (in this order), until it finds a mount you know and can use:

  • If you are in a vehicle, exit the vehicle.
  • If you are already mounted, dismount/cancelform.
  • If you can fly, use a random flying mount (unless non-flying is requested).
  • If you are swimming, use a random swimming mount.
  • If you in a special zone (Vashj'ir, AQ, Nagrand), then use a random mount for that zone.
  • Use a random ground mount.
  • Use a random slow ground mount (ghost wolf, travel form).
  • Run the macro configured in the "Macro: Unavailable" options tab.

If you are moving or falling it will only consider instant-cast mounts (druid forms, Ghost Wolf, and (during Hallows End) Flying Broom), unless you have the mage Ice Floes buff.

Prioritizing Instant-Cast Mounts

To force use of instant-cast mounts, start moving (or jump) before you mount.

LiteMount Options / Mount Selection

Open the LiteMount options panel from the Blizzard interface settings or by using the /litemount (or /lmt) chat command.

From the "Mounts" sub-panel you can see a scrollable list of all your mounts, and whether they are flagged as being appropriate for various situations.

You can filter the list of mounts by using the search box at the top of the panel.

  • Enable or disable use of each mount with the checkbox at the left side of the line for that mount.
  • Enable or disable all of the currently displayed mounts with the checkbox at the top left.
  • Override where the mount should be summoned with the flags on the right side.

You can individually toggle these flags: Run, Fly, Swim, Ahn'Qiraj, Vash'jir. A flag you have changed from the default will have a red background on the checkbox.

By default the list of mount settings is saved per-character. Use the check-box at the top right of the mounts panel to toggle using the same settings for all characters.

Setting the LiteMount flags does not change what the mount can do, only when LiteMount will try to summon it. If in doubt, leave the flags unchanged. If you get confused click the "Defaults" button and then "Just this addon" from the dialog box that pops up to reset LiteMount's options.

LiteMount Options / Advanced Macros

LiteMount allows you to enter two different custom macros that, if enabled, it will use:

  • when you try to mount but it cannot find a usable mount; and
  • when you are in combat, overriding the default combat actions.

On the Macro : Unavailable options sub-panel you can enter macro commands that LiteMount will use out of combat when it can't find a useable mount. That might be because you are in a non-mountable location, or you are moving and don't know any instant-cast mounts. Depending on your class, race and professions up to four suggestion buttons may also be available, filling the macro in with various useful defaults.

On the Macro : Combat options sub-panel you can enter and enable/disable macro commands that LiteMount will use in combat instead of its default combat actions. Clicking the "Default" button will copy the macro commands from the default actions for you to modify (note that the default actions will depend on your class).

The macro settings are always per-character and cannot be shared account-wide.

Using LiteMount in Your Own Macros

You can call LiteMount from your own macros with:

/click LiteMount

or to force a non-flying mount

/click LiteMount RightButton

Advantages of LiteMount

LiteMount does not rely on any external libraries or addons. It will not break because some version of LibMountJuggler-3.0 wasn't updated; or was updated. LiteMount automatically supports new ordinary (appear in the Mounts tab, don't require specific zones) flying/ground/swimming mounts without needing to be updated. LiteMount does not rely on hard-coded English names for anything and will work in any locale.

Limitations of LiteMount

LiteMount excludes flying mounts in areas where you can't fly. This is a design decision: I like it that way, the flying mounts are too big for ground use. You can override this (with the per-mount flags) but it's bit tedious and you probably don't want to.

LiteMount cannot mount in combat. It has a default set of combat actions which can dismount you, exit vehicles, or cast Travel Form, Aquatic Form or Ghost Wolf. This is extremely restricted and can't use any of the addon smarts.

LiteMount does not let you prioritize mounts, group mounts, or customize mounts per zone.

You Used The Mechanostrider Icon, Are You Crazy?

Yes I did, gnomes are awesome, deal with it. If you don't like the macro icon, you can change it manually. LiteMount will not change it back.

If This AddOn Seems Abandoned

If more than two weeks go by after a major patch and this addon isn't updated, I've probably been hit by a bus. In that case I encourage anyone with the necessary ability to take over maintenance of the addon. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which means anyone can take it and do whatever they want with it, as long as they too release their code under the same terms.


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