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Very simple addon that reduces loot spam by replacing how messages are shown with a more minimalistic fashion.

  • Filters - You can hide reputation, loot, honor, experience, money and currency+archaeology messages. You can hide all junk loot, or you can specify a minimum item quality that you or your party has to loot in order to show it, meaning you can hide all items that are common or lower, that your party loots, but show all items that you loot, and vice versa.
  • Roll - You can hide roll decisions, or specifically hide roll decisions only in LFR. You can also do this with the roll summary and even force the items that are rolled for to be shown as icons or plain text.
  • Timer - You can modify and specify the delays, how long the addon waits for looting to end, after combat ends, e.g. There is more information on this in-game.
  • Extra - One button click creates a loot frame (old school, you can keep it around in case you really need to check the normal log). Mouseover links show the tooltip without having to click. Show amount of items in your bags in addition to the looted item (ideal for farming). Color names by class.

So what really is this about?

You can specify where the messages are shown, what messages are ignored and completely hidden, you can show/hide roll decisions and summary, you can hide all gray items from showing at all, and you can tweak the throttle settings. In addition all quest starting items will have a distinct red border in the chat, so it's easy to see those quest items when leveling, especially if auto-loot is on and you don't pay attention!

Is there a catch?

Yes, unfortunately chances are that other languages are not working since I only play on the English client. There has been problems with Russian locale and I had to in addition to using global variables to handle extracting data from the loot messages, I had to swap positions of item names and player names.

The key point here is that if there are errors I do advice you do post these errors and your client language so I can try to work things out with your help.

I've personally tested the addon on enUS, enGB, ruRU, deDE locales. The rest are uncertain, probably works but some features may not -in any case you are aware of this small fact.

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  • Avatar of Vladinator Vladinator Dec 09, 2012 at 02:14 UTC - 0 likes

    @SwAGtools: Go

    I try to make it look good, not always easy, people got different preferences, but hey, as long those using it are happy, I am happy, even if it's just you. ;)

    Profile: WoWInterface | Wowhead

  • Avatar of SwAGtools SwAGtools Dec 09, 2012 at 02:10 UTC - 0 likes

    I like the nice clean look in your chat frames when looting etc.. Well designed UI also.

  • Avatar of Vladinator Vladinator Aug 17, 2012 at 16:53 UTC - 0 likes

    Just a heads up, for 1.7.2 I will use the implemented localization system here on curse, if you wish to help translate just head to this page for the details. :)



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