Change log

 + Updated TOC for 5.3
 + Minor updates and additions.

 + Fixed typo in code.

 + Overhauled database generation, now easier to manage than before. Also added missing rares and removed obsolete rares. For those that wish to clean-up their databases it's easiest done by going to your \WoW\WTF\Accounts\<ACCOUNTNAME> folder then doing a search for files named "_NPCScan" and deleting those, this will reset all stored _NPCScan related settings - note that this will remove all customized _NPCScan options, but allow us to install a more appropriate database for your characters.
 + Only rares you can slay will be installed, for instance the faction rares in Krasarang Wilds won't fire if you can't slay them, not many NPC's are affected by this rule so you shouldn't worry that you are "missing loot" or something. I shall make this a GUI option in the future.
 + TOC bump to 50200.
 + Added a lot of new rares from 5.2.
 + TOC bump to 50100.
 + Added Zalas Witherbark, Goldenback, Hel'nurath and NPC's related to "Champions of Lei Shen" achievement from the PTR.

 + Added 147 tameable pets, oh boy... Thanks Veyska on WoWI for providing me with the list. Note that because of how NPCScan is made, I can't make it show the "Tameable" message, because these are hardcoded in the addon itself, and I can't access it from mine. But don't worry, this shall be addressed in a future NPCScan update, meanwhile you will at least be notified when you encounter the rare. :)

 + Added Brawler's Guild related rares.

 + Made the automatic update option also update NPCScan when database updates are released, so you only have to enable or disable the option (before you had to re-enable each time the database changed, but no more!)
 + Added Cursed Centaur (Maraudon, outside the instance.) Added Dart, Hayoc, The Rot and Lord Angler in Theramore's Fall (scenario). Added Ironspine and Azshir the Sleepless in Scarlet Monastery.
 + Removed Little Samras and Optimistic Benj from Old Hillsbrad Foothills, they are friendly and can't be killed. Also removed Vern and Alani since it's kind of pointless to fire the alerts when you encounter these rares.

 + Added NPCs for the achievement "Over Their Heads" for the daily "Dark Skies".
 + Added three more NPCs regarding the "Lost and Found" achievement.

 + Added Boahn (Northern Barrens) and Doctor Theolen Krastinov (Scholomance HC).

 + Added several new rares from Pandaria, and some from other places.

 + Fixing when data is injected, so far I think this is a much better approach.

 + Fixed a typo in one of the screens.

 + Updated for MOP (50001)
 + Added support for automatic installing upon login, this helps you keep all characters updated, without having to install each time. This feature can be turned on or off by using "/npcscanex auto". It's disabled by default.
 + Removed deprecated NPCs.

 + Removed: Foreman Rigger (removed from the game)
 + Removed: Sentinel Amarassan (removed from the game)
 + Removed: Warlord Kolkanis (removed from the game)

 + TOC update (40300)
 + Added: Prince Lakma (tribute to Lord Lakmaeran)
 + Added: Lorgus Jett (found in Blackfathom Deeps and gives more XP)
 + Added: Little Samras (tribute to Big Samras)
 + Added: Optimistic Benj (tribute to Cranky Benj)
 + Renamed: Gluggle to Gluggl (not sure why the rename...)
 + Removed: Dalaran Spellscribe (removed from the game so you have to get your Cat Carrier (Black Tabby) in some other way)
 + Removed: Scarshield Quartermaster (Blackwing Lair attunement quest, almost no respawn time so not really a rare at all, just an incentive for newbies to go kill and loot him for the quest and be surprised)
 + Removed: Old Vicejaw (removed from the game)
 + Removed: Monnos the Elder (removed from the game)
 + Removed: Magister Hawkhelm (removed from the game)
 + Removed: Mugglefin (removed from the game)

 + Initial release.


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