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167 - Yellow border that shows lag

Ovale makes a good action bar easy to use.  But it lacks one thing that would be nice. Is the yellow border that appears around icons.
How it works is when you hit an ability, a yellow bar will start to go around the icon.  Once the client gets back a request from the server that the ability was received the yellow border goes away and the cooldown begins and I believe it includes the amount of lag time between the client and server as well.

This is more of a quality of life issue.  If you know you're lagging you'll see the yellow border.  This could make it easier to help time stuff while lagged. If its too hard to show it as a yellow border maybe have the icon be a different color showing lag.  Also have an option to set in MS when the color should appear.  For example I set it to 250ms.  This means that when I hit an ability, 250ms of time would have to pass before it would start showing a yellow border or something.  All I know is when I start to lag it gets very frustrating to play cause ovale doesn't show you're lagging. or the server lagging.


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Galvin Sep 21, 2012 at 22:22 UTC Create

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Sep 21, 2012
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