Note as of r33, PallyPower is optional rather than required

Provide warnings when missing blessings, seals, auras, or righteous fury.

Does your raid leader chew you out for forgetting to buff? Are you a protadin and let dps pull aggro because you forgot to turn on Righteous Fury? Ever go into combat with Crusader Aura on? Do you forget to refresh seal of wisdom while healing? Then this is the addon for you!

This addon was initially developed as an addon to PallyPower, but it should probably be renamed PallyFriend now as it is more in the style of my Shaman Friend and DruidFriend addons now. It can now either stand on its own or work with PallyPower.

Warnings can be turned on for when:

  • ) Your blessings expire (can be disabled when in combat).
  • ) On a /readycheck if you have not buffed according to PallyPower.
  • ) On leaving combat if someone is missing one of your buffs according to PallyPower.
  • ) On entering combat if someone is missing one of your buffs according to PallyPower (off by default, PallyPower auto-button doesn't work in combat).

Warnings can be any of the following (configurable):

  • ) Sound
  • ) Custom Window (moveable)
  • ) Scrolling combat text
  • ) Chat Frame (configurable which frame)

Other features:

  • ) Beacon of Light Tracker
  • ) Taunt Tracker
  • ) Announce spells or whisper the target of a spell for tank cooldowns, Hand of Protection, Hand of Salvation, etc.
  • ) Announce when you successfully interrupt
  • ) You can choose by spell to output to raid, party, raid warning, say, yell, or disabled and whether whispers are enabled for that spell.

If you find a bug, please file a bug report:

If you received a WoW error, please include the full error message in your ticket.

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Date created
Aug 20, 2010
Last updated
Mar 31, 2012