Allows you to create a shiny autocast overlay for macros that control a pet skill.

If you have any problem with PetOverlay, please post a comment or email me (my address can be found on the About Me page of my Curse profile).

To use, include the following in your macro:

   #pet skillname

Where 'skillname' is the name of a skill, such as

   #pet Call of the Wild

This will add an autocast overlay showing you the status of the 'Call of the Wild' skill. To make a macro act like a normal pet skill button, be sure to include a /petautocasttoggle command on right click, such as:

   #showtooltip Call of the Wild
   #pet Call of the Wild
   /petautocasttoggle [button:2] Call of the Wild
   /cast [nobutton:2] Call of the Wild

As of v1.4, the #pet command can now accept macro modifiers like [mod:shift].
The following would allow you to control both Growl and Cower depending on whether or not you are holding shift:

   #pet [mod:shift]Cower;Growl
   /petautocasttoggle [button:2,mod:shift]Cower;[button:2,nomod]Growl
   /cast [nobutton:2,mod:shift]Cower;[nobutton:2,nomod]Growl

Original macro code by Xelron
Bartender code by stritzi

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