Warlords of Draenor

Known issues:

  • Icons for rage related abilities (like Shield Block), won't update correctly if you don't have that ability on your action bar

Please report issues and requests.


Protwarbar is a small and configurable addon made for Protection Warriors, but also usable by Arms or Fury. It contains the following modules:


Protwarbar can display a ragebar that changes color depending on your rage value, there are 5 default stages.

  • less then 20 rage
  • less then 60 rage
  • less then 100 rage
  • less then max rage
  • max rage

This makes it very easy to identify when your Shield Block or Shield Barrier can be used, threshold values are configurable.


Protwarbar can display icons of the abilities you choose at a location you choose, fully configurable.

This allows you to displays hint icons for when Battle Shout and Berserker Rage are available for use. Or display your default abilities like Shield Slam or cooldowns like Shield Wall.

Protwarbar uses the in game cooldown animation, so if you want a number on top of your icon take a look at OmniCC.


Your trinkets can be displayed just like icons for you to keep track of your cooldowns.


Protwarbar can show you a duration bar for the auras you cast, like Shield Block and Rallying Cry. Using aura bar you can exactly time all your abilities.


Protwarbar will combine all shields cast on you and display those as one total value. It keeps track of the applied shield amount and uses that value as 100% in the bar display. By default it will only track Shield Barrier, but more shields options are available in the settings.


Protwarbar displays your current Resolve healing bonus, Resolve damage taken and your potential Shield Barrier size (calculated in realtime, includes Resolve and Versatility bonuses).


Protwarbar has a simple announcement module that can tell your party, raid or instance what cooldowns you are using.


Protwarbar now supports profiles and auto loading. You can pre select a profile for your Protection, Fury and Arms spec. When you change spec, Protwarbar will load the appropriate profile.

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Date created
Aug 23, 2012
Last update
Feb 22, 2016
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  • enUS
BSD License
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