v1.2 UI

This addon monitors the healing throughput attributable to Critical Rating, Haste and Mastery, and quantifies how increases in those stats, as well as Intellect and Spellpower, will translate to throughput increases. For Resto Shaman only!

The addon features a browser interface to allow you to review and filter selected encounters, or display aggregate data for all of them. It also prints a summary of each fight to the chat window at the end of combat.

New in version 1.2 (Beta):

  • Analysis of Haste, including breakpoint effects on HoTs and totems
    • Compare the value of other stats to Haste at nearby breakpoints, or between breakpoints
    • Haste analysis includes racial, talent and raid buffs
    • Print a list of breakpoints with the "/rss breakp" console command
  • Enhancements to the graphical UI
    • Explanatory tooltips are now provided for all stat analysis results
    • Press SHIFT to expand the tooltip and display more information or data
    • Reposition the UI by dragging the title bar
  • Glyph of Water Shield mana analysis tells you whether you would gain or lose mana with the glyph, based on actual combat data
  • Improvements and fixes to other stat analyses

There are several chat commands:

  • /rss: open a browser to view a particular encounter or summary data
  • /rss help: print all commands
  • /rss breakp: print Haste breakpoint information
  • /rss difficulty <Any, 10N, 10H, 25N, 25H, LFR>: Select data for a particular raid type
  • /rss sum: print history of all fights, and grand totals, since the addon was loaded or cleared
  • /rss rsm: print the average mastery multiplier, as calculated by the old RestoShamanMastery addon
  • /rss clr: clear saved all data

Note 1: Loading v1.2 or changing the Ancestral Swiftness talent afterward will clear all data from past encounters.

Note 2: The addon and its UI are now only available in Restoration spec.

The Math

For those interested in how the addon calculates the values it does, the following brief but fairly technical write-ups (in PDF format) are provided. A working understanding of basic calculus and probability is assumed.

Note: You do not need to read these files to use the addon - we did the math, so you don't have to!

Critical Rating

Mastery Rating

Spellpower and Intellect

Haste (implemented in v1.2)

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  • Avatar of belechannas belechannas Jul 21, 2013 at 22:46 UTC - 0 likes

    @theondry: Go

    Thanks for your report. I will look into how to enable tickets; I didn't know they weren't enabled by default.

    Edit: Tickets are now enabled

    Concerning the errors, there is no way to prevent the addon from loading for non-Shaman, other than disabling it for those characters at the login page, but I will look into preventing errors if it is loaded.

    In fact I believe the more recent alpha builds have probably already fixed the error you reported, because the addon is now basically locked down as soon as it sees you aren't a Resto Shaman, but I will confirm.

    Edit: The problem was indeed still present, but is fixed in the next build (r81). Sorry for the trouble.

    Last edited Jul 21, 2013 by belechannas
  • Avatar of theondry theondry Jul 19, 2013 at 20:40 UTC - 0 likes

    The addon is somewhat over-aggressive in asserting its existence, causing it to load on characters that are not Shaman and presenting an error (as vomited out by bugsack)

    6x RestoShamanStat-r71\RShamanStatUI.lua:140: attempt to index global "RShamanStatArchive" (a nil value)
    RestoShamanStat-r71\RShamanStatUI.lua:140: in function "RShamanStatUI_GetFilteredArchive"
    RestoShamanStat-r71\RShamanStatUI.lua:154: in function "RShamanStatUI_UpdateRecordList"
    RestoShamanStat-r71\RShamanStatUI.lua:27: in function <RestoShamanStat\RShamanStatUI.lua:18>
    RestoShamanStat-r71\RShamanStatUI.lua:85: in function <RestoShamanStat\RShamanStatUI.lua:81>
    selectedButton = nil
    selectedIndex = 0

    I would have entered this as a ticket, but that doesn't seem to be an option.


Table of contents

  1. 1 The Math


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May 14, 2013
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Jun 25, 2016
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