Last version

Last version: 60003 at 2015-01-07 Bugs or suggestions can be posted to the Rewatch addon page at



  • Fixed mana/rage/energy bar colouring
  • Small fix in the incoming-heal-bar height
  • Change ruRU localization encoding to UTF-8 without BOM (should fix Rewatch for Russian clients, now!)
  • Border size fix, now it finally aligns properly!
  • Background transparency fix, it's now solid when you want it to be!
  • Fix incoming heals display
  • Changed dead and out-of-range display of players


  • Fixed Germination support, added a small bar inside the Reju bar to track it!
  • Changed frame positioning, so Germination bar is properly shown and does not hide between the Reju bar
  • Default Health bar colour changed
  • Default frame background colour changed
  • Now made health bar colouring with health deficiency scaling rather than fixed colours
  • Changes mana bar to be 20% of the Healthbar height (used to be 4 pixels default)
  • Override for "mana-blue" colour in the mana bar
  • Removed strata tampering so it should no longer appear above WoW dialog boxes
  • Some performance changes, there were some local variables sneaked in that could cause creeping memory issues
  • More performance changes, now only calling GetIncomingHeals once (down from twice) with a player update
  • Small fix where the presets in the Rewatch interface option menu could not set to Compact
  • Extended slider range in various Rewatch settings to 300 (up from 150)
  • Added Russion localization!
  • Colour for incoming heals is slightly better visible
  • Fixed a few defaults
  • Fixed where highlighting Clearcasting also procs from other druids in your group


  • Fixed refreshing of Lifebloom by Regrowth/Healing Touch
  • Changed the entire way combat lockdown is checked and re-wrote the mechanism to refresh the frames
  • Prevented AI party members from generating errors during the Proving Grounds
  • Changed the default layout to Minimal (now called Normal), the Compact is renamed back to Compact
  • Altered margins and borders slightly, again
  • Added a method to change layout presets; /rew layout (normal|compact|classic)
  • Changed default colours of de Lifebloom and Rejuvenation bars
  • Clearcasting now turns all Regrowth buttons white as highlighting, instead of the full frame


  • Fixed an issue when adding players to the frame while in combat
  • Removed preset layout popup
  • Added preset layout buttons to the Advanced options window
  • Changed the default layout to Compact (now called Normal), the original default is now called Classic
  • Replace Nourish button with Wild Mushroom button
  • Removed Lifebloom stacking mechanism and options
  • Added Rejuvenation stacking mechanism and options (NOT YET TESTED - I'M STILL 90 LOL)
  • Clearcasting now colours the Rewatch frame GREEN as indication
  • Fiddled with the layout margins and borders a little bit


  • Coloring player names with class colors, removed class sidebar
  • Frame shadow which will color with aggro, moving from the player names color
  • Chat messages from Rewatch are now in white, to avoid confusion with raid chat
  • Added player role icons to the HP bar
  • Predicted heals can now be turned off with an option
  • Fixed a bug where the cooldowns were not displayed correctly on the buttons (e.g. Swiftmend would use GCD, while it's on a larger cooldown)
  • Added a popup windows on first load ('setup') to give a shortcut to display modes Minimalist and Compact presets
  • Changed highlight texture on bars to be more fancy
  • Fixed hard-coded cooldown duration values, still a few remained
  • Defaults the Alt-click macro to Nature's Cure, so alt-clicking a frame will cleanse that player
  • Added shift-click, ctrl-click, alt-click and right-click modifier to the Rejuvenation bar, which will cast Genesis (on ALL party or raidmembers with Rejuvenation ofc!)
  • Fixed Genesis' effect on Rejuvenation bars


  • Fixed a little Lua error bug
  • Updated LOC file for new WoW patch


  • Corrected spam to default chat channel whenever group composition changed
  • Frames should no longer autosort when the autosort option is set to 0/off
  • Corrected issue where ironbark/barkskin button's cooldown could be triggered by other druids using ironbark/barkskin
  • Added highlighting of incoming heals on all rewatch health bars
    • There is currently no option to turn this function off, but I intend to include it in some future release


  • Created failsafe for class color issues
    • In the event that the class color fails to be detected, it will be set to black
  • Removed frame clear from group change events, so you should stop receiving role spam every time somebody joins/leaves party


  • Change method for checking players' classes
    • Now accounts for issue where WoW API erroneously reports class as nil the first time it is called
    • Should be language-independent now
  • Added checks for Glyph of Blooming and the addon will now act accordingly when the glyph is present
  • Corrected problems which occurred when the bottom buttons were hidden and a dispelable debuff appears on a group member
    • Player frames should still become shaded with the appropriate color regardless of if the buttons are shown


  • Correct issues with player frames becoming non-responsive and duplicating themselves after combat ends
    • Corrected checks which prevent Rewatch from attempting to clear or rewrite frames during combat
    • Corrected oversight which caused Rewatch to not properly rewrite player frames if in a raid group


  • Same as 50501, but updates addon information which was missing in first upload


  • Correct issue with 50500 where dungeons caused Rewatch frame to duplicate and become unresponsive


  • Incorporates all changes from the "bobn64" repository (which was created when 5.0 went live) into the mainline project
    • Replaced deprecated API calls with new ones introduced with 5.0
    • Adjusted the few hardcoded spell parameters (duration, cooldown) to new 5.0 values
    • Replaced buttons for spells which no longer exist with new spells
    • Changed player frames to be locked to master frame by default
    • Corrected issue which made Rewatch (and eventually the entire client) unusable if a monk was in party
    • Added spec change monitoring to change spells which only exist in Resto spec to other spells for use when not in Resto spec
    • Added cooldown monitor for new debuff removal spells
  • Corrected issue where casting certain heals on non-party members created a blank frame which could not be removed without a /reload
  • Corrected issue where changing spec while in raid group did not automatically update available spells in Rewatch
  • Changed Nature's Cure/Remove Corruption button highlighting so that it now highlights along with the rest of the player's frame when a debuff is active


  • Lifebloom bar workaround to fix SPELL_AURA_REFRESH bug with WoW 4.2. Mind, though: it's a (pretty damn close) estimate, still!


  • Update for patch 4.2


  • Fixed the issue where the back frame kept coming to the foreground
  • Fixed the LUA error when rezzing a player with bottom buttons hidden
  • Allowed two frame sorting options:
    • Sort By Role
    • Show Self First
  • Changed Health Deficit options to be more suitable for fights like Chimaeron and Nefarian
  • Fixed the layout "radio" button behaviour in the options menu


  • Support for patch 4.1
  • Minor bugfix in scaling with vertical layout


  • Allowed for Default or Vertical layout!
  • Added opacity for the HoT bars
  • Identifying tank/healers and sorting on that automatically
  • Added slider to change HoT bar background opacity
  • Fixed a bug where weird things started happening with deficit options
  • Finally added proper resizing options (scaling)
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed a German translation for Remove Corruption
  • Wild Growth seems to trigger every tick.. Bug in WoW?
  • Also added Wild Growth cooldown display by using the WG bar reverted
  • Added automatic report on people you innervate
  • Created a new options tab to configure macros for alt, ctrl and shift-click on player frames! By default, shift will now be the rezzing modifier and ctrl will be for innervating.
  • Fixed power type colouring
  • Improved rez reporting so that it only logs when actually rezzing


  • Fixed the Apply button
  • Repositioned some options
  • Properly re-apply defaults when hitting Default button
  • Allowed changing bar texture through options


  • Changed version format from "5.4.2" to 50402
  • General code patchies
  • Updated textures
  • Added Thorns button
  • Reset some width/height dimensions, will override configs :(
  • Fixed highlighting
  • Fixed bar textures upon death
  • Added tooltips to HoT bars
  • Dropped support for updating from before 5.4, will hard reset config
  • Decent file structure in Rewatch folder
  • Fixed minor bar positioning issue
  • Shrunk bottom spare part of main frame to 10 pixels, down from 15
  • Abbreviating BG realm names on player frames
  • Automatically remove HoTs when expired but not caught (zoned, etc.)
  • Allow removing highlighting when expired but not caught (zoned, etc.)


  • The rightclick actions work, again
  • You can now configure font, font size and highlight size through the options window
  • Highlighted frame should now properly deselect when changing target
  • Lifebloom stack counter is again valid when using Nourish to refresh it


  • Sub-version 4 for patch 4!
  • Removed Abolish Poison and Remove Curse buttons
  • Added Remove Corruption button
  • Fonts patched!
  • Name highlight on target


  • Fixed a threat update error
  • Fixed an in-combat error


  • Stable version, starting version 5.3!
  • Fixed WG buff catching
  • Updated Nature's Swiftness duration to 180, up from 120
  • Now getting HoT duration rather than calculating it so it's more accurate!
  • Updated Shapeshift event listening
  • Removed some redundant options!
  • Changed highlighting colours to be more different
  • Minor code efficiency updates
  • Added option to hide tooltips


  • Hope to have finally fixed RRJ duration
  • Removed a debug alert *blush*
  • Optimized some processing code
  • Fixed highlighting option textarea widths
  • Fixed a bug where another Druid's HoTs falling off were thought to be yours instead


  • Fixed TOC version number, forgot to patch it with 5.2.9
  • Added cooldown on Nourish button to display Rebirth cooldown
  • Added cooldown on Healing Touch button to display Nature's Swiftness cooldown
  • Now using three lists for custom highlighting, which will do the same thing except highlight with different colors
  • Shift-clicking a frame will not attempt to Rez if that player is still alive
  • Fixed a crash when loading Rewatch with WG bar hidden
  • Added 4T10 Reju proc support
  • Changed the way HoTs are registered so it's now more reliable


  • Changed the RRJ glyph support into calculation the new duration, rather than querying for it


  • Changed the UnitMana calls to UnitPower
  • Added Apply button to Dimentions options page
  • Updated for patch 3.3
  • Added RRJ glyph support
  • Removed the old T5 set bonus support


  • Added Abolish Poison cooldown pie to indicate buff duration
  • Abolish Poison button now lights up (no longer transparent) for the duration of it's buff
  • Can't wait on Blizz forever; included a workaround for the Wild Growth bug
  • You can now hide the bottom row of buttons on player frames in the options menu
  • Added combat checks on sorting and clearing
  • Now highlights with different colours for poison, curse, mark and custom highlights
  • Updated for 3.2!


  • Custom highlighting on buffs/debuffs!
  • Fixed the rezzing-bit on French, German and Korean clients
  • Updated the Korean language file (Thank you again, Hee Seon!)


  • Spanish localization support!
  • Proper pet support, at last! Right-click a player and choose "Add pet" to add this player's pet to your frame.
  • Fixed a few report bugs where "autogroup" was called "hide solo"
  • Changed the "/rew hide [0/1]" command to "/rew hide" and "/rew show"
  • Now reporting to raid (or party when not in raid) who you're rezzing when using the Rewatch rez
  • Added a button to reset the frame's position, in case you lost it
  • You can now mark individual players by their right-click menu if you wish
  • The mark-color can be altered in the options screen; it's the left color picker of the two behind "Frame color"


  • Fixed for patch 3.1!
  • Fixed a /rewatch hidesolo bug.
  • Now shows in the middle of your screen by default, instead of top-left.
  • Fixed some translation issues
  • Updated Korean localization (again thanks to Hee-seon!)
  • Now turning playerframe red (as with curses or poisons) on Kel'Thuzad's Frost Blast


  • I promise I'll never change anything a minute before releasing.
  • I promise I'll never change anything a minute before releasing.
  • I promise I'll never change anything a minute before releasing.
  • I promise I'll never change anything a minute before releasing.
  • I promise I'll never change anything a minute before releasing.


  • Dragging a playerframe on top of another and letting it snap will move the underlying playerframe to free spot
  • Right-clicking the Rewatch frame will toggle the lock on moving frames now.
  • Added a feature where you can self-define the number of rows; /rewatch forcedHeight [rows]. Set it to 0 (default) to allow autosizing.
  • In forcedHeight, the "Numer of frames wide" feature is ignored and dynamically adjusts to the number of frames you put in one row.
  • Split the "Lock" feature into two parts; lock Rewatch frame and lock playerframes.
  • Changed command-line input to suit above change: /rewatch (un)lock(p). The "p" there stands for playerframes, so using /rewatch lockp will lock all playerframes.
  • Added a playerframe rightclick menu item to lock all playerframes
  • You can now change the Out-Of-Range frame transparency in the options menu
  • Added the option to change default health bar color
  • Now featuring an option to cut a name down to a specified amount of characters. Set this feature to 0 (default) to show the full name like normal.
  • Playerframes can be dragged by using their HP bar now, too
  • Added a /rewatch maxPlayers [number] feature, allowing you to set the maximum amount of frames Rewatch will contain. Set to 0 (or 939598, obviously) to ignore.
  • Changed some transperancies from .8 to 1
  • Fixed Nourish in Korean localization


  • Now the snap-to-grid REALLY works, lol
  • Changed own tooltip to normal game tooltip
  • Fully localized Korean support (many many thanks to Hee-seon!)


  • Added health deficit to a player's name!
  • Some customizable health deficit settings; show at all, after which threshold, with or without newline.
  • Now allowing modifier-clicks (shift+click, alt+click, ctrl+click) and rightclicks for special casts:
  • # Use a modifier when clicking, or rightclick, on Regrowth bar will cast Nature's Swiftness prior to it
  • # Use a modifier when clicking, or rightclick, on Nourish or Healing Touch button will also cast Nature's Swiftness prior to it
  • # Using a modifier when clicking on a player's HP bar will try to resurrect the player (Rebirth in combat, else Revive, when dead)
  • Optimized CPU time for Curse and Poison checks
  • Optimized CPU time by stripping some more stuff out of the OnUpdate function
  • Fixed the "Default" option menu button so it resets each and every setting of Rewatch now
  • Allowed the number of frames each line to be changed through the options menu
  • Fixed the bug where, on >5 playerframes each line, newly added frames would gather up at the left bottom slot
  • Added - but ripped out again - incoming heals detection; it was unreliable, chaotic and CPU cutting.
  • Made the castbar border slightly slimmer
  • Patched the XML of the player frames a bit to try and prevent minor overlapping castbars
  • Made the code that positions castbars and buttons a lot cleaner
  • Fixed minor bugs with castbar- and buttonmargins
  • Added a slight touch of the HoT color to the background of the castbar (thanks BlueIZ)
  • Changed default dimention settings slightly
  • Renamed Dimentions options tab to Advanced
  • Fixed some faulty path references
  • Fixed a snap-to-grid method bug


  • Not a real AddOn change, but I changed my toon's name from Dezynee to DaĆ®sey
  • Changed the class-initial with classcoloring to a configurable sidebar in classcoloring (instead of the default 7 pixel margin)
  • Border of the main frame is now invisible except on mouseover
  • Border of the main frame is also visible now when you drag a playerframe, so you can see where you can drag
  • Shows HP/MaxHP on mouseover player's health bar
  • Fixed dispel handling
  • Now correctly shows the name on dead player's health bars
  • Wild Growth timer is now properly reset upon death
  • Sorting the frames using the option window button or /rewatch sort is now done by (raid-)group
  • Frame background no longer changes along when you change bar colors
  • Reset buttons of bar colors now reset to the new colors instead of the old ones
  • Removed most select() function calls, as they are said to be inefficient


  • Fixed the LUA error on using Swiftmend without the glyph


  • Uhm, the "Moooo" message was for debugging purposes, removed it now *blush*
  • Added an extra setting; healthbar height!
  • Split the dimention settings and the other settings over two options screens now
  • Lifebloom now has a text of the time left on it as well, replacing it's previous text stating the number of stacks
  • Number of stacks you have of Lifebloom is now indicated by color, each stack has it's own customizable color!
  • You can now choose if you want to have text countdown labels, or spell name labels
  • Spell bar margin now properly adjusts to your option screen settings


  • Wild Growth and Regrowth bars have been swapped places, so Regrowth is the 3rd and Wild Growth is the 4th
  • Wild Growth bar is now optional, you can uncheck the checkbox in the options menu if you don't have it
  • Texts on castbars have been removed! Once you get to know the addOn, these can be highly annoying. The order, top to bottom: Lifebloom, Reju, Regrowth, Wild Growth.
  • Cast bars are now half the height, harder to click but the 25-man usability of Rewatch has greatly increased.
  • To ease above issue, use the following macro's and you can mouseover a player frame and hit the shortcut key to heal (personally, I got this macro for both LB, Reju, Regrowth, Wild Growth and Swiftmend):
    • /cast [target=mouseover, exists, help] Lifebloom; Lifebloom
  • Lifebloom bar scales with the number of stacks. So like, the first LB takes up 1/3 of the width when applied.
  • To allow a quick view on the stacks of Lifebloom, there's a 1, 12 or 123 label on channeling Lifebloom bars.
  • Now checks the new snap-to position on drag&dropped playerframes instead of the actual new position, so it snaps and detaches more instinctively
  • Altered some dimentions again, smaller this time
  • Color an entire unit frame when there's something wrong with the player (low hp, curse, poison)
  • Now returns to the original frame background upon death
  • Gave Runic Power a fancy different color instead of the yellow it used to be
  • The welcome message is turned into a raid warning, only shows the first time you log in using Rewatch, don't worry ;)
  • Rejuvenation (rank 15) lasts longer than other ranks and I didn't notice! Fixed it now!
  • No longer allows you to set alpha colors on cast bars, they're always 80% now
  • You can set the color for all four HoT bars now! Pink Lifebloom bar? Color them your way!
  • Finally, the support of editing dimentions is here! You can edit size and margins in the options menu.
  • Right-clicking now pops a menu instead of directly removing the player. You can choose to remove the player from the list in the menu.
  • You can't remove the last player from the list anymore now.
  • Added a text of the time left on each running bar (except Lifebloom)
  • Doesn't disable the autogroup feature anymore when you remove a pet from the Rewatch frame
  • Doesn't disable the autogroup feature anymore when you remove a dead or a non-existant player from the Rewatch frame
  • Now also only disables autogroup feature if the removed player wasn't disconnected
  • Now automatically does a /rewatch sort if you confirm ('Okay') the options menu
  • Added a lock method (/rew lock and /rew unlock, or through /rew options) to disable you from moving the Rewatch frame or any playerframe.
  • Added lock/unlock to the commandline help list.
  • Pets UnitGUIDs are ignored. This means they don't pop on twice when they have been "refreshed" (mount+dismount, died+revived, etc).
  • I'm sorry, there'll not be an option to auto-add pets as I promised earlier - it's too much work for the few times people will actually use it. Just add pets (out of combat) by tossing them a heal or adding them manually using /rew add petname.
  • Now correctly works with the addOn "Cooldowns" (
  • Textfiles are now in Curse Wiki format
  • Added the Macros.txt with a list of usefull macro's to use in combination with Rewatch
  • Also added this textfile to Curseforge, along with the complete changelog, which is also included as textfile
  • Macro's were bugged upon targetting an NPC, fixed em
  • On slower PCs, WoW UI would load up without WoW being ready to process methods already. UnitGUID() on yourself resulted in nil, popping up two playerframes of yourself later on. Fixed that!
  • Optimized the LB stack double-check, saving a little bit of CPU and memory.
  • Now processes a death once, like it should, and then doesn't pay attention to that player anymore until it rezzes, thus saving a little bit of CPU.
  • Correctly removes HoT trackings on dispells
  • Improved the way fading HoTs are handled into a stable procedure
  • Added classindication with classcoloring left of the player names! See below on how to edit (experienced users).
  • Moved the font string to the WTF/Account/*accountname*/SavedVariables/Rewatch.lua file. If you want to change the font used, you can change it manually there.


  • Fixed the bug where some curses wouldn't show up
  • Not only that, I also greatly improved the efficiency of checking for poisons/curses
  • Fixed the bug where sometimes Swiftmend buttons won't show the proper cooldown overlay
  • Sometimes player frames refused to be removed but acted as though they were.. Yes I know, weird aye. Fixed it now!
  • Fixed a little bug where sometimes playerframes wouldn't snap off the main frame when they were dragged out
  • Nourish and Healing Touch buttons now show a small mouse-over animation like the other buttons
  • Performed multiple checks on efficiency, seemed fine
  • Little insignificant changes, who cares lol
  • The width of the castbars wouldn't fit the 'real' length when there was extra time involved, so with the talent Nature's Splendor (and the corresponding checkbox ticked) you'd see a full Lifebloom castbar the first 2 seconds of it. It now nicely takes that into account. It will however NOT update castbars from playerframes that are currently visible when you first tick that checkbox! Resort the list and they'll be fine too (/rewatch sort).
  • Now clears poison and curse buttons on death
  • Also clears threat status on death


  • Added Nourish button
  • Updated the FAQ.txt
  • Added the SavedVariables.txt
  • Moved the .txts to a subdir
  • Healthbars now turn orange at 50% and red at 25%


  • Korean localization support
  • Fixed a bug where with the Nature's Splendor checkbox ticked, casting Wild Growth would give an error


  • Increased the 'spare' height of the main frame by 5
  • Decreased the button's width by 1, to ease moving the player frame
  • Automatically setting Auto-adjust to group to false (0) when you remove a grouped player from the list
  • Externalized the frame dimentions: World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables\Rewatch.lua now contains the dimentions, you can alter them and it'll work, too
  • No longer moving unbind player frames outside the main frame when moving the latter
  • When dragging the player frames out the main frame, they unbind from it, and they will rebind to it when you drag it (the left corner, to be precise) back on it.
  • Made the frame flash once it's toggled from hidden (Care? But it's pretty!)
  • While normally if you heal anyone in your party who is not on your list, he will be added automatically when OOC, this does not occur on Wild Growth heals, because that became annoying
  • Player frames of dead people now also appear "out of reach"-faded
  • Options window shows a little bit of explanation now
  • French/German versions now properly see Lifebloom in their language on the castbar
  • Optimized several structures to minimize the amount of actions taken each update
  • Now also clears mana-/energy-/ragebar on frames of dead people
  • Changed the bar colors to something more contrasting to the background
  • Fixed the aggro indicators, it's become a lot easier with 3.0 *cheers*
  • Added /rewatch version support
  • Changed the welcome message a bit, to tell you how to enter the options window
  • Added colorpickers for the frame background and bar color!
  • Fixed BG issue; now internally working with GUID instead of name


  • Fixed a refresh of Wild Growth bars on party-/raidmembers if you re-cast it while it's still on
  • Added a frame background alpha slide bar to the options menu
  • Added support for extended HoT durations due to Glyph of Lifebloom or T5 (2) set bonus
  • Added support for the Glyph of Swiftmend to the options menu


  • Added Wild Growth bar
  • Updated to match 3.0.2 changes
  • Added a Nature's Splendor indicator checkbox
  • Added a Healing Touch button
  • Changed castbar's width/height proportions
  • Fixed a few unnatural command-line command replies


  • Major UI update to optimize for raid healing;
    • All player frames are now separately moveable
    • No horizontal bars, but vertical blocks of player HoT-bars
    • Removed the ability buttons; this isn't a toolbar AddOn
  • Tooltip on player data as well
  • Tooltip no longer crash on a non-resto druid or too-low-level druid
  • Added rangecheck to players
  • Druid buff check (/rewatch check)
  • Changeable global cooldown overlay alpha (/rewatch gcdAlpha [0 through 1])
  • Toggleable auto-hide on solo feature (/rewatch hideSolo [0 or 1])
  • Toggleable modify-to-group feature (/rewatch autoGroup [0 or 1])
  • Added extra check to determine if lifebloom counter was valid, sometimes when you refresh it at the exact expiration time it got confused
  • Now colours playernames of players in your list red when they are targetted by an enemy. This only works if someone in your list has this enemy targetted himself though
  • Now takes lag into account
  • Fixed an unlocalized cooldown trigger call of Swiftmend
  • Changed several for-loops with ipairs() into iterative for-loops, ipairs() seems to have troubles with nil values
  • Added a generalized UI configuration tab in the Interface menu to allow setting the above mentioned settings (autogroup, gcdalpha...). You can do most of the things you could do through /rewatch <command> through this UI now; Esc > Interface > AddOns > Rewatch
  • Added a "/rewatch options" command to open the WoW Interface pane.
  • Adjusted the height/width/margins to a bit smaller values


  • HoT bars now turn red when about to expire.
  • Fixed the bug which held the bars stuck sometimes when in combat. It occurred when the group changed while in combat, but should now be fixed.
  • Uhm, little issue regarding my last version upload: meant to put version 1.2, but named the file version 2.0... I'll continue from this error onwards, meaning this version will be 3.0, instead of the intended 1.3. Oh well!
  • Lifebloom tracking! At last!
  • External localization in German and French
  • Fixed the taints; in combat attempts for remodelling the frame are now blocked in the AddOn itself, rather than by WoW's UI
  • The list of players is automatically filled with the members of the user's party/raid


  • Added background to the mana-/energy-/ragebar
  • Pets/minions are now also considered to be grouped when their 'master' is
  • Mana-/energy-/ragebar added to listed players
  • Added global cooldown overlay
  • Added a console menu
  • Localised feedback, but inline because nobody's gonna want my AddOn in French/German/Magadascarian anyways
  • Tooltips added to abilities
  • Found a way to get the Swiftmend icon (GetSpellInfo()), fixed at last!
  • Changed the big Close button into a smaller X button to the bottomright corner
  • The checkbox to drag the frame has been removed; you can just drag the frame to move it now
  • Fixed a few scaling bugs
  • Edited the Rewatch.txt file a bit, the extra newlines were removed so one can actually read this


  • Fixed a quick (but wrong) last-minute change, thanks Nihlo
  • Poisoned players in your list will have their Abolish Poison button icon changed to notify the user


  • Catch errors for using the addon in non-resto spec or pre-70 characters
  • Fixed hiding/showing player order bug
  • New feature: Left-click player's healthbar to select player, right-click to remove it
  • Generalised some layout data to allow for modification by user in future revision
  • Check for cooldowns on startup and adjust button cooldown layers to it
  • Added close button
  • Added Abolish Poison button
  • Now resets HoT bars upon player death
  • Fixed Nature's Swiftness cooldown; now launches cooldown timer after it's been used
  • Added cooldown overlays to buttons
  • Add the user to the list by default
  • Added extra buttons for common spells
  • Added Swiftmend button
  • Initial built

Known bugs

  • Several translations into DE, ES and FR are not implemented yet