RPHelm configuration dialog

RPHelm is designed to assist RPers in managing the visibility of their helm/cloak.  Here's what it can do for you:

- Can automatically set your helm/cloak visibility depending on whether or not your'e in combat.

- Can also do so based on PVP status, for those who like to use the PVP flag as a "ready for combat" RP flag.

- Gives you /helm and /cloak commands you can use to manually show/hide your helm and cloak.  The commands are designed to be macro-friendly, with the following features:

  - Just "/helm" or "/cloak" will toggle, showing it if it's hidden, or hiding it if it's shown.

  - Each can take "show" or "hide" as an option (or "on" or "off" as equivalents).

  - They will parse macro options, so you can do things like:

/helm [mod:alt] on; off

- If you want to have the /helm and /cloak commands, but don't want RPHelm to automatically manage your helm and cloak for you, simply turn off the "master" switch in RPHelm's configuration.  And speaking of that...

- There's also a /rphelm command.  By itself, it brings up RPhelm's configuration.  You can also use it to manually set your "combat ready" status with "/rphelm ready" or "/rphelm unready".  These will work even with the master switch turned off.  Lastly, you can use "/rphelm master" to toggle the master switch from the command line.


Date created
Jan 17, 2010
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Oct 31, 2014
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