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Update for path 5.0.4 09/08/2012
Well, CurseForge has changed the requirements for how an Addon is packaged and the current package layout is being rejected. It will have to be rearranged or, possibly, split into two separate addons. The problem is that Satrina Buff Frame and SBF Options are, technically, two separate addons that Satrina originally bundled together.

Masque Support 11/30/2011
This is yet another maintenance change based on SBF not being actively maintained. I rolled the patch that's been floating around for Masque support because it seems to have been widely used and stable. At least as stable as 3.2.3 pre-Masque is.

SBF - NOT Looking for a maintainer 11/29/2011
For those who have stayed tuned to this bat-channel. Someone has taken over SBF.[/b] The first order of business will be to get the current version (3.2.3) set up so that it isn't out of date when installed. Then we'll start looking at some of the changes, fan-patches, issues, etc that has cropped up.

By request - One last update!
Version 3.2.3 is the beta version that I had over at WoWInterface, which I am uploading here so Curse users can get SBF with clickable buffs.

SBF Clickable Buffs SBF 3.2 introduces the concept of Interactive Frames and Monitor Frames. Monitor frames behave exactly as SBF frames always have, with sorting filtering and all that. Interactive frames allow you to click off buffs, at the expense of filtering, sorting, and some other functionality.

To set a frame Interactive:

- Check the Interactive button on the General tab. If you leave it unchecked, then the frame will be in monitor mode and behave as SBF frames always have

Some caveats with the interactive frame mechanism:
- You will not be able to sort buffs in an interactive frame
- Names will not show in interactive frames (a bug I never got around to fixing)

At this point, do not send me bug reports and such. This is purely for convenience of Curse users, but as noted below I am no longer maintaining this addon. However, also as noted below, I have received some interest by people wanting to take ownership of SBF and continue it.


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