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Version 3.3.1 for patch 6.0 - 20 October 2014
- Matched the version numbers of SBF and SBFOptions so you don't get messages
- I have disabled Masque (ButtonFacade) support for now since it was preventing SBF from even working if you have Masque installed. What was there is very old (was for ButtonFacade) and not compatible with the current Masque code. I'll get that back in shape ASAP.

You can file a ticket over at curseforge, or email me: [email protected]

Version 3.3.0 for patch 6.0 - 20 October 2014
Just a quick fix and package for WoW 6.0. There are still a few bugs with setting up new frames that I am aware of, I will get on those as quickly as possible. For now, do report any bugs that you encounter (or knew about already), please and thank you!

You can file a ticket over at curseforge, or email me: [email protected]

I am back - 20 October 2014
After a long (long!) layoff from WoW, I am playing again very casually.

I do want to pick up development on SBF again. (Many thanks to father0fnine for keeping it going over the past while!)

My first task is to get it up to snuff with the changes on Curse in the past years. This means I need to work through the new packaging mechanisms and get SBF and SBFOptions installing correctly. One that's done, I will go through and fix any other things that have broken, then put up a release that works with WoW 6.0.

For now, you should not see any new downloads until I get this sorted out. After that, well, I had a bunch of things that I wanted to do with SBF... :)

SBF Clickable Buffs SBF 3.2 introduces the concept of Interactive Frames and Monitor Frames. Monitor frames behave exactly as SBF frames always have, with sorting filtering and all that. Interactive frames allow you to click off buffs, at the expense of filtering, sorting, and some other functionality.

To set a frame Interactive:

- Check the Interactive button on the General tab. If you leave it unchecked, then the frame will be in monitor mode and behave as SBF frames always have

Some caveats with the interactive frame mechanism:
- You will not be able to sort buffs in an interactive frame
- Names will not show in interactive frames (a bug I never got around to fixing)

At this point, do not send me bug reports and such. This is purely for convenience of Curse users, but as noted below I am no longer maintaining this addon. However, also as noted below, I have received some interest by people wanting to take ownership of SBF and continue it.

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