SpellBinding is a powerful keybinding tool, fully utilising the power of AceDB datatypes. It lets you bind spells, items and macros without placing them on an action button.

All bindings set using this addon are override bindings, which means they exist only when the addon is loaded and they work separately from the regular keybindings.

Open the addon using either of the following commands:

The Bindings tab is the default interface for the actual binding functionality.
Drag spells, items and macros onto the frame to include them in the list.
If you drag something onto an existing binding or header, its scope will be selected for the new binding.
Click an item in the list to set a binding and a scope (read more about scopes below) for it.

You can bind the clicking of a UI button by clicking the Bind click button, and clicking the desired button using the mouse button that you want to be used in the keybinding.

- Custom [NNF]
The Custom tab is an alternative to the Bindings tab view that lets you view bindings by key instead of by spell.
You may define how many and which keys are to be shown.
You may for example set it up to display all your num pad bindings, your mouse buttons or something completely different.
Bind items in this interface by dragging them to the desired button.

The scoping feature allows you to set up sets of bindings based on AceDB datatypes. You may for example specify a set of global bindings that's applied for all characters, as well as individual character bindings that are applied on top of the global ones.

Available scopes include:
- Global - all characters
- Faction - faction
- Faction - realm - faction and realm specific
- Realm - realm specific
- Race - race specific
- Class - class specific
- Character - character specific
- Profile - profile specific

Character scope only applies bindings to one character, realm scope only applies to characters on the same realm, and so on.

You may define the order in which bindings of each scope override each other. For example, you may want global bindings to override character specific ones, instead of the opposite. Moving a scope down in the list increases its priority.

- Options
Here you can select the profile used when using the Profile scope.


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Jul 15, 2013
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Oct 21, 2013
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