This project is abandoned.

Whether this project is out of date or its author marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

If you wish to take this project over, please report it and state your intentions.


Have you ever wanted to have a list of random sayings to say in WoW, but don't want 10 different macros to say them? Need to congratulate your guildies, but don't want to always say the same old boring "Grats!"? Need a way to announce that you're soulstoning someone, but don't want to say the same thing everytime and don't want a bloated addon that does more than what you need? SayRandomQuote could be for you! Simply create a list of random quotations or sayings and call them in-game with a simple slash command.

To say a random quote, type:

/srq setname [CHANNEL]

Where setname is the name of a quotation set you've created and CHANNEL is the CAPITALIZED name of a default channel (GUILD, YELL, SAY, PARTY, RAID, INSTANCE_CHAT etc). CHANNEL is optional; if you do not provide a CHANNEL, SAY will be used. There is no custom channel support (yet?).

A quoteset with some quotes has been included in the addon, but creating your own is super easy. Simply open SayRandomQuote.lua in a plain text editor such as Notepad and create a new set as below:

srq_quotes["setname"] = {
"Your quotation goes here.",
"Another quotation.",
"Make sure your lines end with commas after the end quotation mark.",

To use these in a macro, simply include the slash command before or after the spells/items in your macro. The speech will fire at the same time as the item/spell:

/srq random PARTY
/cast Prayer of Fortitude


In game adding of quotataions (WIP)
Custom channel support
LDB support (haahahaaahaha far future)


I am not the original author of this addon. I have attempted to contact Bleric through all the channels available, to no avail. If Bleric returns to the WoW community and continues his/her work and requests it, then I will remove this upload. Until then, here it is for you.


Be gentle, this is my first addon, and something I took over from someone else. I am learning lua and the WoW API little by little, so any feature requests will be slow in the making. If you have problems, comments, suggestions, feature requests, or anything else, please leave a comment here or PM me.

Thanks to: Bleric for the original addon and code, and Moongaze for the ability to say them in different channels.

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Jun 03, 2009
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Jul 13, 2010
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