Target Nameplate Indicator


TargetNameplateIndicator attaches a texture to your target's nameplate to make them easier to spot.

Version 1.08 now includes twelve textures:

  • Red targeting reticule (the default texture, contributed by Dridzt of WoWI)
  • Red arrow (contributed by DohNotAgain of WoWI)
  • Neon versions of the reticule and arrow (contributed by mezmorizedck of Curse)
  • Two red inverted triple chevrons (contributed by OligoFriends of Curse/WoWI)
  • Red and green 3D arrows (contributed by OligoFriends of Curse/WoWI)
  • Skull and crossbones (contributed by OligoFriends of Curse/WoWI)
  • Red concentric circles in the style of a target (contributed by OligoFriends of Curse/WoWI)
  • Red star with gold outline (contributed by OligoFriends of Curse/WoWI)
  • Neon green arrow with a red target (contributed by OligoFriends of Curse/WoWI)

The texture file, size and anchoring settings can be changed at the top of the core.lua file.

If you want to contribute a custom texture (that you own), simply leave a comment here or on Curse with the image embedded or a direct link to the image.

I recommend backing up your core.lua file if you make any changes to it so you can easily re-apply them after an update.

Thanks to Meneltel for posting this request, which inspired me to write TargetNameplateIndicator.

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Jul 31, 2012
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Dec 17, 2013
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Target Nameplate Indicator
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