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Check for missing raid buffs

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    This icon will help you to be aware when people in your raid are missing a specific buff. This example uses the BonusStamina buffs (including PW: Fortitude, Dark Intent, Commanding Shout, and Qiraji Fortitude). Feel free to customize it to whatever categories you need.

    The export string:

    ^1^T^SUnit^Splayer;~`party;~`raid ^SType^Sbuffcheck ^SName^SBonusStamina ^SSettingsPerView^T ^Sicon^T ^STextLayout^Sicon2 ^STexts^T ^N1^S[Unit:Name] ^t^t^t^SEnabled^B ^t^N62037^S~`~| ^Sicon^^

    Instructions on how to import this data into TellMeWhen:

    To see the available buff categories, simply begin typing in one of the buffs from the category that you are looking for into the "Choose spell(s)/ID(s) to check" editbox in the Icon Editor. The suggestion list will show any categories that contain spells that match what you are typing, and you can then choose the correct one from the list so that the icon will track all buffs that share the same effect.

    Important Note:

    This icon requires TMW v6.2.0 r787+

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