Timeless Loot

This project has become inactive.

This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.


Timeless Loot

Timeless Loot adds tooltip information about the achievement Going To Need A Bigger Bag to any relevant NPC in Pandaria:

  • Whether you've collected that item before
  • Which achievement-related items drop
  • The drop rate of achievement-related items


Timeless Loot is currently localised for enUS, ruRU, frFR, deDE and zhTW.

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    if GetLocale() == "zhTW" then
    	["Going To Need A Bigger Bag"] = "需要更大的袋子",
    	["Cursed Swabby Helmet"] = "受詛咒的潛水者頭盔",
    	["Warped Warning Sign"] = "歪斜的警告標誌",
    	["Giant Purse of Timeless Coins"] = "永恆硬幣大型錢袋",
    	["Crystal of Insanity"] = "精神錯亂水晶",
    	["Battle Horn"] = "戰鬥號角",
    	["Elixir of Ancient Knowledge"] = "遠古知識藥劑",
    	["Forager's Gloves"] = "強奪者手套",
    	["Big Bag of Herbs"] = "一大袋藥草",
    	["Big Bag of Herbs (Old)"] = "一大袋藥草(舊)",
    	["Overgrown Lilypad"] = "巨大的睡蓮葉",
    	["Hardened Shell"] = "強化硬殼",
    	["Bubbling Pi'jiu Brew"] = "泡沫老埤周啤酒",
    	["Thick Pi'jiu Brew"] = "濃醇老埤周啤酒",
    	["Misty Pi'jiu Brew"] = "混濁老埤周啤酒",
    	["Warning Sign"] = "警告標誌",
    	["Ash-Covered Horn"] = "覆著灰燼的角",
    	["Cauterizing Core"] = "灼焚之核",
    	["Captain Zvezdan's Lost Leg"] = "船長伊斯斐丹的斷腿",
    	["Cursed Talisman"] = "被詛咒的咒符",
    	["Golden Moss"] = "黃金苔",
    	["Strange Glowing Mushroom"] = "奇怪的發光蘑菇",
    	["Eternal Kiln"] = "永恆窯爐",
    	["Jadefire Spirit"] = "碧火精靈",
    	["Sunset Stone"] = "日落之石",
    	["Ashen Stone"] = "塵暴之石",
    	["Blizzard Stone"] = "暴雪之石",
    	["Rain Stone"] = "暴雨之石",
    	["Blackflame Daggers"] = "黑焰匕首",
    	["Falling Flame"] = "流火之焰",
    	["Ordon Death Chime"] = "歐朵獻祭風鈴",
    	["Blazing Sigil of Ordos"] = "歐朵斯熾火法印",
    	["Ordon Ceremonial Robes"] = "歐朵儀祭長袍",
    	["Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner"] = "驚懼水手之歌",
    	["Scuttler's Shell"] = "螃蟹殼",
    	["Partially-Digested Meal"] = "消化了一半的餐食",
    	["Swarming of Gu'chi"] = "古奇的蟲群",
    	["Sticky Silkworm Goo"] = "蠶的黏液",
    	["Faintly-Glowing Herb"] = "閃著微光的藥草",
    	["Condensed Jademist"] = "凝結碧霧",
    	["Windfeather Plume"] = "風鶴之雨",
    	["Quivering Firestorm Egg"] = "顫動的火焰風暴之蛋",
    	["Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent"] = "雷霆黑曜雲蛟韁繩",
    	["Pristine Stalker Hide"] = "原始潛獵者皮革",
    	["Glinting Pile of Stone"] = "一堆閃爍的石頭",
    	["Odd Polished Stone"] = "光滑的怪石子",
    	["Glowing Blue Ash"] = "發光的藍色灰燼",
    	["Glowing Green Ash"] = "發光的綠色灰燼",
    	["Bonkers"] = "嚎怪",
    	["Gulp Froglet"] = "小咕嚕蛙",
    	["Spineclaw Crab"] = "虎鉗蟹",
    	["Skunky Alemental"] = "惡臭酒元素",
    	["Ominous Flame"] = "不祥之焰",
    	["Jademist Dancer"] = "碧霧舞者",
    	["Death Adder Hatchling"] = "死亡奎蛇寶寶",
    	["Dandelion Frolicker"] = "蒲公英小妖",
    	["Ruby Droplet"] = "小晶紅水靈",
    	["Azure Crane Chick"] = "小蒼藍鶴",
    	["Ashleaf Spriteling"] = "小灰葉妖精",
    	["Crane Nest"] = "鶴巢",
    	["Eerie Crystal"] = "神秘的水晶",
    	["Sunken Treasure"] = "水下寶藏",
    	["Timeless Chest"] = "永恆寶箱",
    	["missing"] = "缺少",
    	["completed"] = "已完成: ",
    	["uncool"] = "\"一點都不酷.\"",
    	["cool guy"] = "\"很酷的傢伙\"",
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