419 - TSM.Crafting buys correct mats then uses wrong xmute for Mysterious Essence

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  • start with no mats apart from vellum in your inventory or bank.
  • queue up an enchanting recipe which requires Mysterious Essences. for example, we'll use "Enchant Weapon - Elemental Force" which consumes 3 Mysterious Essences. pic1
  • the required mats are listed in the bottom left pane: 1x Enchanting Vellum, 1x Ethereal Shard. TSM has correctly identified that ethereal shards can be converted to 3 mysterious essences using Ethereal Shatter.
  • the right-hand pane lists Mysterious Essence (x1) (unclear if this refers to the mat to be created, or the name of the spell to be used, for which see "additional notes" below). the tooltip for this lists the mats required as 0/1 Ethereal Shard (which is correct).
  • use TSM.Shopping.Crafting Mats to buy the 1x Ethereal Shard TSM.Shopping.Crafting Mats
  • open TSM.Crafting and note that the Ethereal Shard mat and the queue item for Crafting Stage #1 have turned green. pic3
  • click either Craft Next, or the Mysterious Essence (x1) queue entry.

What is the expected output?

  • Ethereal Shatter should be cast, and 3 Mysterious Essences should be created from the Ethereal Shard.

What do you see instead?

  • "Missing reagent: Spirit Dust" appears, and Craft Next becomes greyed out. error
  • further investigation into TradeSkillMaster_Crafting\Modules\crafting.lua reveals that clicking either button attempts to run the following script:
/script DoTradeSkill(116497,1)
/use item:38682
  • spellID:116497 is "Mysterious Essence" (convert 5 Spirit Dusts to 1 Ethereal Essence)
  • it should be spellID:118238 (Ethereal Shatter) kludge

What version of the product are you using

TSM 1.6.1 TSM.Crafting 1.2.1 TSM.Shopping 1.4

Please provide any additional information below.

i note that the spell to convert 5 Spirit Dusts into 1 Mysterious Essence is actually called "Mysterious Essence". i don't know if this would cause problems during your queue prioritization sort phase, but it's a thought.

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  • Avatar of sapu94 sapu94 Jul 29, 2013 at 03:41 UTC - 0 likes

    Closing as TSM 2.0 is now in public beta (via TSM forums).

    Lead Developer and Director of TradeSkillMaster | @Sapu94 on Twitter

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  • Avatar of Speedwaystar Speedwaystar Jun 28, 2013 at 03:32 UTC - 0 likes

    I've also noticed that the same bug arises with Void Shatter.

    When a recipe requires Large Prismatic Shards, TSM_Shopping will buy a bunch of Void Crystals to down-convert via Void Shatter.

    Then, when it comes time to craft the item in question, TSM_Crafting will try to up-convert non-existent Small Prismatic Shards (which you don't have, because TSM_Shopping didn't buy them), ignoring the Void Crystals in your inventory.



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