253 - destroy search bug

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. performing a destroy mode search
2. ink of the sea/even/x300
3. alt-click to buy some of the cheapest items.
4. items disappear from list after buying a couple
5. error message pops up

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

What version of the product are you using (put the actual number - never say "latest")?

Do you have an error log of what happened?
Date: 08/13/13 06:58:01
Message:  ...ce\AddOns\TradeSkillMaster_Shopping\modules\Util.lua:359 attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'destroyingNum' (a nil value)
TSM_Shopping\modules\Util.lua:359 <RemoveAuction>
TSM_Shopping\modules\Util.lua:20 <callback>
TSM\Auction\AuctionControl.lua:281 <AuctionControlCallback>
TSM\Auction\AuctionResultsTable.lua:436 <AuctionResultsTable.lua:421
Locale: enUS
    _NPCScan (
    ArkInventory (3.03.24)
    AtlasLoot (v7.04.01
    Bartender4 (4.5.8)
    Omen (v3.1.7)
    OmniCC (5.1.3)
    OmniCC_Config ()
    Recount (v5.1.0 release)
    SexyMap (v2.4.1)
    SlideBar (5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird))
    TidyPlates (6.8.2 (R559))
    TomTom (v50300-1.0.1)
    TSM (v2.0.3)
    TSM_Accounting (v2.0)
    TSM_Additions (v2.0)
    TSM_AuctionDB (v2.0)
    TSM_Auctioning (v2.0)
    TSM_Crafting (v2.0.2)
    TSM_Destroying (v2.0)
    TSM_ItemTracker (v2.0)
    TSM_Mailing (v2.0)
    TSM_Shopping (v2.0)
    TSM_Warehousing (v2.0)
    TSM_WoWuction (v2.0.1)
    DBM-Core (4.11.7)

Please provide any additional information below.

User When Change
sapu94 Aug 20, 2013 at 14:17 UTC Changed status from New to Fixed
Antikythera Aug 12, 2013 at 21:08 UTC Create

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  • Avatar of lhavelund lhavelund Aug 19, 2013 at 14:57 UTC - 0 likes

    Confirming this error. Just received today, running _Shopping 2.0.2 (updated today):

    Date: 08/19/13 16:54:11
    Message: ...ce\AddOns\TradeSkillMaster_Shopping\modules\Util.lua:359: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'destroyingNum' (a nil value)
    TSM_Shopping\modules\Util.lua:359: <RemoveAuction>
    TSM_Shopping\modules\Util.lua:20: <callback>
    TSM\Auction\AuctionControl.lua:282: <AuctionControlCallback>
    TSM\Auction\AuctionResultsTable.lua:437: <AuctionResultsTable.lua:422>
    Locale: enUS
    ACP (3.4.3)
    Altoholic (r134)
    AtlasLoot (v7.06.00)
    Auctionator (3.1.4)
    BadBoy (v12.041)
    BigWigs (r10978-release)
    bigwigs_crowdcontrol (v1.0-beta)
    Chatter (1.4.4)
    Clique (v50200-1.0.4)
    DataStore (r40)
    FishingBuddy (1.2o)
    Gnosis (v4.03)
    Grid (
    SharedMediaLib (r72)
    LittleWigs_Auchindoun (v3.2.1)
    MikScrollingBattleText (5.7.129)
    MoveAnything (13.6.1)
    MSBTOptions ()
    myBigIgnite (3.5.2)
    Omen (v3.1.8)
    OmniCC (5.3.1)
    OmniCC_Config ()
    PhoenixStyle (1.640)
    PhoenixStyleMod_Panda_tier1 ()
    PhoenixStyleMod_Panda_tier2 ()
    Postal (v3.5.1)
    ReforgeLite (v1.32)
    RSA (r185)
    RSA_Options (r185)
    RSA_Reminders (r185)
    RSA_Mage (r185)
    ShadowedUF_Options (v3.8.9)
    ShadowedUnitFrames (v3.8.9)
    SharedMedia (r183)
    SharedMediaAdditionalFonts (1.0.15)
    SharedMedia-Blizzard (1.6)
    SharedMedia_Renaitre (5.3)
    SilverDragon (v3.0.7)
    SilverDragon_Data (v3.0.7)
    Skada (1.4-12)
    slashtoast (release 1.0.1 toc 5.3)
    !Swatter (4.3.1 (<%codename%>))
    TidyPlates (6.11.3)
    TipTac (13.05.22)
    TomTom (v50300-1.0.1)
    WeakAuras (r306)
    WeakAurasOptions (r306)
    WIM (r380)
    WIM_Elvui ()
    TSM (v2.0.8)
    TSM_Accounting (v2.0.2)
    TSM_AuctionDB (v2.0.1)
    TSM_Auctioning (v2.0.1)
    TSM_Crafting (v2.1)
    TSM_Destroying (v2.0)
    TSM_ItemTracker (v2.0)
    TSM_Mailing (v2.0)
    TSM_Shopping (v2.0.2)
    TSM_Warehousing (v2.0.1)
    TSM_WoWuction (v2.0.4)
    ElvUI_Config (1.01)
    ElvUI_AddOnSkins (1.39)
    ElvUI (6.21)
    ElvUI_AtlasLoot_Skin (2.0)
    ElvUI_ExtraActionBars (2.21)
    Tukui_UIPackages_Skins (2.1D)
    Tukui_ACP_Skin (1.5)

    Last edited Aug 19, 2013 by lhavelund
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