Wowuction Tooltip

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This module allows users to get data from in game for use with other TSM modules. All the prices are put into item tooltips and available for use by other TSM modules. You can type '/tsm wowuction tooltip' to toggle the tooltips. You can download data here:


Date created
Apr 16, 2012
Last update
Feb 05, 2016
Development stage
TSM License (Based on ARR)
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Recent files
  • R: v3.1 for 6.2.3 Feb 05, 2016
  • R: v3.0.1 for 6.2.3 Dec 19, 2015
  • R: v3.0 for 6.2.3 Dec 14, 2015
  • R: v2.5.3 for 6.2.0 Jul 01, 2015
  • R: v2.5.2 for 6.1.0 Apr 01, 2015