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What is the issue? I get an error message every time I log into WoW, and am informed that I do not have WoWuction data, advising me to go to the WoWuction website and import data. Please provide any additional information below. This problem has been present for at least one year, through many episodes of logging out and back in. I have gone to the WoWuction site and tried to import data (for US- Alliance), but it just keeps saying "please wait while data is prepared" and never completes. I have tried to import data using two different browsers, Chrome and Safari. With Chrome, I get a separate error message that tells me that I have not selected an application with which to import the data. When I tried to go to my Applications folder, WoW, Interface, AddOns, and select TSM (main), TSM_Wowuction or Auc_Wowuction, none of those are not available options. With Safari, I don't get an error message, but I get the same result. I have (several times) uninstalled the entire TSM suite and reinstalled it, using Curse Client to do the installation. I have confirmed that the files are in the correct location (Applications folder > WoW > Interface > AddOns). I have done this using two different browsers, Chrome and Safari. On one occasion, I removed and reinstalled ALL of my add-ons. This malfunction is also present for my husband, who uses a windows based laptop, and gets the same error message every time he logs in.
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    That error is NOT from TSM_WoWuction. If you look in the message it tells you exactly what file the error is coming from, which is within the "auc-stat-wowuction" addon's folder.

    In the future, lua errors should be reported as defects and you can just follow the ticket template and make sure not to change the formatting / remove the whitespace.

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