ArenaLive [Spectator]

ArenaLive [Spectator] in action.


The Addon was completely recoded and is now known under the label "ArenaLive [Spectator]". It is recommended to delete any old version called "ArenaLive" before updating to this new version.


The use of this addon is to enable people to organise WoW-Arena Tournaments in an easy manner and it tries to bring some kind of spectator mode into World of Warcraft.

Help localising the addon:

If you want to help making the addon available in your mother tongue, then take a look at the localisation page on curseforge.


  • Scoreboard that shows team names, icons and a match timer.
  • Unit frame set that already shows everything you need to see.
  • Target and TargetofTarget frames.
  • Changable and broadcastable countdown.
  • Cooldown tracker for both teams
  • Functions to hide standard UI's frames.
  • Whitelisted Buffs to only show important ones.
  • Name Plates that show team affiliation.
  • Nickname system to assign, import and export name aliases to players that are shown on name plates and unit frames instead of their character names.
  • Team cache system to store, import and export predefined teams.

How to work with the Addon (3v3)

  1. Queue a 5vs5 Wargame
  2. Let the 6 "real" players join and wait until the "Enter Match" button gets enabled.
  3. Join the game
  4. Open a team's menu by left clicking onto the team name on the scoreboard to which you want to add players to.
  5. Let the enemy team kill you.
  6. Choose the players from the dropdown menu, set a team name and a team icon.
  7. Hide Blizzard's standard UI by right clicking onto the time button/config mode button.
  8. Start the countdown via left clicking the time frame.
  9. Enjoy the match

What this AddOn is not

  • ArenaLive isn't a real spectator mode, it is just a unitframeset that is designed like one.
  • ArenaLive isn't designed for everyday arena usage, but for tournaments/spectating wargames only.

Additional Notes

  • You can follow me on twitter to get information about coming updates for ArenaLive and to contact me.

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Mar 28, 2014
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