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ArenaLive [Spectator] is a fully functional spectator interface for World of Warcraft arena wargames. It enables you to queue two teams against eachother in a spectated wargame. Simply write /alspec to open the War Game Menu and begin.

Help localising the addon:

If you want to help making the addon available in your mother tongue, take a look at the localisation page on curseforge and at the localisation page of ArenaLive's base library.


I get the error message "No Target" when trying to queue two parties against eachother. What to do?

The queuing system for spectated wargames is still a bit unstable. To resolve this issue, you'll have to relog and try it again. Also make sure that team leaders of both teams are from the same realm, otherwise the queue probably won't work.

Why are there no nameplates for the green team?

That is a bug of the WoW-client, so there currently is no solution.

Why do nameplates turn off during third person mode?

That is also a bug/restriction of the wow-client.


  • Toggleable target and target-of-target frames.
  • Unit frames for all players in the arena.
  • Talent and glyph aware cooldown tracker.
  • Scoreboard
  • Dampening Tracker
  • Match statistic with an integrated cache.
  • BattleTag based nickname system.

Known Issues

  • Cooldowns sometimes do not update correctly on match start. Working on a fix, but /reload will solve the problem until then.
  • Team score sometimes doesn't update after a match finished.

Additional Info

  • There is a normal unit frame addon based on ArenaLive. You can find it here.

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