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Voice Server Print GUI

Voice Server Print

Welcome to Voice Server Print, this Addon allows you to Link your Voice Server Informations by clicking a simple Button. It stores your typed IP, Port and Password beetween Sessions, Characters and Realms. No need for Teamspeak Makros anymore.

LDB / Minimap Icon Support

Beta 1.2:

Added Blizzard options Menu to change values of the voiceserver

Beta 1.3:

  • Disabled Party Button in Raid / BG
  • Added Option to shorten the message to IP:PORT
  • Added Check whether you are promoted to Raidlead or Officer
  • Rewriten Function to Send
  • New Minimap Icon

Release 1:

  • Added multiple server support
  • Added Dropdown to select Server
  • Added Dropdown to delete Server
  • Added Debug Mode
  • Added Server Name Field
  • IMPORTANT fill in ALL 4 Fields in the Optionsmenu before you Press Add


  • /vsp /voiceserverprint - lists all commands available
  • /vsp gui - brings out the Grafical User Interface
  • see /vsp for more Informations


  • Toggle Mode for the GUI
  • Realtime Button enable / disable (currently you have to bring up the GUI again when you join a raid)
  • Share Servers with others

This is my first Addon, feel free to Post any improvments or errors you encounterd.

Hope you like it

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Date created
Sep 28, 2010
Last update
Apr 02, 2011
Development stage
  • enUS
GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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