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WOOGLED v2.0.0-alpha overview

WOOGLED is a player and pet cooldown tracking addon. Although originally intended for PvP, there are numerous uses for it in PvE.

As of v2.0.0-alpha10, the LibSharedMedia library is correctly used. Any addon that registers fonts or status bar textures with the LibSharedMedia library will now be usable within WOOGLED. The addons SharedMedia and SharedMediaAdditionalFonts will no longer be distributed with WOOGLED, but can be downloaded on Curse from here: SharedMedia, SharedMediaAdditionalFonts.

Slash Commands

  • Show Options Frame: /woogled
  • Parsing: /woogled [on/off]
  • Clear Data: /woogled clear
  • - - -
  • Build a Cooldown Frame: /woogled build [unit ID]
  • Target Frame: /woogled tf [test/default/reset/show/hide/lock/unlock]
  • Focus Frame: /woogled ff [test/default/reset/show/hide/lock/unlock]
  • Extra Frames: /woogled ef [test/default/reset/show/hide/lock/unlock]
  • All Frames: /woogled [test/default/reset/show/hide/lock/unlock]


  • Runs completely off combat log data.
  • Contains an internal database of over 500 cooldowns. Tracks PvP Trinket, racial, lifeblood, leatherworking drums, engineer, healthstone, and every player and pet cooldown. Tracks unique spell ids to determine class and spec. All ranks of tracked cooldowns are recognized. Knows every possible cooldown duration using modifiers. (glyphs, lvl 80 tier set bonuses, arena set bonuses, arena glove bonuses, and talents.)
  • Full control of what you want to see and how you want to see it with an easy to use UI. Toggling any of the switches sets the option immediately and will affect what is displayed and what is recorded.
  • Independent cooldown frames for your target and focus. Cooldowns can be: sorted alphabetically/numerically either way, arranged vertically up or down from the anchor, and sorted by cooldown duration or last used timestamp. The cooldown duration text can be: shown only below a threshold, shown in seconds or minutes if applicable, and can countdown to both endpoints separately. There are numerous other options available in the Options Frame.


Cooldown Frames

Target Frame

  • Displays your target.

Focus Frame

  • Displays your focus.

Extra Frames

Options Frame

Minimap Frame

  • Minimap button shows the current parse state and can be used to toggle parsing.


Zone Detection

Pet Linking

  • Tracks unique spell ids to link players and pets together.
  • When a pet is linked to an owner:
    • An icon is displayed on on the anchor of the Target Frame that shows the class of the unit that the displayed unit is linked to, if the class is known. If the class is not known, a generic link icon will be displayed.
    • Display pet cooldowns with the owner's cooldowns. (you can toggle this on the Options Frame)

Cooldown Resets

  • Applicable cooldowns are reset when a cooldown-reset ability is used (e.g. Mage: Cold Snap) or when a talented cooldown-reset proc occurs (e.g. Druid: Shooting Stars).
  • Supported abilities:
    • Hunter: Readiness
    • Mage: Cold Snap
    • Rogue: Preparation (Glyph of Preparation included)
    • Warrior: Heroic Fury
  • Supported talents:
    • Death Knight: Will of the Necropolis
    • Druid: Shooting Stars, Berserk, Nature's Grace
    • Mage: Impact
    • Paladin: Grand Crusader
    • Warrior: Sword and Board
  • Unsupported talents (Use-recording disabled on affected abilities):
    • Shaman: Lava Surge (Lava Burst)
    • Warrior: Sudden Death (Colossus Smash)

Spell-Use Interval Tracking

  • Learns by deducing the shortest cooldown duration by tracking the interval between cooldown uses.
    • Example:
      • Druid: Bash has a 60 second base cooldown. The only cooldown duration modifier is the talent Brutal Impact: -5 seconds for rank 1, and -10 seconds for rank 2. Possible cooldown durations are: 60, 55, or 50. If the shortest interval between cooldown uses is between 50 and 55 seconds, then we can deduce that the cooldown duration is no greater than 50 seconds. If the shortest interval is between 55 and 60 seconds, then the cooldown duration is no greater than 55 seconds. If the shortest interval is greater than 60 seconds, then the cooldown duration is no greater than 60 seconds.


  • Doesn’t recognize shared cooldowns.
  • Determines a spell’s possible cooldown duration on a spell by spell basis.
  • Cooldowns that won't be triggered if the spell doesn't hit an enemy (No-target casted AoE)
    • Engineering: Bombs, Hi-Powered Bolt Gun
    • Leatherworking: Drums of Panic
    • Horde: War Stomp
    • Warlock: Howl of Terror
  • Cooldowns that can't be tracked because no combat log events are fired
    • Hunter: Feign Death
    • Shaman: Reincarnation
    • Ghoul: Leap (Blizzard bug)
  • Cooldowns that can't be tracked because of insufficient combat log events
    • Priest: Holy Word: Sanctuary
    • Shaman: Earthquake
    • Shaman: Healing Rain
  • Cooldowns that have use interval tracking disabled (extra coding needed)
    • Hunter: Explosive Shot - (Lock and Load)
    • Paladin: Holy Shock - (Daybreak)
    • Paladin: Word of Glory - (Walk in the Light, cooldown removal not handled correctly yet)
    • Warrior: Whirlwind
  • Cooldowns that have use interval tracking disabled (insufficient event data, no unique trigger)
    • Death Knight: Death Grip - (Glyph of Resilient Grip, Unholy Command)
    • Druid: Nature's Ward
    • Mage: Blink - (Glyph of Ice Block)
    • Hunter: Deterrence - (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera)
    • Hunter: Disengage - (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera)
    • Hunter: Kill Shot - (Glyph of Kill Shot)
    • Hunter: Misdirection - (Glyph of Misdirection)
    • Priest: Shadow Word: Death (Glyph of Shadow Word: Death)
    • Rogue: Kick - (Glyph of Kick; interrupt events unreliable?)
    • Warlock: Shadowburn - (Glyph of Shadowburn)
    • Warrior: Taunt - (Vigilance)
  • Cooldowns that have use interval tracking disabled (haste lowers cooldown)
    • Paladin: Crusader Strike - (Sanctity of Battle)
    • Paladin: Divine Storm - (Sanctity of Battle)
  • Cooldowns that have use interval tracking disabled (cooldown deductions from spell use)
    • Druid: Swiftmend - (Nature's Bounty)
    • Druid: Starfall - (Glyph of Starsurge)
    • Druid: Nature's Swiftness - (Glyph of Healing Touch)
    • Priest: Inner Focus (Train of Thought)
    • Priest: Penance (Train of Thought, Scripted: no unique trigger events)
    • Priest: Shadowfiend (Sin and Punishment)
    • Rogue: Adrenaline Rush - (Restless Blades)
    • Rogue: Killing Spree - (Restless Blades)
    • Rogue: Redirect - (Restless Blades)
    • Rogue: Sprint - (Restless Blades)
    • Shaman: Elemental Mastery - (Feedback)
    • Warlock: Metamorphosis - (Impending Doom)
  • Cooldowns that aren't tracked because they are reset on death (debuffs)
    • All: Major haste debuffs
    • All: Recently Bandaged
    • All: Forbearance

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