Baud Bag

Oct 22, 2016 Release
Summary Allows you to combine your bags into a single, larger one, yet gives you the power to choose which bags to combine. Complete with a user-friendly graphical menu for changing how your bags will display. Use /baudbag, /bb, the menu button on any of BaudBag's containers or the addon options interface of WoW, to change the settings for this addon. Feature List Customizable bag joining. Various background choices, including 3 of Blizzard's bag skins. Bank and Reagentbank contents viewable...


Oct 22, 2016 Release
Shows expected healing from Frenzied Regeneration based on damaged taken in last 5 seconds. The healing is obviously modified by your versatility and other buffs (Wildflesh artifact trait, Guardian of Elune talent, T18 2pc). You may choose how to show amount of healing: total healing of FR; healing per tick; ratio of total healing to your max HP; You may hide addon frame when not in Bear form or out of combat. To turn these options on/off use context menu or commands: /frshow combat /frshow bear
Mists of Pandaria


Oct 22, 2016 Release
A collection of BigWigs modules from the Mists of Pandaria era, including: Mogu'shan Vaults Heart of Fear Terrace of Endless Spring Throne of Thunder Siege of Orgrimmar Pandaria World Bosses: Sha of Anger, Salyis's Warband, Nalak, Oondasta, Ordos BigWigs_MistsOfPandaria is open source and development is done on GitHub. You can contribute code, localization, and report issues there:
Animation Preview

Beardley's Diablo Orbs UI

Oct 22, 2016 Release
An animated, FPS gentle Action Bar for World of Warcraft. The concept is that it must be so easily to configure like the original bar. It requires no other external library. The design is from Diablo 3 and parts of the code and pictures from Mistra's Diablo Orbs. You can drag the cast buttons easily and without any other Addons needed to the bar. The player icon is replaced by the left orb. Simply to use like the old player icon, it's fully clickable. If you wan't to show up the original...

World Quest Tab

Oct 22, 2016 Release
World Quest Tab adds a new tab to the quest log in the world map. Depending on what zone you are looking at, it will show a list of all world quest in that zone, or a list of all quests in all zones. Quests can be filtered by different criteria such as faction, type or reward, much like you can sort your professions. They can also be sorted by the following criteria: Time: Less time left ends up higher in the list Faction: By faction where currently selected Emmisary quest are at the top...
Cataclysm heroics


Oct 22, 2016 Release
English: RaidAchievement (RA addon) What it does: Reports in chat (or with sound) when group or raid achievement that you can't track is failed or when all criteria of the achievement are fullfiled and you need to kill boss.* Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Need to install AchievementsReminder Manual selection of achievements (by location) available. Need to install AchievementsReminder Shows tactics. Need to install AchievementsReminder...


Oct 22, 2016 Release
Open menu: /ar /achrem /achr Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Manual selection of available achievements (by location). Shows tactics. . If you get errors using this addon: Check your addon's folder, and delete the folder named "RaidAchievement_AchievementsReminder" if it exists.


Oct 22, 2016 Release
Disclamer/Info Iction is a warlock icon only dot timer for Affliciton / Destro warlocks. It's a `HUD' style UI that tracks up to 4 targets at a time, and is intended to be used center screen. It has been built for me essentially but I figured I'd release it out there for the brave. There's prob bugs which I'll come across, if you find any feel free to post, but as for feature requests I'm not sure how I'll go adding a hell of a lot more (other than the bits I want) to it :) Have fun! :)...
Wrath of the Lich King


Oct 22, 2016 Release
A collection of BigWigs modules from the Wrath of the Lich King era, including: The Eye of Eternity Naxxramas Ulduar Vault of Archavon Trial of the Crusader Icecrown Citadel Onyxia's Lair The Obsidian Sanctum The Ruby Sanctum BigWigs_WrathOfTheLichKing is open source and development is done on GitHub. You can contribute code, localization, and report issues there:


Oct 22, 2016 Release
Whenever your guild is in need of recruiting people, or you need gold and want to offer your professions. Take Adman - a simple and lightweight addon. You can set up up to three messages with the interval it should be posted in what channel. Just hit "Start"! Spell, item and profession linking supported! Add them by shift-clicking the profession or spell or icon.
Player Options

Rotation Builder

Oct 22, 2016 Release
Here comes the first release for patch 7.0.3, a lot of fixes and enhancement that were previously unrealeased finally got release, I can't remember them all but rotations should be smoother. As the original author soulwhip discontinued this addon and we simply loved it, we decided to bring it back. You can help us with localizations by going there : RotationBuilder Localization page. Be careful when translating phrases from the overview interface : rotations localizations are too big to be...


Oct 22, 2016 Release
A collection of BigWigs modules from the Classic era, including: Molten Core Blackwing Lair Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj BigWigs_Classic is open source and development is done on GitHub. You can contribute code, localization, and report issues there:

X and Y

Oct 22, 2016 Release
Description Places X and Y map coordinates at the top of the World Map and in the Minimap's zone text and zone text tooltip. Works great in 7.1 Return to Karahzan! How to Use Instal: Like any other AddOn. Set up: Works 'as is'. Configuration Clicking on the Minimap zone text cycles through three display modes: (1) 2 decimal places, (2) 1 decimal place, (3) no coordinates. Features Easy configuration of the Minimap zone text display No Ace libraries = no bloat Ultra small cpu/memory footprint...

Def's Camera Zoom

Oct 22, 2016 Release
Sets the Camera Zoom maximum limit higher than default. This is helpful on certain fights where zooming out can be beneficial. Author: Defective of Arthas-US

The Undermine Journal

Oct 22, 2016 Release
This addon, from The Undermine Journal, shows realm-specific pricing information in item tooltips for all US and EU realms. It should be updated twice each week, on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. See this forum thread for more information.
Example healthbar

ElvUI TankHealth

Oct 22, 2016 Release
TankHealth This addon is an ElvUI plugin which adds the potential amount of self-healing a tank can do onto their healthbar. The heal spell that is used depends on the class: DH: Soul Cleave DK: Death Strike Druid: Frenzied Regeneration Monk: Expel Harm Paladin: Light of the Protector Warrior: Ignore Pain (shows the potential absorb) The addon takes into account various stats, talents, artifact traits, raid cooldowns and other variables when calculating the potential heal. Help If something...
Hati&Thok with Hunter


Oct 22, 2016 Release
此插件将只让索克的脚步声变得轻柔一些。 使用方法: 解压“Sound”文件夹到魔兽世界根目录。如有其他自定义音效文件请注意小心替换。 This addon will softly Thok the footstep sounds only. How to use: Extract the "Sound" folder to your World of Warcraft folder. Be care other custom sound file to replace.
Raid #6


Oct 22, 2016 Release
Update 09/21/16 - I've added default custom debuffs for Emerald Nightmare raid encounters (use alpha r206 build or newer). As I am not currently raiding I really need your help to test these! Please file tickets for custom debuff additions/removals. Thanks! Update 09/02/16 - Travelling for work again until 09/11. I will not be able to respond to comments or tickets until after I return. Thank you for your patience and have fun in Legion! Update 08/07/16 - Back from the EU at last! Thank you...
DBM Timers Newer

Deadly Boss Mods

Oct 22, 2016 Release Suggestions & Support Forums Open a ticket on curse Old Content mods are split into multiple packages Older content is split into multiple addons to reduce mod update size. These are often far less updated as DBM Core packages and are better as optional extra packages. You can get them here: Warlords of Draenor Boss Mods Mists of Pandaria Boss Mods Cataclysm Boss...
Comparing values with the Auction House


Oct 22, 2016 Release
The GoingPrice_US addon uses the LibExtraTip library to display various statistics from The statistics are sampled over all realms in the US region. To get realm specific data, head over to to download realm specific addon's - as many as you want. I suggest all the realms you have characters on. Install them together with GoingPrice_US. The GoingPrice suite is smart enough to load only what's needed. These addon's should update quite...