Nov 25, 2014 Release
Shoutout is a basic automatic congratulations addon for players that earn achievements and join your guild. It has basic customization for message you want to send when players earn achievements or join your guild. Shoutout can be used for /guild , /say , and /party announcements and can be switched on or off individually. It is based off of Jinivus' AutoGratzer but given a little bit more personality. Simple commands: /so or /shoutout - to enable or disable addon /so or /shoutout <msg> - For...

Lick 'Em All

Nov 25, 2014 Release
Lick every new target that you select (only licks them once; never again) Type /lickem to see the number of targets you have licked. /lickem toggle - This will enable/disable the addon.
Aanye_XP 1.1

Aanye XP

Nov 24, 2014 Release
Aanye XP is a Data Broker plugin for tracking experience and reputation. Features Direct replacement for the default UI's experience bar and reputation bar. Left-click to toggle between experience and reputation modes. Right-click to toggle between four display modes: current/total points points remaining percent complete percent remaining Zero configuration. NOTE: Aanye XP is a LibDataBroker source only. You must have an LDB display installed to use Aanye XP. (Aanye XP was developed and...
Muq 1

Masque: Muq

Nov 22, 2014 Release
Updated Muq skin for Masque. You must have Masque installed to use this skin.

Broken Bones Filter

Nov 19, 2014 Release
Simple addon to filter out all the annoying broken bones loot messages in Ashran. This will only filter Broken Bones, not other loot messages. No config etc. Installation instructions: 1. Download the file 2. Extract the ZIP file into <wow directory>\interface\addons\ 3. Restart/Open WoW and you are done
Need to Train


Nov 15, 2014 Release
SkillWatcher is an addon that shows a small on-screen window that displays all your current profession skill levels that can be "leveled up". On skill levelup, the info window colorizes the text of the skill, an easy visual cue to see when a skill levels up, as well as coloring the skill when it is time for training! Also, SkillWatcher replaces the tooltip for herb and mining nodes, showing the skill range to get a point, as well as common drops. Even better, for people with unlocking skills...


Nov 15, 2014 Release
So, this interface enhancement is designed to get rid of those annoying graphics at the bottom of the screen. But then I wanted to get rid of more and more and more ... The Health and Mana bars look a lot better with DirectX 9 (which is why I don't actually use this addon - but hey, you might like it in DirectX 11). Anyhow, if you guys end up digging this addon, I'll put more effort into the description and maintenance of it. This addon has been provided as an example on how to easily roll...
Major Nanners

Glorious Drops

Nov 14, 2014 Release
Updated to 6.0.3 to include the new rare mobs in Draenor Used loot listed here: Updated to 5.4.0 to include the new rares most of them are part of the Timeless Champion Achievement The Glorious! Achievement Displays the fun items in the corresponding mobs tooltip. Used the loot listed here:
Chat messages

Smart Critter Killer

Nov 12, 2014 Release
This addon helps with the achievement Critter Kill Squad, heavily inspired by the addon Critterz. In addition to reporting to your guild when you've killed 25 critters, it creates a macro based on your current zone to target them. To use type "/sck create" to create the macro, then change zones to fill it with the list of critters. This is my first addon and I developed it because Blizz took away my Volley and now I need to actually target a critter to attack it. Smart Critter Killer now has...


Nov 12, 2014 Release
Working with your guild towards the Critter Kill Squad or Crittergeddon achivement? Want a reminder to make sure you keep murdering small, furry lifeforms? Then get this, toss it on your LDB toolbar, and call it a day!


Nov 10, 2014 Release
Chats To MSBT allows you to select chat channels like party, raid, trade, general, and whispers and have the incoming messages output to Mik Scrolling Battle Text's notification frame or any other MSBT frame

Achievement Sounds

Nov 10, 2014 Release
Now includes Bill's Utils as a library but it can still be installed from either of these links: Bill's Utils on Curse Bill's Utils on CurseForge Never miss an achievement again. This addon does not auto-grats because some Achievements are just not worth a grat and it could get spammy if it did. Achievement Sounds can play a sound and pop up a small window alerting when someone in your party / guild or near you gets an achievement. The popup will disappear in 15 (default) seconds if you don't...

Titan Panel [Lesser Charms]

Nov 10, 2014 Release
Titan Panel plug in that displays you current Lesser Charms count

Titan Panel [Achievement Points]

Nov 10, 2014 Release
Titan Panel plug in that displays you current Achievement Points and will show you how many you have added today
The logged in character can consume this item.


Nov 08, 2014 Release
This addon will show you if an Alt needs to consume a food/drink for an Achievement. Currently tracks the following Achievements [6026] World Events / Darkmoon Faire / Fairegoer's Feast [5753] General Cataclysmically Delicious [5754] General / Drown Your Sorrows [7329] General / Pandaren Cuisine [7330] General / Pandaren Delicacies [1780] Professions / Cooking / Sencond That Emotion Let me know if you find any that I missed. The photo show what the addons does.... Bottled Winterspring Water...

Remove Default Raid Frames

Nov 05, 2014 Release
Removes the default Blizzard raid frames for a clean UI - No Overheads - Easy - Fast - Clean - No Clutter - Simple - Effective

Remove Bar Texture

Nov 05, 2014 Release
Removes the textured background from the default Blizzard action bars giving a nice clean clutter free look. Also less rendering.
Lorewalkers Helper info panel

Lorewalkers Helper

Nov 01, 2014 Release
Lorewalkers Helper is designed to help players at reaching exalted reputation with the Lorewalkers, and get the Disc of the Red Flying Cloud. Allows to create waypoints in TomTom to the locations in current zone or in all Pandaria that the character still needs to visit to get the achievements, or to all the points needed for the achievements, including already visited. Supports LibDataBroker to show detailed information with the missing achievement criteria. It features a small panel with...
Discreet chat window message upon objective/quest completion to back up the audible announcement


Oct 30, 2014 Release
PeonQuestComplete is my contribution to the world of addons. It is a small addon to give audio cues on the following events: - you complete a quest; - you complete an objective of a quest; - you progress towards completion of an objective of a quest; Each of these events will cause a distinct sound to be played (only the 'highest ranked' of these sounds will play, of course). PeonQuestComplete is heavily based on Yoco's QuestSounds. PeonQuestComplete does not have the objective completion...
PvP Datatext

ElvUI PvP Datatext

Oct 26, 2014 Release
Bug reports and Feature Requests are to be handled by the Ticket Tracker only. This addon requires ElvUI to function. This addon fills a gap that I feel exists with ElvUI's datatext options. This will let you display various information related to PvP to view at a glance. You can choose to display honor/conquest points, your cap status, RBG/Arena ratings, and more! Donations It takes quite a bit of time on my part to develop and maintain these addons, as well as provide support for them. Any...