In Use


Sep 22, 2016 Release
When buff/debuff timer is above the threshold set in ElvUI Config, it will display buffs as HH:MM:SS format instead of "1h" or "10m". Font is changed through ElvUI.

Raven Loot Attendance

Sep 22, 2016 Release
This addon requires Raven Loot. Raven Loot Attendance manages a custom, point-based attendance system. The system works as follows: Being available for a raid awards you 1 point. Points will expire 9 raids after being earned. You can thus have at most 9 points. Being available for 6 raids in a row will award you with a backup-point. A backup-point will allow you to miss a raid and still receive a point, but the backup-point will be consumed. The backup-points will be automatically...
Raptor Hatchling

Adorable Hatchling Nests

Sep 21, 2016 Release
Description Places a pin on the World Map and Minimap for every Razormaw/Ravasaur/Leaping/Darting Hatchling nest's spawn location. Works great in Legion! How to Use Instal: Like any other AddOn. Perhaps use the installer provided by this website. Set up: Works 'as is'. For options enter '/ahn' in chat. Details Players are able to collect several raptor style companions/pets. Four of these spawn from within nests. You do not need to kill anything. The Ravasaur Hatchling spawns within Ravasaur...

This Scampi Happening

Sep 21, 2016 Release
Description Tooltips for all your fishing profession related items, spells and NPCs now have added fish flavour! Works great in Legion! This Scampi happening? Oh but it is! (Not incessantly mind you. The same item, spell, and NPC will not be flavoured again for 30 minutes. And regular fish and low-skill trash caught on your line will not be flavoured at all) Let minnow if I cod do batter! How to Use Instal like any other AddOn. Perhaps use the installer provided by this website. No...

Cloud Serpent Onyx Eggs Coords - TomTom

Sep 20, 2016 Release
Description This contains the TomTom coordinates for Onyx Eggs. Usage Type /onyx in chat Requirements You will need to have TomTom for this to work. Credits Full credit goes to Cladhaire
main frame

Daily Global Check_Legion World Quests

Sep 18, 2016 Release
This plugin tracks world task quests in Legion zones, showing useful information about them. This is a plugin and requires Daily Global Check!


Sep 18, 2016 Release
Changes your watched faction based on your current location. Verändert die angezeigte Fraktion basierend auf den aktuellen Standort. Sigue automáticamente la facción asociada con tu lugar actual. Surveiller automatiquement la faction associée à votre position actuelle. Segue automaticamente a facção associado à sua localização actual. Автоматически следить за выполнением фракция связана с вашего текущего местоположения. 현재 위치의 진영을 자동으로 감시합니다. Description Diplomancer changes your watched...


Sep 18, 2016 Release
What does TeleportCloak do? TeleportCloak is an extremely lightweight addon that automatically equips your last item after using any of the following: Cloak of Coordination Wrap of Unity Shroud of Cooperation Ring of the Kirin Tor Time-Lost Artifact Stormpike Insignia Frostwolf Insignia Boots of the Bay Ruby Slippers Blessed Medallion of Karabor Brassiest Knuckle Argent Crusader's Tabard Hellscream's Reach Tabard Baradin's Wardens Tabard You can also use the macro functionality to equip these...


Sep 17, 2016 Planning
NOTE: This will addon will change in the future, as I could not figure out an exact work around right now. For now, this addon works simply to give the user a total artifact power earned so that they may know how close/far they are from the 100k artifact power milestone. This addon was intended for use among friends/guildies, however I figured I might as well release it to the public as well. This addon is intended for use with people who have ALL THREE ARTIFACT WEAPONS (currently). To use...


Sep 17, 2016 Planning
You should install this module if you want to track achievements for WoD expansion. Works ONLY with addon.
Preference Selection


Sep 17, 2016 Release
This addon it’s a simple tool for set loot preferences using the Blizzard’s dungeon journal interface. The preferences are share to your guild, so anyone could see each other preferences. The main porpoise of the addon is to make guild officers duties easier, they could quickly check which member has a preference for the next boss or the full instance/raid. To setup a preference just open the dungeon journal, go to the boss/raid, click on the loot icon and set your preference for each item....

Netherwing Eggs

Sep 15, 2016 Release
Description Places a pin on the World Map and Minimap for every known Netherwing Egg spawn location. Each pin has a tooltip with a detailed location description. Works great in Legion! No other AddOn is so comprehensive. Over 90 documented spawn locations! How to Use Instal: Like any other AddOn. Perhaps use the installer provided by this website. Set up: Works 'as is'. For options enter '/ne' in chat. Details Players are able to collect Netherwing Eggs to gain Netherwing reputation. At...


Sep 15, 2016 Release
General TabardMaster will automatically change your tabard and your gear based on your current zone, group, or dungeon. Never again will you forget to equip your guild tabard before turning in a quest, or your Safari Hat during a pet battle. Always have the correct gear equipped for an instance, or a LFG queue. Show off your transmog'd finery when entering a city - or equip your PvP gear when in enemy territory. Earn exalted status with your guild, your home cities, Lich King and Cataclysm...


Sep 14, 2016 Release
Broker addon for tracking Order Hall Resources. Requires a LDB display.


Sep 14, 2016 Release
Lightweight addon to alert you when a rare appears nearby. Plays sound and flashes the screen a la _NPCScan.


Sep 13, 2016 Release
This HandyNotes Plugin shows Legion Treasures and Rarespawns on the Map & Minimap. (Treasures which have been looted and Rares which have been killed are automaticly hidden. The hidden elements can be reactivated in the visibility options) + TomTom Support + DBM-Arrow Support !!! ATTENTION !!! # Requires HandyNotes to function! # You should be able to get the Treasure Achievements in all zones now. There are still many treasures and rares missing which will be added over time. Feel free to...


Sep 13, 2016 Release
Please join the Facebook group so you can share your thoughts with the developer. iLvLr is an add on that has been developed to conveniently provide at-a-glance information inside of the character pane. The intended purpose is to make the gearing up process more efficient. Future development will also make this process much easier to maintain across multiple characters. Current features of iLvLr include: Ability to distinguish between gear of under 600 iLvl and over 600 iLvl for figuring out...


Sep 13, 2016 Release
Enemyraidframe PVE Addon This shows raidbars form all enemy Units with his cast and interrupts. Shows Player DOTs. New target border frame (target green, mouseover blue , focus orange) Reset Bars: /utar reset Pls send me your Feedback here or at EU: Unrealrules#2886
Interface Shot


Sep 12, 2016 Release
Veneer is an interface customization tool focused on the Aura and Objectives frames. Project scope includes providing an extensive configuration GUI that allows for detailed user-friendly control of the positioning, flow, and aesthetics of buff icons and tracker objectives. Movable "stencil" guides that can be turned on and off independently of the configuration panel. Snapping support for frame-to-frame anchoring Consolidated Raid Buffs display that can either stand alone or embed within a...
Below Average Items - Visual Indicator

Below Average Items (Low Item Level Indicator)

Sep 12, 2016 Release
Description: Below Average Items is an addon that places a small visual indicator on equipped items that are below your current iLvl average. A quick glance at your character sheet makes it easy to see which items are below average without having to examine each item individually. A yellow visual indicator marks the below average items. A red visual indicator marks the lowest level item(s). Mousing over the visual indicator will show a tooltip with the items iLvl vs your current average....