Shadowmoon Valley Preview


Aug 22, 2016 Release
This HandyNotes Plugin shows Draenor Treasures and Rarespawns on the Map & Minimap. (Treasures which have been looted and Rares which have been killed are automaticly hidden. The hidden elements can be reactivated in the visibility options) + TomTom Support + DBM-Arrow Support # !!! ATTENTION !!! # Requires HandyNotes to function! ##### # !!! ATTENTION !!! # The new version for Legion Rares & Treasure is now available! You can find it here: Handynotes_LegionRares&Treasures ##### Changelog:...
GS-E running on esMX preloading an enUS string to esMX

GS-E Sequence Translator

Aug 22, 2016 Release
GS-E: Sequence Translator This is a plugin to GnomeSequencer-Enhanced that translated sequences between languages. If you have a bunch of sequences in say english and you play on a European server this mod will translate those to your client and vice versa. The editor will allow you translate your sequence between multiple languages so you can share and author in your language. You need to have GnomeSequencer-Enhanced to use this mod. Ceci est un plugin pour GnomeSequencer-Enhanced qui...


Aug 21, 2016 Release
_NPCScan.Overlay.Broker This add-on works with _NPCScan.Overlay and gives you a toggle button to show or hide it's Mini Map Overlay display. Use with your LibDataBroker (LDB) tool of choice. I recommend Bazooka, but there are many to choose from. Click: Toggles display of _NPCScan.Overlay's Mini Map layer. CONTROL-Click: Toggle display of _NPCScan.Overlay's World Map layer. Middle-Click: Toggle display of Both _NPCScan.Overlay's Mini & World Map layers Right Click: Open _NPCScan.Overlay's...


Aug 21, 2016 Release
Please join the Facebook group so you can share your thoughts with the developer. iLvLr is an add on that has been developed to conveniently provide at-a-glance information inside of the character pane. The intended purpose is to make the gearing up process more efficient. Future development will also make this process much easier to maintain across multiple characters. Current features of iLvLr include: Ability to distinguish between gear of under 600 iLvl and over 600 iLvl for figuring out...


Aug 20, 2016 Release
This AddOn adds a BestInSlot filter based on the BestInSlot AddOn to the AdiBags bag management AddOn.

machtDRUCK gz

Aug 20, 2016 Release
Posts congratulation Messages into guild chat when a guildmate earns an achievement. Mainly used for a large Guild on German Server Taerar.
Main Screenshot

Better Scoreboard

Aug 19, 2016 Release
Summary / Details Changes your battleground scoreboard to be a little more readable and easier for you. Your score's background row is a different color from everyone else. It also adds very helpful commas to separate damage and healing numbers. New in 7.0.3 Added commas for damage and healing done. Bugs? If you find a bug, please PM me or, if you must, post a comment here. In your PM, please send me the entire Lua error that World of Warcraft spits out if the option is enabled. If there is...
TransmogCleanup Main Window


Aug 19, 2016 Release
Cleanup your bag from items you already learned to transmog! Dependencies: Can I Mog It? Current features: Sell all items you've learned to transmog Filter the items by item level, quality, bound on equip/pickup, ... Planned features: Check out my todo list on GitHub! Suggestions welcome! Support the project:


Aug 18, 2016 Release
You should install this module if you want to track achievements for: WotLK, Cataclysm expansions. Works ONLY with RaidAchievement addon.
Cataclysm heroics


Aug 18, 2016 Release
English: RaidAchievement (RA addon) What it does: Reports in chat (or with sound) when group or raid achievement that you can't track is failed or when all criteria of the achievement are fullfiled and you need to kill boss.* Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Need to install AchievementsReminder Manual selection of achievements (by location) available. Need to install AchievementsReminder Shows tactics. Need to install AchievementsReminder...


Aug 17, 2016 Release
General TabardMaster will automatically change your tabard and your gear based on your current zone, group, or dungeon. Never again will you forget to equip your guild tabard before turning in a quest, or your Safari Hat during a pet battle. Always have the correct gear equipped for an instance, or a LFG queue. Show off your transmog'd finery when entering a city - or equip your PvP gear when in enemy territory. Earn exalted status with your guild, your home cities, Lich King and Cataclysm...

ls: Toasts

Aug 16, 2016 Release
ls: Toasts Replacement for default alert system. Better toasts, cheers! Features One design for all toasts. Special alert frames have unique backgrounds; In-game config at Esc > Interface > AddOns > ls: Toasts. From there you can disable sounds, move alert frames, etc; DND mode. You can enable DND mode for different toast groups. Toasts in DND mode won't be displayed in combat, but will be queued up in the system. Once you leave combat, they'll start popping up. Available from in-game config....


Aug 15, 2016 Beta
This addon enables raidgroups to queue and join the battlegrounds simultaneously. COMMANDS: /qpop : Show Qpop UI For suggestions/help use the comments or contact me @ illsentv @ twitch we use this addon to join alterac valley with preformed 40man raids the join part cant be automated so we have to time it by making everyone join queue at the same time basicly we do this: 1. everyone joins RAIDGROUP and voicecomm (we use teamspeak) 2. everyone has to install the addon and have it enabled. 3....


Aug 15, 2016 Release
TreasuresOfDraenor Language : English (enUS) | French (frFR) TreasuresOfDraenor display traesures on world map. Via Tomtom : This setting changes the modifier used by TomTom when left-clicking on the treasure map to create a waypoint. Command_SLASH [ /tod on ] - " Enable TreasuresOfDraenor " [ /tod off ] - " Disable TreasuresOfDraenor " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Localization - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
In-game interface


Aug 14, 2016 Release
DailyAzeroth is a simply in-game interface that allows players to easily manage their common repetitive tasks over multiple characters from one simple and easy to use tool. The addon provides a simple tool-set for players to keep on top of their daily/weekly chores! To get started in-game, simply type in "/dailyazeroth" or "/da" for short. This originally started out as a Windows application however after popular request I've ported it to an in-game version. There are still some features yet...

HandyNotes: Field Photographer

Aug 14, 2016 Release
Shows you where to take selfies for the achievement. Requires HandyNotes. Post bugs/ideas on GitHub.

HandyNotes: Well Read

Aug 14, 2016 Release
HandyNotes plugin: Shows the books you need to read for the Well Read achievement. Zeigt die Bücher an, die Ihr für den Erfolg "Bücherwurm" noch lesen müsst. Muestra los libros que todavía debes que leer para el logro "Erudito". If you have TomTom installed, you can right-click an icon to set a waypoint for it, Ctrl-right-click for additional waypoint options, or type /wellread to toggle waypoints for all unread books. There are no options, and books you've already read are not shown....

Cloud Serpent Onyx Eggs Coords - TomTom

Aug 12, 2016 Release
Description This contains the TomTom coordinates for Onyx Eggs. Usage Type /onyx in chat Requirements You will need to have TomTom for this to work. Credits Full credit goes to Cladhaire

RBG Frames

Aug 11, 2016 Release
This addon changes the behavior of Blizzard raid frames and is intended to be used by healers in RBG's (but are still Blizzard Raid Frames). 1) uses the spec icon instead of role icon while in a battleground (the adddon uses the batteground score to get spec information so outside a battleground it will show role icons) Role Icon will change to a gear if the player is inside a vehicle (like in Strand of the Ancients) 2) darker out of range frames (so you have a more clear view of who is in...

WoWDB Profiler

Aug 11, 2016 Release
Collects a multitude of different points of information from the in-game world, which is then used to populate the appropriate categories on for user perusal.