Switch Specs

Jul 31, 2016 Planning
Switch Specs Tired of healing in your DPS gear? Switch Specs is a very simple addon that allows you to switch specializations and equipment with a single click. Current version requires you to create a macro with the following code. /switchspec Then create equipment sets named Spec1, Spec2 and Spec3 to correspond with your classes specializations. Left click the macro to switch to Specialization 1 and equip the equipment set Spec1 in a single click. Right mouse button for Spec 2 and Middle...


Jul 31, 2016 Release
This add-on is coding based on the lib IGAS , so you need download it first. Summary This addon provide a action bar system, a raid panel, an information bar, unit frames and a spell cool down line. This is a demo ui to show how use IGAS lib to make addons, but also a full ui pack. All part can be disabled by rename the folder name(or just delete) in this add-on, all standalone. ActionBar - Action bar system, you can create unlimited action buttons, and please enjoy it's special pop-up bar...
Animation Preview

Beardley's Diablo Orbs UI

Jul 31, 2016 Release
An animated, FPS gentle Action Bar for World of Warcraft. The concept is that it must be so easily to configure like the original bar. It requires no other external library. The design is from Diablo 3 and parts of the code and pictures from Mistra's Diablo Orbs. You can drag the cast buttons easily and without any other Addons needed to the bar. The player icon is replaced by the left orb. Simply to use like the old player icon, it's fully clickable. If you wan't to show up the original...
1 - First spec: store

Button Cloner

Jul 30, 2016 Release
Natch's Button Cloner This addon will save your action bar buttons (ALL of them) which can then be loaded (copied) after switching spec. Does NOT work with addons that create their own buttons (like Macaroon), only standard WoW buttons are supported (most action bar addons use the standard buttons.) WARNING: Copying (loading) buttons will replace any you had before that are in the same place. Usage: Run "/nbc store" to save your buttons while in the spec you want to copy from, then run "/nbc...


Jul 30, 2016 Release
XBar for WoW (World of Warcraft) * A customizable interface framework for supporting custom, movable button bars. By Dr Doom (Shalune on Kargath) FEATURES: * Movable * Orientable (rotate/reverse) * Sizable * Modular: Lets you easily create addons using this framework * Customizable: Add your own unique features to your bar * Pop-out menus: Use the toggle buttons * Dynamic, all-in-one configuration window * Supporting option sets for each or multiple characters * Localized in several languages...
Main Window w/ Toy List


Jul 30, 2016 Release
ToyPlus is a compact launcher for the toy box. It also includes access to your favourite toys via Databroker or the minimap icon menu. It supports up to 10 columns and 10 rows of toys, with some scaling in size. You can pop out a list of toys you have, where you can tick ones you'd like to add or remove from favourites. It also includes filtering of toys your toon is unable to use due to level, reputation or profession requirements. Usage: You can access the launcher via minimap button or by...


Jul 30, 2016 Release
rActionBar_Gm Works only in version 7.0 Legion and up. This is a bars layout only and it requires rActionBar by zork to works. The button template is rButtonTemplate_Gm. I have hidden the bags and the micromenu because I use them in different ways but you can enable them back in the lua file if needed. If you have anything to ask / comment / request please use: P.s. This is a working in progress atm, because I have to test it...
Main Layout


Jul 30, 2016 Release
MerathilisUI What does this Plugin do?: MerathilisUI is an external ElvUI Mod. Mostly for the Design in Class Color with a few additional Features. Installation: The Installer will run on the first time you enable it or after the ElvUI Installation is complete. You can ran the Installer anytime by clicking the Install Button in the MerathilisUI Options. You can skip every install steps to keep your current ElvUI Settings. Install-Steps: 1. Install ElvUI - 2. Install ElvUI_BenikUI (not needed...
Solo instance, Guardian Druid

Goldpaw's UI (core)

Jul 30, 2016 Release
This is the 4th edition of my custom user interface. Unlike its predecessors it is divided into several addons, each handling a different aspect of the UI. The intention is to give the user more freedom as to what parts of the UI they wish to use, and to provide a higher level of compability with other addons. The core (this addon) is required, while the rest are all completely optional, but work seemlessly with each other when installed. The UI is aimed at monitors with a resolution of...
Larger Nameplates


Jul 30, 2016 Release
UrzUI – lightweight and robust This addon has been around since New Year's Eve 2013. It tweaks the games interface in a way that most people do with other nameplate and action bar addons. It's less configurable though, and thus more stable and lighter than other alternatives. For example: nothing of WoW's original code for the action buttons is changed, hence you lose no functionality if you get disconnected and log in again mid-combat. On top of the interface tweaks you also get several neat...
GS-E Sequence Editor

GnomeSequencer - Enhanced

Jul 30, 2016 Release
GnomeSequencer-Enhanced allows you create a sequence of macros to be executed at the push of a button. Like a /castsequence macro, it cycles through a series of commands when the button is pushed. However, unlike castsequence, it uses macro text for the commands instead of spells, and it advances every time the button is pushed instead of stopping when it can't cast something. This means if a spell is on cooldown and you push the button it will continue to the next item in the list with each...


Jul 30, 2016 Release
Less HUD, More GAME! The intention of Immersive is to automatically hide the player's HUD and only show elements when they are required. This allows you to better appreciate the beauty of WoW's world and lore without all the screen clutter. Latest New in v1.5.2!: The condition "Is In Dungeon" has been renamed to "Is In Dungeon Instance". The condition "Is In Raid" has been renamed to "Is In Raid Instance". Added a new condition "Is In Party" indicating if the player is in a party. Added a new...
UI window


Jul 30, 2016 Release
This addon automatically switches your talents on your actionbars when you change talents. It will also parse your macros and substitute in your active talents over any inactive ones from the same tier. Also allows the saving of commonly used builds. Usage and known issues: Automatic talent replacement will only occur if you select an "active" talent. Passive talents will not be swapped in - the addon will leave the active talent from your bar as a reminder of which slots were in use. If that...


Jul 30, 2016 Alpha
Note, this is a Work In Progress XervishUI A minimalist UI, inspired by the likes of TukUI, FreeUI, and others. I also want to write my own version of oUF Hank, which I always loved. What it does Reskins the default UI in a reasonably pleasing sort of way. Except with less tiny, pixel fonts. This UI will be for folks who can't read 6pt text. Actually stuff included: Action Bars Layout of shizzle Unit / Party / Raid Frames (with spec detection)


Jul 29, 2016 Release
DTweeks is a small modular Addon that performs the following modifications to the default UI with very small memory footprint: DTweeks_UnDress Adds Un-Dress and No-Tabard buttons to dress up frames. DTweeks_Helm-Cloak_Boxes Adds check boxes to character frame to toggle helm or cloak display. DTweeks_Durability Adds Durability display to character Frame when an item is below 100%. DTweeks_ItemLevel Adds Item-Level display to Character Frame. DTweeks_AutoRepSwitch Auto Switch Reputation...

GW2 ui

Jul 29, 2016 Release
GW2 UI is a meticulously crafted interface replacement that aims to increase immersion, as well as efficiency, without relying on dependencies. The entire UI is hand-painted, and hand-coded, to provide the best experience possible for players. Each interface element has been (or will be) rewritten, to provide enhanced functionality as well as improve the user experience, over the default UI. FEATURES Hand-painted, dynamic interface art Clean and user-friendly design Hand-painted class power...


Jul 29, 2016 Release
BindPad -- Created by Tageshi ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. WHAT IS "BindPad"? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- BindPad is an addon to make KeyBindings for spells, items, and macros. You no longer need actionbar slots just to make Key bindings for your macores etc. BindPad addon provides many icon slots in its frame. You can drag and drop anything into one of these slots, and click the slot to set...
GS-E running on esMX preloading an enUS string to esMX

GS-E Sequence Translator

Jul 29, 2016 Release
GS-E: Sequence Translator This is a plugin to GnomeSequencer-Enhanced that translated sequences between languages. If you have a bunch of sequences in say english and you play on a European server this mod will translate those to your client and vice versa. The editor will allow you translate your sequence between multiple languages so you can share and author in your language. You need to have GnomeSequencer-Enhanced to use this mod. Ceci est un plugin pour GnomeSequencer-Enhanced qui...
4.1 beta 2

Masque: Renaitre

Jul 29, 2016 Release
Some shaded skins I created for various UIs. Each skin except for Fade and Fade Circle have a Light version. Circle Circle Pro Rounded Beveled Square Square Thin Thinnerest Fade Fade Circle All colors and gloss opacity can be further customized via Masque's GUI. Masque: Renaitre v5.3 requires, and is best used with Masque v5.3.394 or newer. Fans of the "Fade" skin should check out Sexymap for the "Faded Square by Renaitre" preset. Also check out SharedMedia: Renaitre for bar textures,...


Jul 29, 2016 Release
xanAchievementMover is simple addon that allows you to move Blizzards Achievement/Dungeon/Guild Challenge alert frames. This addon like all my other addons, was created to be as small and as efficient as possible. Tired of the achievement or dungeon alerts overlapping your action bars? Don't like the position of the default achievement alerts? Looking for a way to move them? Then look no further! Usage: Type /xam to display the anchors. Move around the top Dungeon Alert anchor to the position...