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Smart Repair

Mar 06, 2015 Inactive
Smart Repair v. 2.3 What is Smart Repair? Smart Repair simply allows you to choose how you want to repair your gear. Depending on your current group status, you can set Smart Repair to repair your gear using your money, your guild's money, or take no action. As an example, you can self-repair when in solo, but use the guild funds when in a guild group or raid. Then if you don't have permission to use the guild funds for repairs, you can set up a backup action such as using your money to...
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Reagent Restocker

Mar 04, 2015 Release
Reagent Restocker is a simple addon for automatically purchasing items, selling unwanted items, and repairing. Unlike many other similar addons, Reagent Restocker supports drag and drop and has a full GUI for editing buy/sell lists. If you like it, feel free to donate! I highly recommend donating to your favorite addons, it really helps. If every person who downloads this addon donates as little as $1 per month, I could actually work on this addon full time. As it stands, however, it's...


Feb 27, 2015 Beta
Tracks the internal CDs of Golden Moss and Golden Fleece using DBM timers. Install, equip the two trinkets (Golden Fleece and Golden Moss), and each time you loot the Gold Coins a DBM timer shows up telling the cooldown of the trinket. Also adds the ingame command "/golden" which shows how much you earned with each trinket. ??? PROFIT Does not track the initial 10 minute CD when equipping either trinket.
Commended with xMerchant


Feb 27, 2015 Release
Marks the Grand Commendations you already have in tooltips and vendor windows. Markiert die bereits bekannten Großes Belobigungsabzeichen in Tooltips und Händlerfenster. Marca las Grand Menciones que ya conoces en sus descripciones y las ventanas de vendedores. Marque as Grande Menções que você já conhece em suas descrições e nas janelas dos comerciantes. Description Commended addds “Already known” to item tooltips for Grand Commendations you have already used on your account, and colors them...
Abigail Main Options Screen


Feb 25, 2015 Release
The easiest addon for making lots and lots of WoW gold from the auction house, with all main options being held on one simple to use screen. Newly added - has the option to read the whole AH on those servers with more than 42000 items. Version 3.00 is now available for downloading. Please note, if you are upgrading from version 2.15 or earlier, you will need to delete the datafiles from C:\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\'your account name'\Saved Variables\Abigail.lua. Users upgrading from...
CashCounter Expanded


Feb 25, 2015 Release
Description CashCounter is a simple and lightweight addon to keep track of your spending and earning. It displays your total gold, overall loss/gain in gold, silver, and copper aswell as your amount spent and gained. Usage Type /cashcounter or /cc by itself or followed by 'help' will show a list of commands. To move CashCounter, hold down 'ctrl' then hold down the left mouse button and drag. Clicking the left mouse button without 'ctrl' will show/hide the larger "info window". If the info...

Mission Gold Tracker

Feb 24, 2015 Release
Mission Gold Tracker Tracks gold earned from garrison missions in World of Warcraft. Usage Enter /mgt to see how much gold you've earned from garrison missions on that character since the addon has been installed. Reports total gold earned as well as average weekly income. Also automatically reports when gold is earned from a mission.
Example Waypoint


Feb 22, 2015 Mature
Requires TomTom The Addon uses TomTom Waypoints to guide you to all the BoE VendorRecipes. How about a VIDEO GUIDE? The Waypoints give you the Vendorname, the Recipename in Quality-color, Indication if its an faction only Recipe and little Help in crowded areas like Booty Bay. You can open the AddOn-Menu with "/nv". Here you can - enable and disable the AddOn to stop your route and continue later. - reset the Waypoints to start over, which also works via "/nv reset" TSM-Strings for all...

Clean And Repair

Feb 13, 2015 Release
Features Fast and Simple, optimized Clean for fastest background Use. Works with Wod! Auto Clean Auto sells all grey items in your bag when you visit a vendor. Auto Repair Auto repairs when you visit a Vendor with repair skill. It will tell you how much gold you spent on the repair. If you cant afford to repair it will tell you that to. (in chat window) Settings /cr ownonly only from characters money /cr own from characters money first, repair from guild bank if fails /cr guild from guild...
Interface - Tax Rates

Guild Donation Helper

Feb 02, 2015 Release
Guild Donation Helper Donate money to the Guild Bank from these sources: Commerce with merchants. Obtain money from mob Obtain money from quest Obtain money from Follower Missions Receive one email with money ( disabled in GDH 1.3.1 until this can be redone) Guild list showing who is using the addon with your quotes and taxes. Autosync data between guild members Credit System If your guild allows you take money from guild bank, as a member, the guild master can adjust one credit tax. The...
Worth tooltip


Jan 31, 2015 Release
Worth is a data broker addon that aggregates the item and gold worth of your characters. Item worth is determined by considering vendor price, Auctioneer price and (if the character has the skill) disenchant value. Soulbound tradeskill items like Truesteel Ingot and Gearspring Parts are valued to the crafting materials used to craft them. Primal Spirits are valued at 1/50 of a Savage Blood. As a large part of the valuation comes from auction house prices, this AddOn depends on Auctioneer...
MiLVL Item Comparison

MiLVL Item Comparison

Jan 31, 2015 Release
Hover over an item... it tells you what your Item Level Average would become if you equipped that gear.


Jan 08, 2015 Release
data for addon DBCS DBCS data données pour DBCS toutes langues
r34 Player Toolip Over-View


Dec 28, 2014 Beta
Liquid-Wealth This data-broker plug-in that adds up all of the items in your inventory & bank, to retrieve a Wealth total if you are trying to sell items on the Auction House or selling them to the venders. Liquid-Wealth Currently scans all items in your banks & bags Vendor Pricing (Supported) - Would of Warcraft's Built-in-API Auction House (Auction Add-on is Required) Auctioneer (Supported) Auctionator (Supported) AuctionLite (Supported) AuctionMaster (Supported) TheUndermineJournalGE...

Improved Tradechat

Dec 25, 2014 Beta
About Improved Tradechat Improved Tradechat flters the trade channel and lists the filtered messages in a new frame. Slash Commands /itc - Shows the GUI Bug Reports You can report bugs here.
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Garrison Daily Productivity Report

Dec 23, 2014 Release
What is Garrison Daily Productivity Report? We all know it's bloody hard work managing a garrison! Not only do you have to personally go out on quests to save the realm, master dungeons, beat bosses and basically be a thorn in Guldan's backside but you also have to manage your crack team of professional hit-men, er... persons... and send them of on all sorts of fun sounding missions of their own! But if you're tied up in all that, then who's keeping an eye on the homestead? There's only so...
Gluggen's Easy Fix

Gluggen's Easy Fix

Dec 22, 2014 Release
Gluggen's easy fix Sells junk and repairs with no fuzz. Whenever player visit a vendor, the addon will sell all grey junk items in players bags. Then it will repair the players equipment, if possible. A summary will be posted to the chat frame. No options. No buttons. No settings. No configuration. No whitelists. No guildbank repairs. No bloat. No problems.


Dec 14, 2014 Release
This is a 2 part auto one part automatically select the quest reward which will sell for the most and auto repair!

Simple Sell Trash

Dec 13, 2014 Release
My first addon on curse!! ^^ So this is just something I quickly created for the heck of it. All it does is that it sells all of your grey trash in your bags when you have a vendor open with the command "/selltrash" obviously without the quotations. Then it will print out how much your items were sold for. I tried my best to made the code as efficient as possible, so this will take up an extremely low amount of resources on your PC. If you would happen to find any bugs then just PM me here on...


Dec 09, 2014 Release
CT_ExpenseHistory CT_ExpenseHistory is a cost tracking mod. It tracks how much you spend on repairs, reagents, ammo, and mail postage. Usable via /eh, or the CT control panel, you can see your totals spent for all characters, per character, or a dated log of what you spent when.