Aug 13, 2009 Beta
Inspects and store information about character that you interact with. Information stored: Name/Level/Class Equipped Gear Talents (including alternate spec) Commands: /cdb hide - Hides output frame /cdb show - Shows output frame /cdb inspect [unitid] - Inspect unit /cdb print [unitid] - Print a summary of character to default chat frame /cdb sim [unitid] - Print a Simcraft parameter listing of character to output frame Simcraft parameter listing HOWTO Target desired character Type /cdb...


Dec 11, 2009 Alpha
Gambit Raid System helps in Raid loot distributuion by calculating a members loot rank based on 4 factors. Attendance score, Bank score, Item Level score, and Items won. It attempts to take the human factor out of loot distrubution by using cold hard statistics to help ML/RL decide. This is the first release of GambitRaidSystem and thus only contains the first piece of the addon which is a Personal Loot tracker. Basically anytime you loot an item it gets stored in a per character DB table....


Mar 17, 2010 Alpha
Makes tradecrafting simple and fast. Intelligent suggestions on which item or enchant is required based on the materials that were traded Aims to automate as much as possible in the trade exchange Automagically reopen trade and pre-fill the window with the crafted item/enchant

AutoXT: Train Wrecker, Whistle Blower, and Anti-Griefer

Apr 19, 2010 Planning
Main purpose of this addon is to manage Lil' XT, so he's not a nuisance. Lil' XT is an interactive non-combat pet from Blizzard's Pet Sore. He's a great guardian against annoying toys like the Toy Train; however, he can also become obnoxious if some heckler decides to constantly pull out toys from the Clockwork Toy Shoppe. To prevent such annoyances, this addon will dismiss Lil XT if one of the toy creations is destroyed around you two. Also if someone around you tries to break the silence...

Trade 2.0

Jun 01, 2010 Planning
Do you often leave the Trade channel because of things like what you see below? === Warning. May look like Trade channel === [2. Trade] [Randomguy]: "lf1m voa need deeps gtg lol" [2. Trade] [Anotherguy]: "lol u no ur a nub rite" [2. Trade] [Randomguy]: "shut up noob" [2. Trade] [Spambot]: "Buy gold best price! $2 = 1g, we do power the level!" [2. Trade] [Randomguy]: "@($)#_ group collapsed" [2. Trade] [Trollguy]: "Reported for swearing" [2. Trade] [Tradeguy]: "Any blacksmiths on...

Loot Scoot

Jun 30, 2010 Planning
Loot Scoot will get rid of the annoying message asking you if you are sure you want to loot a Bind on Pickup item every time you choose to roll on it.

Skellords Auto-Water for Mages

Jul 06, 2010 Planning
Skellords Auto-Water is an addon to simplify the act of creating and trading water in PvP,Raids, and other such scenarios. A Mage can use this addon by typing, in any chat, the following commands; Water1 - Creates your highest rank of stacking water. Water2 - Creates a lower (Level 70) refreshment table. Water3 - Creates the higher (Level 80) refreshment table. This addon was created for ease of clearing space on action bars, easing the pain of having to find your spells, and wrapping this...


Jul 08, 2010 Planning
This is a very simple, first version of a mod to track how long items have been in your guild bank. Known flaws: does not distinguish between duplicate items. Some items do not show time.

Exacto Bag

Jul 20, 2010 Planning
This add-on is one that Ive been looking for and have never found one like it, it has an all in one bag frame, you can look in your bank from anywhere in a different frame and create different sections for certain items. i decided to make this after the millionth time someone told me i was an ADD Neat freak :P but i love it and its perfectly organized and an awesome add-on for me.


Sep 12, 2010 Alpha
Admit it, you've never been horrified by the blacksmith's bill at the end of a journey ? With Cloth it's still limited, but with plate it empties a wallet faster than a dwarf does with a beer. I got THE answer : StingyAutoRepair ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Avouez-le, qui n'a jamais été horrifié devant la facture du forgeron en rentrant de voyage ? Le décabossat with platege d'armure coute une fortune ! Le tissu, passe encore, mais la plaque, ça vide un porte-monnaie plus vite qu'un nain sa...

Rogue: Combat

Oct 13, 2010 Planning
This addon will evaluate current buffs and debuffs to suggest what move a Rogue should use next based on preferences set via the UI. For Combat specced rogues, the main focus is on using Sinister Strike, Revealing Strike, Rupture, Backstab, Tricks of the Trade, Slice and Dice, and Adrenaline Rush for use for a proper rotation.

Orion Bag Sorter

Oct 20, 2010 Alpha
Orion Bag Sorter is designed for those who want to use the default Blizzard bags, but want an easy to use auto sorter. This add-on is in its infancy and is no where near being ready for testing.


Oct 22, 2010 Alpha
Miller assists in milling herbs in bulk.

Detailed Bag

Oct 23, 2010 Alpha
This addon is another bag replacement. Creating one bag with detailed information on every item. It shows a list of your items plus the details of every item, such as what kind of item, what kind of armor (plate, mail, leather and such) and for instance for what gearslot its used (head, neck, shoulders, chest and so on). You will be able to sort items on every detail. Even on gearsets. You'll get a clear overview of your bags (for a change).


Nov 09, 2010 Planning
Reforger allows you to define sets of reforging stats on your gear and automatically switch between them. Currently this addon is in the planning stage.


Nov 13, 2010 Alpha
Defines a Cumbuctor Set/Sub-set supporting inventory filtering on gear sets as defined by ItemRack

Money Graph

Nov 29, 2010 Planning
This addon graphs thet flow of your money and allows you to set financial goals in game you can track against

AILCS-Average Item Level Calculation System

Dec 28, 2010 Planning
It occurs to me that Blizzard is trying to switch everything from gearscore to Item Level, so im going to make make that a bit easier for u by auto calculating your item level.


Jan 07, 2011 Planning
Profession Trainer Profession Trainer is a add-on that integrates itself with your choosen professions, tooltips, and your bank. It provides a easy to use interface that tells you exactly what you need to craft the items to level your profession the quickest, it will put a note in the tooltip of an item you will need if you happen across it in the world. It will also search the auction house if you choose to find materials as well as give you a price. Every Profession will be supported.

Loot Tracker 5000

Jan 14, 2011 Planning
This add-on once finished, will track everything that drops in all circumstances, it will control what you sell with an auto sell feature when you talk to vendors (Everything form grays, to epics if you set it that way) it will also tell keep a record of who won what it's down to that green that your greed rolled on. If something is disenchanted it will mark that too. More stuff to be added later