Pet Accuracy Recorder

Oct 15, 2014 Beta
Pet Accuracy Recorder is a small addon to record misses and hits in Pet Battles to check for accuracy problems on Blizzard's end. What It Does: Basically, it records all misses and hits for all abilities at all accuracies silently. When you type "/PAR" then it will give you two numbers: the expected accuracy (what percent of moves SHOULD have hit) and the true accuracy (what percent of moves ACTUALLY hit). If your true accuracy is constantly lower than your expected accuracy, it probably...
BLP - first load

Photoshop BLP Format Plugin

Jul 24, 2015 Release
Introduction It must've been around the 500th time or so, of converting various BLP files back and forth, when I thought.. Why all this converting nonsense? Why can't I just load up BLP files right into Photoshop, edit them, and save them back to BLP? And then I remembered - because there's no Photoshop plugin for that format. So I figured I'd try to change that, and I have. Supported Formats Windows x64 CS4 CS5 CS6 CC CC 2014 x86 (32-bit) 6.0 7.0 CS CS2 CS3 CS4 CS5 CS6 CC CC 2014 Mac OS X...


Sep 26, 2016 Release
Pure Lua Object-Oriented Program PLoop is used to provide a C# like style object-oriented program system for lua. It support Lua 5.1 and above versions, also the luajit. It's the basic lib for IGAS. Since I start working on a next-gen addon framework named [Scorpio], it's better to make it as a standalone lib now. namespace supported. Four data type included : enum, struct, class, interface. Property supported with several features : getter/setter, value changed handler or event, default...