Aug 24, 2016 Beta
Description Have you ever wanted to have a list of random sayings to say in WoW, but don't want 10 different macros to say them? Need to congratulate your guildies, but don't want to always say the same old boring "Grats!"? Need a way to announce that you're rezzing someone, but don't want to say the same thing everytime and don't want a bloated addon that does more than what you need? SayRandomQuote could be for you! Simply create a set (or many sets) of random quotations or sayings and call...


Aug 24, 2016 Release
About Invite players where you message with a specific keyword. You can choose between two default Modules Basic and Advanced Basic You can add any number of keywords. All keywords share the same settings. Advanced Each keyword has his own settings. You can control who can use a keyword with blocking or allowing on: Name Name-Realm Guild Guild-Realm Realm Tag Usage Every time when you receive a message on a listing channel WhisperInvite will check for keywords in this message and...

Calendar Checker

Aug 23, 2016 Release
This addon checks if you have unanswered calendar invites when you log in (and if you do, it will open the calendar for you and send you a warning). It also sends you a warning when an event is created to which you are invited (if you are not currently in combat). It is a (very) basic addon! Please report bugs if you encounter any!

Fused Council

Aug 23, 2016 Release
Fused Council is a loot council addon developed for the US guild Fused on Illidan. Features: Council automatization Once a mob is looted with Guild Master Loot enabled the items are automatically sent to everyone eligible to receive the loot. Transmission Acknowledgment All data sent between players is tracked with failure detection. Three Click Loot Loot can be given out in as little as three simple clicks: loot the mob, player selects loot response (need/greed/pass ext.), give loot....
Chat Frame


Aug 23, 2016 Release
Inspired by FriendsMenuXP and Armory QuickLink Legion. Extends popup menus with "Guild Invite", "Copy Name", "Who" and "Armory" on: Chat Frame (realID supported) Friends Frame (realID supported) Guild Frame Target Frame Raid Frame Premade Group Finder (only "Armory") Other feature Alt + Left Click player link to invite Please let me know if you get WRONG ARMORY URL. Leave a comment here with your server name and GUID. To get GUID, use this script: /script print(UnitGUID("player"))
Pay My Tax

Pay My Tax

Aug 23, 2016 Release
Pay My Tax Simple addon that calculates 5% of your loot as guild tax. This does not include money from mail. That tax is calculated server wide so any character on the server can pay the tax for the others (in the same guild). To pay your tax just open the guild bank and click the hyperlink on the chat. Features Server wide guild tax Report tax generated by every transaction Report tax every 5g Whenever your tax go over (5g, 10g, 15g ....) it will inform you. One-click pay Use /pmt show how...


Aug 23, 2016 Release
Ever frustrated by not knowing when your guildies or party-members are chatting to you because of ALL the scrolling text (trade channel, combat stuff, etc.?) Do you get accused of ignoring your friends because you are always in a struggle-for-your-life in the 3D world; too busy to constantly monitor the chat window? Never fear: "Chatterbox" is here! You can now set-up sounds for each chat type so they can grab your attention: Guild, Party, Whisper. You can simply re-use the TellMessage...
O Item Level v5.8.5

O Item Level (OiLvL)

Aug 23, 2016 Release
Please read the description carefully as it has lot of features. If you find any phrase / word in the addon that need better translation please submit a ticket ( and provide better translation here (Please remember to login your curse account). I would like to thank the following people who help on the translation: Protosama and loahn - frFR, marcocio and DocBerto65 - itIT, kisswow and yuk6196 - koKR, petpu - ruRU, BNSSNB - zhTW,...


Aug 22, 2016 Release
In short All armory information as (once) seen on the official site from Blizzard Entertainment, in game, for all your characters, on all realms Enables the use of a compact character frame Detailed profession information of all your characters PVP information, including arena teams Searchable inventory, including bags, bank, mailbox and auctioned items Quest logs and spell books of all your characters Friends, ignores and events of all your characters Share quests, recipes and character...
KittyPad by Ariaxu

Artpad Reborn

Aug 22, 2016 Release
ArtPad offers a shared drawing area for raids,parties and guilds. Everything that is drawn is instantly visible to the whole group. Vector based drawing makes it fast and memory friendly to use (theoretically). Use left click to draw, right click to erase. Everyone in the same party or raid automatically sees the same drawing. New features include : Guild wide drawing Minimap icon Google maps style zooming Custom Colors Distributed Persistent Canvas NEW IN 8.8~ Credit to the original author...

Cloudy Tooltip Mod

Aug 22, 2016 Release
Lightweight addon that modify the default tooltip: Tooltip Anchor Anchor to Mouse Tooltip Detail Player Title Player Gender Player Status Player Realm Guild Rank Tooltip Info Target of Target Trade Goods info Tooltip Style Colorize Tooltip Class color priority option Base on Unit Reaction, Item Rarity, Hyperlink Type... Hide Health Bar Hide Tooltip Border Tooltip Scale Change default tooltip scale CloudyTooltipMod option panel can be accessed via default Interface menu * The "Item Level" and...


Aug 22, 2016 Release
This addon provides an easy way for the master looter in a guild raid to distribute loot based on the Lift Loot System used by Face Pull, part of CTR Omen on Aerie Peak US.
Configuration UI


Aug 21, 2016 Release
GuildRepair allows a guild leader to enable and disable guild repairs on the fly. This is typically used during raids to allow all participants access to guild funds for repairs. Slash Commands /guildrepair (or /gr) -- brings up the configuration UI /guildrepair enable -- enables guild repairs /guildrepair disable -- disables guild repairs /guildrepair toggle -- toggles guild repairs Localization Credits German - Freydis88 If you would like to contribute to localization visit the curseforge...
Raid Cooldowns [1] [eng]

Exorsus Raid Tools

Aug 21, 2016 Release
Helpful addon for raiders, especially for raid leaders and officers. Modules: Raid Cooldowns, BattleRes, Fight log, Inspect Viewer, Note, Raid Check, Invite Tool, Timers, Raid Attendance, Bossmods, Encounters, Coins, Saving log, Marks Bar, Permanent Marks, Loot to chat, Who pulled, WeakAuras checker Raid Cooldowns Module tracks all raid's cooldowns and displays them using customizable bars. Works with: Talents Glyphs Spell charges Raid batlle resurrection Tier sets Spells-dispells Racial...

machtDRUCK gz

Aug 20, 2016 Release
Posts congratulation Messages into guild chat when a guildmate earns an achievement. Mainly used for a large Guild on German Server Taerar.
Point Control


Aug 18, 2016 Release
A point tracking system that allows you to reward/deduct points from raid/players. The points are account bound (not toon). These points can be awarded for raid start, boss kills, raid completion, being awesome, or doing something stupid. These points are then used to bid for gear that is put up by the ML or RL during progression content. All point allocations/deductions are controlled by the ML or RL.


Aug 18, 2016 Alpha
Work in progress. LootTrader provides for an easy way for raids to manage fair distribution of trade eligible personal loot. When a raider receives an item that is eligible to be traded, a pop-up will be presented to them asking if they want to offer it up to the group. If the raider selects yes, all other raiders who can use the item will be offered a chance to indicate interest in that item. An optional designated loot master or the individual presenting the item will be shown a list of...


Aug 17, 2016 Release
A simple addon that shows a guild member's officers' note and public note when he/she logs in. Many guilds store notes on their members in the public player note and/or in the officer's note. With GuildieNote these are displayed automatically when a guild member logs in, so you can see the notes in the chat frame right away without having to look up the character in the guild roster. This AddOn is licensed under the GNU GPL, see GPL.txt for details.
BestInSlot Overview


Aug 17, 2016 Release
What does this addon do? BestInSlot will allow you to set your own Best In Slot list and share it with raid members and guild members for easy raid managing. BestInSlot also integrates in item and boss tooltips to quickly give users feedback if they need the item or boss. What is the idea behind BestInSlot In our guild we use EPGP as a loot system, but we found that sometimes people get items because they have the highest priority rating, but it's not their best in slot, while it is for...


Aug 17, 2016 Release
General TabardMaster will automatically change your tabard and your gear based on your current zone, group, or dungeon. Never again will you forget to equip your guild tabard before turning in a quest, or your Safari Hat during a pet battle. Always have the correct gear equipped for an instance, or a LFG queue. Show off your transmog'd finery when entering a city - or equip your PvP gear when in enemy territory. Earn exalted status with your guild, your home cities, Lich King and Cataclysm...