May 20, 2009 Release
last update : 2011/04/19 bbDKP is a Dragon Kill system Mod for your phpBB3 Bulletin board, originally developed from EQDKP but totally rewritten. It is a multi-pool loot distribution system that supports Standard DKP, Time based DKP, Zero sum and EPGP. It integrates Game, Guild and DKP management functions into your phpBB3 Forum. Your users gain single sign on to dkp and phpBB3, and you as an administrator or raidleader get a clean interface, robust admin facilities and less integration...


Jul 18, 2009 Alpha
PLANNING STAGES ONLY Proof of concept for now. Working in DockingStation/TitanPanel - NO FUBAR SUPPORT TODO: Show PR in the Display (DONE!) Add config for Min_GP (IN PROGRESS) Version Communication between users Add a display of a lookalike list of people currently IN the raid, to the tooltip, sorted by Highest PR (possibly make a couple choices on filters)
Smart Calendar in Action

Smart Calendar

Nov 17, 2009 Beta
This ad-don modifies the signup list for calendar lists to indicate several statuses for characters signed up for a given event. If the character's name is dimmed, that character is currently offline. If the character's name has an asterisk (*) following the name, that character is not in your guild. If the character's name has a question mark (?) then that character is neither in your guild or on your friends list. This is significant, as we cannot tell if this character is online or not....


Dec 11, 2009 Alpha
Gambit Raid System helps in Raid loot distributuion by calculating a members loot rank based on 4 factors. Attendance score, Bank score, Item Level score, and Items won. It attempts to take the human factor out of loot distrubution by using cold hard statistics to help ML/RL decide. This is the first release of GambitRaidSystem and thus only contains the first piece of the addon which is a Personal Loot tracker. Basically anytime you loot an item it gets stored in a per character DB table....


Dec 14, 2009 Release
This add-on Will automatically say "Congratulations!" to people if they say "Ding!" in guild or party chat, get a(n) achievement, or whisper you "Ding!". Use /cg on; /cg off, to Enable/Disable. Made by: Valenic ~ Blood Elf Paladin - Realm: Jaedenar


Jan 22, 2010 Planning
A guild tool to help RLs organizing raids when there's no particular event in the calendar.


Feb 19, 2010 Planning
A simple addon that displays a customizable list of online friends and/or guild members.


Feb 24, 2010 Planning
DKP control system for your own needs and to cap dkp so players cant get more than a certain amount

Guild Advanced

Apr 18, 2010 Planning
Guild Advanced An new project with alot of options for guild leaders and officers to help them manage the guild, From Mass Inviters till Gearscore and from Mini guild games till full raid addons. The addon is still in development phase and will release later this month.


Apr 20, 2010 Planning
The addon allows users to keep track of sign-offs and attendancy of raiders during raid-nights. The basic usage is by a raid-officer to keep track of those that didn't show at raid-time, or showed up late. References RaidAttendance phpBB3 MOD


Apr 21, 2010 Planning
Informer This addon enables players to share character information in real time with friends, guild mates, and more across the entire server*. *Limited to own faction. Guild information sharing not yet implemented. Current Features System Messages Player has died. Player has leveled. Player is now AFK/DND (optional message). Improved Friends List Information Combat State Fighting (enemy name) Health, Mana, Power, etc. Alpha build coming soon.

WoW Connect!

May 06, 2010 Planning
This addon is planned to be used with Blizzard's future Real ID system for friend information and chat. With WoW Connect, you can share your status, current fight state, and more with your friends and guild members. Please donate any amount you wish to help with development. Every dollar counts! Until Blizzard unveils their new friends list system with patch 3.3.5, this addon will allow some of the abilities not yet available. After the Real ID features are officially added, WoW Connect will...

Mass Event Inviter

May 07, 2010 Planning
With this addon you will be able to send invites to all guild members at the same time when creating an event


May 26, 2010 Release
Displays Guild Message Of The Day on login and change, also shows Your Guild Tabard next to the MOTD. No Config works out of the box. Changes Coming Make Frame movable Change Look of the frame with custom graphics add guild name display

NAN Blacklister

May 31, 2010 Planning
This addon gives you a blacklist tab in the friends tab of the social dialog. It features syncing the blacklist amongst guild members. It allows comments long comments, which are displayed using tool-tips if they overrun the available space in the dialog. Currently in progress is tracking who added the information, and the date. No configuration is needed, simply install and enjoy!


Jul 08, 2010 Planning
This is a very simple, first version of a mod to track how long items have been in your guild bank. Known flaws: does not distinguish between duplicate items. Some items do not show time.

Exacto Bag

Jul 20, 2010 Planning
This add-on is one that Ive been looking for and have never found one like it, it has an all in one bag frame, you can look in your bank from anywhere in a different frame and create different sections for certain items. i decided to make this after the millionth time someone told me i was an ADD Neat freak :P but i love it and its perfectly organized and an awesome add-on for me.

Redline (Suicide Kings)

Jul 24, 2010 Alpha
Redline (Suicide Kings) implements the Suicide Kings loot distribution system. Extreme Alpha, if you can help code please contact me.


Jul 26, 2010 Planning
When your guild is using NRT (Nihilum raid tracker) for DKP monitoring and you sometimes miss the announcements in chat, you can now get a pop-up plus audible warning.
Have A Nice Day

Have A Nice Day

Aug 01, 2010 Planning
You just waked up and want to play wow? Get Cheered up by a message : Have a nice day :D !!! My addon adds a message window wich tells the following: Have a nice day :D !!! This message will appear when you enter on wow with one of your characters and you need to press a button "ok" to close it! I hope you like my addon!