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Tankrage bar


Oct 28, 2016 Release
This Addon shows an extra rage bar for druids and warriors. It is split into smaller fields to increase perceptibility and changes color at 20/60 rage. Above 80% rage a special effect is shown. Features: ragebar for druids and warriors divided in smaller fields for better perceptibility changes color at 20/60 rage to indicate usability of defensive cooldowns displays special effect above 80% rage specialization sensitive detects "Glyph of Unending Rage" options for position, size and texture

Tidy Plates: BlizzardPlates

Oct 26, 2016 Release
BlizzardPlates BlizzardPlates is Blizzard´s legacy plates alike theme for Tidy Plates, for players who likes WOW´s default´s UI style plates plus Tidy Plates functionality. Blends in well with most addons and it´s fully compatible with Tidy Plates Hub!! Configuration BlizzardPlates won´t work if Tidy Plates is not installed. All settings must be changed on Tidy Pltes Hub. Troubleshoot Please report any bugs or issues with BlizzardPlates on the comments below. Thank you all.


Oct 07, 2016 Release
Did you think that Vanilla, BC, Wrath, or even somehow Cata was the best expansion? Do you miss your old artwork that sat behind those cookie cutter talents? Well I'm here to bring that back! Yes, that's right. I put in artwork in the specialization selection frame, the talent frame, and the PvP talent frame. I've used a mixture of artworks from Blizzard's concept art, partially out of context Guild Wars 2 art that still fit decently in, and Artifact Weapon backgrounds. Why? I like seeing the...
Titan Skills

Titan Skills

Sep 13, 2016 Release
A simple and easy Titan plugin that lists all of your professions & skills, just by moving your mouse over the icon! Skinners, Miners, Herbalists and Engineers will also get a little note indicating the highest level creature they can "skin". All of my Addons can now be downloaded from one convenient spot! Visit to get the latest versions and even updates that haven't been released! Please hit the donate button to keep me in the game! I also accept...
In combat


Sep 03, 2016 Release
This addon tracks buffs/debuffs using the combatlog events to reduce overhead on UnitAura() calls. This makes a larger difference when tracking auras on multiple mobs. Status bars are created to track auras. These bars are highly configurable and sortable into groups that can be positioned. By default the groups are 'target' and ''untargetted', with aura bars moving between them depending upon whether the aura target is your current target. Auras can be optionally pinned to the 'target' group...

Tidy Plates: ClassicPlates

Aug 16, 2016 Release
ClassicPlates Simple name plates theme for Tidy Plates using both elite and normal frame graphics from player and target frames for those who enjoy original graphics or simplicity. Blends in well with most addons and it´s fully compatible with Tidy Plates Hub!! Configuration ClassicPlates won´t work if Tidy Plates is not installed. All settings must be changed on Tidy Pltes Hub. Troubleshoot Please report any bugs or issues with BlizzardPlates on the comments below. Thank you all. -Special...


Aug 11, 2016 Release
Rune replacement addon. Small and lightweight, under 35kb. Highly configurable, use Config.lua to make changes and /reloadui Base code is a fan recreation of nibRunes. Which has been abandoned since the start of WoD.

TomTom Crazy Arrow Hide

Jun 12, 2016 Release
Hides while in combat. This is a simple addon that automatically hides the TomTom "Crazy-Taxi" arrow when you enter combat and show once combat has ended. Usage: /KCAH | /CAH [on/off/mnton/mntoff/show/hide/#/defaults/help] Options On/off to enable or disable automatic hiding. Show/hide to manually show or hide the Crazy Arrow. Mnton/mntoff to enable or disable arrow hiding when mounted. # (a number in seconds) to set the delay out of combat to show the Crazy Arrow. Default to reset settings....
TinyStats in combat


Mar 20, 2016 Release
About TinyXStats is a tiny mod which displays your current stats for each possible class. (depending on your Spec). Easy to use, easy to handle. This addon combines: TinyMeleeStats - (attack power, crit chance, hit, main- and offhand weapon speed) TinyCasterStats - (spelldamage, crit chance, hit, haste, mastery, spirit, mp5) TinyHunterStats - (ranged attack power, crit, speed, hit, focus regen) including Defense stats - (ap, crit, hit, weapon speed, dodge, parry, block, total avoidance) All...

Target Class

Dec 10, 2015 Release
Project has been revived and updated to WoW 6.2.3. No fancy icons or faction stuff. Just a little text above the target telling you what it is. This AddOn shows the current class of the selected target. Example: when targetting a warlock, you get the text 'warlock' above the targets HP and mana bars. Same goes for other classes. This AddOn also lists the current NPC type. For example a demon will be listed as 'demon', and a human running towards you in the Sunwell instance will be listed as...
Thogar Assist

Thogar Assist

Jun 24, 2015 Release
Displays incoming trains in the Thogar encounter Features LFR, Normal, Heroic Train Data (7:45 minutes fight length) Mythic Train Data (8 minutes fight length) Lane Numbers (helps calling trains in voice) Customizable raid icons on lanes (also helps calling trains) Highlight the lane your are standing in Show a minimap blip where you are standing Sound warning when a train is incoming in the lane you are standing Request a feature here! ToDo / User requested features: Vertical lanes Lanes...
Toast2Go Unlocked


Oct 18, 2014 Release
-------------------------------------------- == TOAST2GO OVERVIEW == Ever get extremely frustrated with the RealID toast window being in your way? Having it mess up your UI, that you took so long to put together? Don't want to download a huge addon package just to deal with the toast window? Me too! I present, Toast2Go. This extremely small light weight addon moves the RealID toast window anywhere on your screen and locks it back in place. Moving the toast window is all it does, but it does...


Aug 29, 2011 Planning
SImple Hud Bar that lets you select up to 9 items in order to keep track of their quantities in your inventory.

Titan Panel [Vhei's Cata Skin]

Dec 30, 2010 Inactive
This is to complete my full UI in lieu of Cataclysm.
Blue grunge

Titan Panel [Dark Blue grunge skin]

Jul 01, 2010 Inactive
Here is a dark blue skin for your Titan Panel. Something to note is that you cannot double bar, otherwise, it will look bad. You can have one bar at the top, and one at the bottom, but that is it. Rate and comment, thank you.
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