Zottelchen's Adman

Oct 22, 2016 Alpha
Whenever your guild is in need of recruiting people, or you need gold and want to offer your professions. Take Adman - a simple and lightweight addon. You can set up up to three messages with the interval it should be posted in what channel. Just hit "Start"! Spell, item and profession linking supported! Add them by shift-clicking the profession or spell or icon.

Zotwee Garrison

Jul 18, 2015 Release
Zotwee Garrison This Addon collects data to be uploaded to the website. There you can login and see your characters, garrisons, missions, followers, buildings, etc You can get your garrison link and send to your friends. The service is on beta stage and is FREE. For now, you can upload the file manually, but a helper client is on its way. The helper client has the following features: Upload garrison data automatically Backup/Restore your add-ons configurations (for safety...
Full tooltip


Jun 02, 2015 Release
Zotwee For now, only for Brazilian Realms This addon adds market information from the site to the item tooltips and is the base for other Zotwee addons (more coming). NEW 1.0.0: It provides a window for searching items in the market database, outside the auction house. You can now see market data for any item already scanned by the site. The market data is updated through the Zotwee Helper App or manually downloaded from the site. More information can be found on out blog...

ZaroXens First Aid guide

May 03, 2010 Alpha
This addon is a leveling guide of the First Aid profession. It's NOT a stand-alone addon, and requires use of the powerful Zygor Guides Viewer which can be downloaded for free at