Mar 10, 2015 Beta
Track What Ancient Trading Mechanism Parts Have Been Collected For Garrison Trading Post Auction House Function
A to Z ingame

A to Z

Mar 09, 2015 Release
A to Z Game ----------- This is a very basic A to Z game addon, allowing for play in guild chat by default. It uses a list of several thousand commonly used english words. If you change the code to talk outside of guild, please be kind to the people around you that may not want to play. Starting the game ---------------- In chat type: a2z start Get current status of the game ---------------- In chat type: a2z status Stopping the game ---------------- In chat type: a2z fail Configuring for non...
A Peon's Burden

A Peon's Burden

Mar 02, 2015 Release
Plays the peon "work complete" sound each time you complete all the objectives for a quest. Optionally, you can also enable the addon to play the "work work" sound each time you advance a quest objective. Source & Issue tracking at "Github":
Ansi Combat Font

Ansi Combat Font

Mar 01, 2015 Release
This AddOns changes the Damage and the <Floating Combat Text> floating behind your character.
Abigail Main Options Screen


Feb 25, 2015 Release
The easiest addon for making lots and lots of WoW gold from the auction house, with all main options being held on one simple to use screen. Newly added - has the option to read the whole AH on those servers with more than 42000 items. Version 3.00 is now available for downloading. Please note, if you are upgrading from version 2.15 or earlier, you will need to delete the datafiles from C:\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\'your account name'\Saved Variables\Abigail.lua. Users upgrading from...
ArcaneHelper Pic


Feb 25, 2015 Release
Summary: ArcaneHelper will assist the player in tracking various things: Mana, Arcane Charges, Arcane Missiles, Rune of Power (if known), and cooldowns for Arcane Power, and Mirror Image are all brought together, helping the Arcane Mage see everything in one place. The goal here is to provide you with all the available information, easy at hand. Core Functionality: Addon turns: - green to indicate that Arcane Power should be used - light blue to indicate Arcane Missiles should be used - red...


Feb 25, 2015 Release
Simple addon to remove annoying role check popups when signing up for LFR/LFD/PvP groups. Usage: /arc enable - enable addon /arc disable - disable addon /arc disableonce - disable only for the next role check (useful for changing your role) /arc comment <msg> - view or set comment


Feb 20, 2015 Release
As of the 6.0 release, dots no longer require snapshotting. AffDots has been updated to tell you when your DoT update will benefit from Pandemic. Download OmniCC addon to have a numeric display of time left on dot icons. Discussion: Type '/affdots' for options. Dot background colors (customizable in options): * Green: refreshing your DoT will get the full benefit of pandemic. * Red: refreshing your DoT will...

Advanced Addon Loader

Feb 13, 2015 Release
Just simply hold down the mouse right click button on the addon's enable/disable editbox and hover your cursor onto another addon's editbox while still holding the button. Supported addons: ACP Blizzard Addon Loader


Feb 12, 2015 Release
Autoloot Autoloot adds a better Autoloot mechanic to World of Warcraft. You can set a blacklist for items you dont want to loot, create a history of the last 20 looted items and their amount. Those functions are only a small preview. Functions: Version 1.2 Added: Some Icons for your Blacklist Entrys Added: Auto - Roll (Greed, Pass, Disenchant Added: The Blacklist works now Better and with less Problems Added: Other Icons and Buttons Added: Some Options to customize the Loot - Display Added:...


Feb 09, 2015 Release
AutoLeader WoW addon that automatically promotes someone to leader in arena. This is useful for when you play with certain people who always require leader. How to use Once in a party, right click their frame and click "Auto Leader". You will get a confirmation in the chat that it is enabled for that person. Do the same thing again to disable giving auto leader to that person. Who made it? I go by a lot of WoW names, but you might know me as creamcup, mixup, dotup.


Feb 08, 2015 Release
Allows you to have BoE and BoA categories in AdiBags.

Achievement Search

Feb 06, 2015 Release
This addon will add a search box to the Achievement frame top left corner.

Anti Wand of Lightning Shield

Feb 02, 2015 Release
This addon is designed mainly for Multiboxers who PvP on the Ashran Island introduced in WoD, it will constantly check your raid group for the Wand of Lightning Shield debuff and warn you when it's found. The WoLS debuff will do 50,000+ damage per second, for 15 seconds, to all enemies of the caster within 8 yards of the character with the debuff. This is a bane for Multiboxers and if it's not dispelled or countered within a couple of seconds then it will more than likely wipe your raid group...
Auz's QuestWatch

Auz's QuestWatch

Jan 31, 2015 Release
Auz's QuestWatch unlocks the default blizzard Quest (Objective) Tracker so that you can place it anywhere on the screen simply by dragging it. It will also auto-hide in combat. All the functionality of the original tracker has been left in place simply because, it works. Although, currently, there are no other options, I am thinking about adding options for "Hide in Combat" (which it already does by default), "Hide in Instance", "Scale", and "Transparency".


Jan 22, 2015 Release
This addon adds the caster and spell id to the tooltip shown in buff/debuff tooltips. It can make it easier to detect who cast spells like lust/aspect of the pack etc. at inapropriate times. No configuration needed to use.
Avant Frames

Avant UI

Jan 21, 2015 Release
Addon Info Half Dark coloring all frames Reworking the minimap Scale Blizz Loss Of Control 70% Floating Combat Text Deleted errors spam Class Coloring HP Bar Hidden target and focus background Hidden pet nickname Hidden Macros and Hotkeys text (/akeys and /amacro for enable) Right click at minimap for calendar Improved castbar with timer and icon Looks very good with whoa UnitFrames


Jan 21, 2015 Release
AshranHelper is a simple lightweight WoW addon. 1) When you are queued for Ashran and get the invite popup, a sound will be played. I never understood why the default UI does not already, but a sound helps if you are tabbed out to another window or temporary AFKish. Note: this sound will play even when sound effects are disabled. 2) It filters out those annoying "Broken bones" loot messages. Don't worry, you will still get your bones if you're collecting them, you just wont see the spammy...


Jan 21, 2015 Release
Detects events in Ashran and alerts players through use of Raid Warning, Raid, or Party chat based on group status. Alerts are sent out at 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds. Usage /AA_Help : Displays Help menu /AA_RW' : Toggles use of Raid Warnings (default: Enabled)") /AA_Enable' : Enables Alerting (default: Enabled)") /AA_Disable' : Disables Alerting") Note: Alerts are deactivated at 300ms latency to minimize chances of multiple alerting players. Alerts are...
Auz's GoldTracker

Auz's GoldTracker

Jan 15, 2015 Release
This is a very simple, bare-bones, session (login to logout) gold tracker. It's really 2 trackers in one. A "Session" Gold Tracker. - Records all gold made/lost from login to logout. That info is displayed in the tooltip. A "Situational" Gold Tracker. - Records only gold made/lost since you reset the display. That info is what is displayed in the UI and can be reset with the "x" button in the display. I have found it useful to get an idea of what I will make in one dungeon or another by using...