Azeroth Audigy

Jun 23, 2015 Release
Azeroth Audigy allows the player to set a custom sounds to certain configurable events relating to player or target health, resource (mana/focus/energy/rage), spell cooldowns, aura gains or losses, and specific spells being cast by the target.
Horizontal Display

AffDots Feral Druid

Jun 13, 2015 Release
AffDots plugin for Feral Druids. Dot power tracker for Feral Druids. Requires AffDots

AK47 Hunter Audio Pack

Jun 07, 2015 Release
Make your gun sounds like an AK47!! Check out the addon in motion!! To install just extract the sound folder and paste it into the World of warcraft folder!! Enjoy!!

Auto-Accept Invite

May 29, 2015 Inactive
Auto-Accept Invite v. 1.0 What is Auto-Accept Invite? Auto-Accept Invite allows the player to automatically accept and reject group invites based on conditions setup by the player. Current Features Whitelist & blacklist certain players Guild options & optional guild rank filtering Friends & BNet friends filtering Disable while in LFG queue Automatically reject or allow the player to choose when invited by someone who doesn't match any conditions
Raid Warnings and Chat Messages


May 25, 2015 Mature
No longer being updated. As of patch 7.0 aspects are now short term buffs, dazing is no longer part of Aspect of the Cheetah, and Aspect of the Pack has been removed entirely. Works for all classes! What this AddOn does Alerts you with a raid warning if you have on Aspect of the Cheetah and get dazed. Alerts you with a raid warning if you have on Aspect of the Pack when when a party or raid member gets dazed. Identifies and alerts you with a raid warning if a hunter has on Aspect of the Pack...


May 04, 2015 Release
* * * Project is marked as inactive but please suggest changes(features and I'll look into them * * * Adds option to use aliases and/or nicknames to chatframe. /aliases for more info example: /w bob will become /w sjögurka for faster typing of foreign characters and such.


May 04, 2015 Release
A fun idea that arose in ventrilo during Alysrazor around the flash ( by Dryade) on how to avoid tornados led to this mod. Addon only adds a song during the second phase of the Alysrazor fight. Can toggle this feature with '/am' or '/alysmon'. Song is Viridian City from Pokemon.


Apr 21, 2015 Release
Updated for 6.1 Removes annoying sounds from the game Currently overrides the following with blank or empty sound files 1. XT (for the lil XT pet, downside is the Ulduar boss is also gagged, as they're the same sounds) 2. Train emotes (for train sets) 3. Worgan Sniffing 4. Yawning Tigers 5. Grunty Marine gun sounds To uninstall just remove this Sound Directory, the game gets its sound files elsewhere. This addon goes into your " World of Warcraft/Data " folder, NOT /INTERFACE/ADDONS (which...
Status Report

All Your Base

Apr 04, 2015 Release
All Your Base: An AddOn for All Your Garrisons This addon lets you easily and quickly keep track of what's happening on all of your garrisons. It will tell when your garrisons have completed missions, work queues that aren't producing anything, buildings that are finished, and keep track of your garrison cache resources! How does it work? This addon has two main additions to the Garrison Report: A button on your Garrison Report that is colored red or green, depending on whether you have...

AuctionLite: Pets Search

Mar 31, 2015 Release
AuctionLite: Pets Search The World of Warcraft addon, which allows to remove from an auction result pets which you are owned. Usage This addon makes worked Usable checkbox when you buy something via AuctionLite and filter results via AuctionLite: Improved Search. If you selected a category Battle Pets and checked Usable you will see only pets which you are not owned. Installation Unzip folder AuctionUniqPets into you_path_to_WoW\Interface\AddOns\ Or use the Curse client Dependences...
AggroNotifier's Built-in Visual System


Mar 24, 2015 Mature
OVERVIEW AggroNotifier is a simple and flexible visual and audio aggro notification system with optional integration support for the Scrolling Combat Text (SCT) and Mik's Scrolling Battle Text (MSBT) addons. Whenever AggroNotifier detects that you have gained aggro it will display customizable text on the screen so that you instantly know when badness is heading your way, and it will optionally play a sound. When AggroNotifier detects that you have lost all known aggro it will display the...
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ArchIndiana - Archaeology Addon

Mar 22, 2015 Release
This add-on provides a simplified Archaeology window. All the information needed to level up the profession is contained in one window. Features: - All artifact progress in one window. - Survey and Trade buttons accessible from add-on window. - Hides the window when entering combat. - Hovering over the race names shows a list of zones where fragments were previously found. - Highlights races that have previously been found in the current zone. - Almost everything in the add-on uses Blizzard...


Mar 10, 2015 Beta
Track What Ancient Trading Mechanism Parts Have Been Collected For Garrison Trading Post Auction House Function
A to Z ingame

A to Z

Mar 09, 2015 Release
A to Z Game ----------- This is a very basic A to Z game addon, allowing for play in guild chat by default. It uses a list of several thousand commonly used english words. If you change the code to talk outside of guild, please be kind to the people around you that may not want to play. Starting the game ---------------- In chat type: a2z start Get current status of the game ---------------- In chat type: a2z status Stopping the game ---------------- In chat type: a2z fail Configuring for non...
A Peon's Burden

A Peon's Burden

Mar 02, 2015 Release
Plays the peon "work complete" sound each time you complete all the objectives for a quest. Optionally, you can also enable the addon to play the "work work" sound each time you advance a quest objective. Source & Issue tracking at "Github":
Ansi Combat Font

Ansi Combat Font

Mar 01, 2015 Release
This AddOns changes the Damage and the <Floating Combat Text> floating behind your character.
Abigail Main Options Screen


Feb 25, 2015 Release
The easiest addon for making lots and lots of WoW gold from the auction house, with all main options being held on one simple to use screen. Newly added - has the option to read the whole AH on those servers with more than 42000 items. Version 3.00 is now available for downloading. Please note, if you are upgrading from version 2.15 or earlier, you will need to delete the datafiles from C:\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\'your account name'\Saved Variables\Abigail.lua. Users upgrading from...
ArcaneHelper Pic


Feb 25, 2015 Release
Summary: ArcaneHelper will assist the player in tracking various things: Mana, Arcane Charges, Arcane Missiles, Rune of Power (if known), and cooldowns for Arcane Power, and Mirror Image are all brought together, helping the Arcane Mage see everything in one place. The goal here is to provide you with all the available information, easy at hand. Core Functionality: Addon turns: - green to indicate that Arcane Power should be used - light blue to indicate Arcane Missiles should be used - red...


Feb 25, 2015 Release
Simple addon to remove annoying role check popups when signing up for LFR/LFD/PvP groups. Usage: /arc enable - enable addon /arc disable - disable addon /arc disableonce - disable only for the next role check (useful for changing your role) /arc comment <msg> - view or set comment


Feb 20, 2015 Release
As of the 6.0 release, dots no longer require snapshotting. AffDots has been updated to tell you when your DoT update will benefit from Pandemic. Download OmniCC addon to have a numeric display of time left on dot icons. Discussion: Type '/affdots' for options. Dot background colors (customizable in options): * Green: refreshing your DoT will get the full benefit of pandemic. * Red: refreshing your DoT will...