Jan 26, 2014 Alpha
CursorInfo displays some useful information directly by the cursor, offering highly customizable ways to view the following: Mana level Special resource levels (Holy Power, Chi, Mana Tea, etc.) Cooldowns (NYI) Buffs (NYI) Global cooldown (NYI) Castbar (NYI)


Sep 27, 2013 Planning
This addon is based on the idea of SaySapped. I thought the addon was great but I wanted more, so I created my own. ClearCommunication (CC), Will tell you in what CC state you are. The addon is intented to work for main CC's with a long cooldown only, such as: Sapped, Hexed, Feared, Blinded, Polymorphed, etc.. It will report your CC state in the default chat /say , this can be very useful for Arena but can also be used for Battlegrounds and Dungeons. The addon works as intended but is not...


Sep 10, 2013 Inactive
Displays the potential dot value of combustion, in damage per second. Minimalistic Addon This is a simple addon which updates in real time, unlike most other combustion addons which have a delay on them and usually tell you more than you need to know. Display is movable by holding ctrl and dragging. The addon has 3 commands, accessible by typing /combustion or /comb for short: /comb ## - where ## is a number, changes the font size /comb reset - resets the position and font size to default...


Jul 16, 2013 Planning
My first addon, I'm just getting started with writing addons so any tips would be great! I'm looking at making it a bit more portable and cleaner on the UI so it doesn't take too much space on the standard UI.


Nov 08, 2012 Planning
This addon will improve user experience for healers and other classes to enable quick informed dispelling of curses on friendly players. Inspired by the great things done by other addons.


Sep 08, 2012 Alpha
Inspired by GnomeWorks and Lil Sparky's Workshop, this addon aims to be a simplified crafting tool that lets you easily identify components needed to craft items, locating the cheapest and best way to build things and skillup, leveraging the items and professions you have across all your alts. GnomeWorks is a little clunky, and I thought it could be simplified and cleaned up considerably. No idea how long it'll take me to recreate its basic functionality, but gotta start somewhere. This is a...


May 27, 2012 Planning
ChatFrameLayout gives you the controll over your Chat frames by giving you the possibility to position them exactly. Right now the following features are planed for initial Release: Set docked State for the ChatFrames Change the Anchor of the ChatFrames Change the Channels displayed in the ChatFrames

Canceled (delete plz)

Dec 12, 2011 Planning
Canceled, If any moderator passes by, pls delete this, (can't find the button.)

Currency and Item Loot Tracking

Jul 26, 2011 Planning
A loot tracker for people who are farming materials in WoW with an emphasis on a quick and efficient method for using those farmed items in the profession of their choice.


Apr 28, 2011 Planning
Currently handles the currencies Honor Points, Conquest Points, Justice Points, Valor Points, and Tol Barad Commendations. Will be adding additional currencies in the next couple of weeks, such as cooking rewards and JC tokens. A simple addon that gets the job done and uses very little resources. Nothing fancy about it.
An Example


Jan 30, 2011 Mature
This library makes easy the creation of custom tutorials for your addons. It provides the following API: .RegisterTutorials(id, data) .TriggerTutorial(id, index, force) .ResetTutorials(id) .GetTutorials(id) Accessing The easiest way to access CustomTutorials methods is to embed them into your addon object: local Tutorials = LibStub("CustomTutorials-2.0") Tutorials:Embed(MyObject) But you may also set CustomTutorials as a local variable and call the methods directly....


Nov 13, 2010 Alpha
Defines a Cumbuctor Set/Sub-set supporting inventory filtering on gear sets as defined by ItemRack


Oct 26, 2010 Alpha
This addon takes care of importing events created on the website, in order to view them in Altoholic's calendar frame. The addon has no UI on its own, it is nothing more than a tool that parses a SavedVariable file created by an external tool provided by the website, and that saves them in Altoholic's own database. Altoholic is thus required in order to use this addon. At the present time, only beta users of the ConnectMMO website will have any use of this addon. If...

Chuck Ignorris

Jul 08, 2010 Planning
This addon ignores chuck norris jokers. They're not funny and usually not very good in raids, etc.


Jun 20, 2010 Planning
Ever wonder where the firework vendor is in Ironforge? do you know where the vendor of alterac swiss is? Well with this add on you just look for the item your looking for and see where it is in what city and how to get there from the city your in! Enjoy! :)

Cataclin BG queuer

Apr 21, 2010 Planning
*Cataclin* provides a simple interface that allows to single groups (not in raids) to sync battleground queues, even in the new random battleground system, in order to perform premades. I made this addon to allow groups to queue specially in the new random battleground system (wich only works with groups of 5 or less members) and also works for queuing to individual battlegrounds. It works in a different mode than Preform AV Enabler. PreformAV allows to queue raids in battlegrounds but they...


Feb 19, 2010 Planning
A simple addon that displays a customizable list of online friends and/or guild members.


Jan 22, 2010 Alpha
Copilot_TargetPainter will eventually become a reference implementation of LibCopilot-RaidTargets, an advanced auto-marking library and a sub-project of [[libcopilot:Main|LibCopilot]]. For the moment though, it serves as a sandbox for the development of LibCopilot-RaidTargets.


Dec 14, 2009 Release
This add-on Will automatically say "Congratulations!" to people if they say "Ding!" in guild or party chat, get a(n) achievement, or whisper you "Ding!". Use /cg on; /cg off, to Enable/Disable. Made by: Valenic ~ Blood Elf Paladin - Realm: Jaedenar


Dec 08, 2009 Mature
ClassHandler is a small library which makes easier the creation of objects with common methods, in a similar way how frame classes behave. Getting Started API List