Aug 15, 2010 Alpha
Adds a parry tracker to Skada: useful for parry-sensitive fights like Halion and Sindragosa. Pets are automatically associated with owners. Clicking a player's parry count will show which mobs were parried. Synthesized from SkadaFail and SkadaDamage.

Skada Player Score

Jul 22, 2016 Release
This addon is a plugin module for Skada to generate a score based on your ability to perform your role while avoiding incoming damage. It stores your high scores on a per character basis for each boss and difficulty combination that you attempt. It also stores the high scores of the group as a whole as an average. Weightings for damage, healing and mitigation can be customised for each role. Eg. "/sps Healing 1 2.0 1.5" would set the multipliers for healing done to 1 for DPS classes, 2 for...
Main window

Skada Raid RNG

Aug 26, 2016 Release
Plug in for Skada to show the following new tabs: Critical Strike Damage Critical Strike Healing Elemental Shaman Overload Damage Outlaw Rogue's Roll the Bones percentages Demon Hunter's Soul Consumption healing and count of how many souls you consumed Within these new tabs you have options to see how much your corresponding tab's damage/healing contributed to the overall party's, your spell percentages of those spells, and your hit mobs (if relevant). Each module can be disabled individually...


Feb 24, 2015 Release
A module for Skada that tracks pickups and AoE bursts from Gift of the Serpent healing orbs.

Skada Stagger

Sep 29, 2016 Release
A Skaka module to keep track of how much stagger damage was purified or taken.
Skada: Survivability

Skada: Survivability

Oct 17, 2014 Release
This is a Skada plugin that will list the time and percentage that a character died during a specific boss attempt.


May 27, 2011 Planning
This addon, will automatically update your addons, from within the game itself, simply by storing the addons in your SavedVariables, loading them doing the addon loading process. So how does this change anything? - It does, since you can update your SavedVariables ingame, so its simply a matter of updating those, which can be done, by the SkeenUpdater, by recieving an update ingame. - So addon developers, can simply push there addons onto curse, and even when a few people download it, they...

Skellords Auto-Water for Mages

Jul 06, 2010 Planning
Skellords Auto-Water is an addon to simplify the act of creating and trading water in PvP,Raids, and other such scenarios. A Mage can use this addon by typing, in any chat, the following commands; Water1 - Creates your highest rank of stacking water. Water2 - Creates a lower (Level 70) refreshment table. Water3 - Creates the higher (Level 80) refreshment table. This addon was created for ease of clearing space on action bars, easing the pain of having to find your spells, and wrapping this...


May 28, 2013 Beta
SkillGuide is trade skill leveling guide that tracks your known recipes and presents the optimal path for leveling your professions. Please remember this addon is still in alpha and will have bugs and issues.
Skill Helper 2.1

Skill Helper

Oct 25, 2016 Release
Please join the Facebook group so you can share your thoughts with the developer. SKILL HELPER is an add on that was developed to track skill progression. It will alert you when training is required to increase your cap so you don't waste time picking herbs or mining nodes without knowing you aren't getting skill points (among other skills as well to prevent the waste of mats). The addon has its own action buttons that relate to each skill so that you don't have to clutter your action bars or...


Sep 03, 2012 Planning
Do you have plenty of macros where you make your abilities, items, and spells say or do different things when used? Have you ever encountered a macro that didn't go off as planned and ended up spamming chat with your roleplaying? So have I. SkillRP is the solution to that problem! Using SkillRP is fairly simple. You can choose to open the primary lua file (SkillRP.lua) in the SkillRP folder to add in the Roleplaying spellIDs for your abilities or items in question. By default, I have chosen...


Jun 16, 2010 Planning
After playing around with the code, I have decided to only support Enhancement Shaman for this addon as it would take way too much time to write in other modules for different classes and specializations. Sorry.
Need to Train


Nov 15, 2014 Release
SkillWatcher is an addon that shows a small on-screen window that displays all your current profession skill levels that can be "leveled up". On skill levelup, the info window colorizes the text of the skill, an easy visual cue to see when a skill levels up, as well as coloring the skill when it is time for training! Also, SkillWatcher replaces the tooltip for herb and mining nodes, showing the skill range to get a point, as well as common drops. Even better, for people with unlocking skills...


Nov 15, 2014 Release
So, having high disdain for the standard WoW interface (those silly buttons across the bottom) I decided to just make my own. Some of the earlier models came out pretty good. Loved them, but with an attention span of a gnat I found myself re-rolling the interface every few months. After a few hack n slash interfaces I decided to create this one - a kindda one interface to rule them all. Basically this addon will look for interface addons such as Grunge and Mechanical and begin to load them...


Jul 04, 2011 Planning
Will destroy junk collected from skinnable corpses while saving the good material. Will not destroy if you type into acception list. /skinner for options and acception list.

Skip all the Things!

Jun 23, 2015 Release
Tired of watching the dungeon cinematic in a heroic for the n-th time? Just want to skip ahead and get on with it? This addon will do that for you, it detects a movie/cinematic start and triggers a cancel/skip on it. Skips everything, no options!


Jul 12, 2015 Release
Skip Chat SkipChat is an addon that will skip most if not all vendor/interaction chat options and get straight to the goods. Currently Skips Hopswift(Mailbox Timeless Isle) Majordomo Executus(MC) Lothos Riftwaker(Entrance to MC) Reason Originally developed to skip the chat on mailbox (Hopswift) in Timeless Isles. Future Future depends on the people. Main plans include: Add more vendors. Create a prompt to determine the end point.(pop up saying what you would like to achieve and it will skip...

Skym : Pet Codex

Dec 21, 2013 Beta
Present a list of battle pets with strong attacks against the selected target pet. Also present a list of battle against which the selected target pet is weak.
SkyUI Main Logo


Aug 25, 2016 Release
SkyUI UI Replacement for Unit Frames Current Version Accepting donations. I don't play wow other then to test my addon so donations will go towards paying for a subscription and continued development of this addon. Thanks :) Also, commenting really motivates me into working on this addon. I'm semi-active right now while legion's out so I'll be around to answer questions or add a feature. In Progress (Coming in the next Build): Party Frames (40% complete) - Still need to do party...


Sep 20, 2016 Release
About SlamAndAwe is based on the Enhancement Shaman addon "ShockAndAwe", for ALL Warrior specs. To configure the addon, type "/saa config". For any issues, bugs or feature requests, please open a ticket at: This is much more helpful then leaving the error in a comment. Priority Box Configurable priority queue groups which display the next available ability along with a GCD timer. The default priorities are based from the latest...