TDDps Paladin

TDDps Paladin

Apr 24, 2016 Release
Paladin module for TDDps addon TD Dps can be found here Dps rotation helper for paladin. Supports Seraphim and Final Verdict. Highlights spells that should be casted next. Check how it works: Updates 1.4 - Final verdict fix Supports currently Retribution and Protection (purely dps + sacred shield). Sacred shield support was not implemented at the moment of making video but it is there. How to make it work Requires TDDps to work. Up from version 1.2 it has automatic enable upon entering...
3 example tooltips


Apr 23, 2016 Release
Description This AddOn appends realm infos to some tooltips which containing player names with realm name, Realm language with country flag icons Realm timezone Realm rules (PvP, PvE, RP PvP and RP PvE) Realm battlegroup Currently supported tooltips Player tooltips Group finder tooltips Friend list tooltips Chat command list Available commands for /ttri or /tooltiprealminfo battlegroup Show/Hide battlegroup line in tooltips timezone Show/Hide timezone line in tooltips locale Show/Hide locale...


Apr 23, 2016 Release
A very light weight addon showing the percentage of XP of your current level. Other than the usual 'bar' or total XP shown by the default UI. It will disable itself at max level to minimize the use of resources. To use: /xp or /xp help will show the commands listed below in-game. /xp lock - Locks XPPercent so that it can't (accidentally) be replaced. /xp unlock - Unlocks XPPercent so that it can be replaced. /xp reset - Resets XPPercent to its default position.
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Alt Tab LFG notification (taskbar)

Apr 23, 2016 Inactive
Send you a wisp when a BG, LFG, invit proc, this will makes your window highlighted in the taskbar if you have wow alt-tabbed
Bar Mode

Draiks Broker iLevel

Apr 22, 2016 Release
This addon exposes your characters iLevel to a Broker aware viewer. It also scans the ilevel of any raid and party members and keeps track of people you group or raid who are from your server. If you are in a random it will show players from other servers with a (*) at the end of their name eg: "Draik (*)" I am now working on the admin functions to remove people from your server and also show their item level progress over time. . Options are available via either /dil or the ingame Interface...
Spell config


Apr 19, 2016 Release
VCD is an addon that allows you to trace spellcasting and availability. This addon is significant because these warnings are not written but are heard. The raidleader can know when a skill is again available and if casted when requested without having to look away from the screen. The addon monitors the entire band at once and to avoid a storm of noise in your speakers, played without overlapping 3 warnings while ignoring the following. These three sounds will always be those with highest...


Apr 19, 2016 Release
LootBooster allows you to setup a list of items you want to loot, set a quality filter (rarity), and/or set a minimum vendor price for looting. Don't fill your bags with worthless junk, fill them up with high value junk! LootBooster Create a customize list of items you always want to loot Set a quality level to always loot based on rarity Set a minimum value to always loot items that will sell to a vendor Set an Ignore list to never pick up those pesky no-sell items (NEW) Set an Alert list to...


Apr 18, 2016 Planning
TrainingGrounds is a combat simulator for World of Warcraft: Legion, made by/for players without alpha access. Through the magic of WoW's PlayerModel widgets, your character is converted into a virtual Level 110 hero and spars against waves of virtual enemies in a Diablo-esque environment. Type /tg to play. Make sure your character is in a safe place before playing. Current specializations: 7.0 Windwalker Monk Environments: Proving Grounds: Bronze Damage Training dummy Extra features:...
Total RP 3 tooltip

Total RP 3: TipTac module

Apr 18, 2016 Release
This Total RP 3 module will add compatibility with TipTac to Total RP 3 so the Total RP 3 tooltips are using your TipTac skin and are anchored the way you set them in TipTac. Of course this add-on require both TipTac and Total RP 3.

Hey, grats mon!

Apr 18, 2016 Release
After listening to Bloodlord Mandokir bragging about dinging, I decided that I wanted that sound when my alts dinged. After writing the addon, I thought I might as well share it. So here it is. Just a bit of fun.
Bonus Roll Window Hide messgae

Bonus Roll Window Hide

Apr 17, 2016 Release
This simple addon hides annoying bonus roll window when you run through 5 people mythic dungeons. When bonus roll will be hidden you will recieve message about it. Works only in 5 ppl myth dungenons and when you leave dungenon you'll see the last bonus roll window /brwh - to show hidden Bonus Roll Window
GetDKP List

GetDKP for EQdkp-Plus

Apr 17, 2016 Release
GetDKP Plus for Eqdkp-Plus ------- SUPPORT FORUM: Please report any bugs there! ------------- Description: English: The WoW Addon GetDKP represents most relevant EQdkp information graphically prepared in WoW. Thus all players with their appropriate classes and DKPs are listed. It is to be changed thus never again necessarily to a Bosskill with ALT+Tab on the Windows Desktop, in order to look after the DKPs. These can be checked comfortably in WoW. The very clearly...


Apr 17, 2016 Release
ChatHUD displays key chat channels briefly in large text in the main screen. Long chat messages will reduce the display font size, & display time dynamically. All messages displayed still post to the chat box as normal. Chat channels displayed in the HUD: * Whisper, Say, Yell * Party, Leader * Guild, Officer * Raid, Leader * Emotes (including custom) * Chat channels (if player name is mentioned) * System (plays ReadyCheck if disconnect is mentioned) There is a Beta version which implements...
DK MindFreeze Example


Apr 16, 2016 Release
This addon adds timers for interrupts into DBM to help track interrupt CDs for use in PvE or PvP. It will track most common interrupts and if any are left out please make a ticket on curse. Suggestions are welcomed. The addon is designed with the idea of install and forget. This addon was made by Tristan Maxson ( Doomium ).
TDDps Mage

TDDps Mage

Apr 16, 2016 Release
Mage module for TDDps addon Dps rotation helper for mages. Highlights spells that should be casted next. Video coming soon. Unfortunately i do not play Mage so I cannot verify if something is wrong If you happen to find a bug, please send me private message on Curse. Supports currently Arcane, Fire, Frost. Warning, this addon is still experimental How to make it work Requires TDDps to work. It will automatically enable itself upon entering combat. Supported Action bars It does support exact...


Apr 16, 2016 Release
A list of ingame sounds that you can play and use in your addons & macros! You can even search for a specific keyword using the autocomplete search function! Type /sl to open the window. Hover the mouse over the window title for help on functions. The rest is self explanatory. You can add / remove custom sounds to the file: "SoundsCustom.lua" Please give feedback to let me know if it's usefull so I can improve it ;)

Esprit Primordial

Apr 15, 2016 Release
[French] Un addon qui va auto-loot les Esprits primordiaux de facon automatique ( plus besoin d'appuyer sur 'ok' pour confirmer que le loot est lqr. Tapez /ep off | cupi | besoin | passer pour configurer l'addon. ( Jeu reglé en Francais SEULEMENT ) [English] This addon required to be used on French client only. This addons allow you to 'auto-loot' primordial spirit without clicking on the 'ok' box when you greed or need. Type /ep off | cupi |besoin | passer to set the addon up. Credit: -...


Apr 13, 2016 Release
A roll based gambling AddOn, that is silent to not disturb the raid. Players can join in for rolls that are set to a certain amount, and then every player rolls! The lowest roller owes the highest roller the difference between the two rolls. Type /sg or /sgam to bring up the interface!
Mouse Over Tooltip


Apr 12, 2016 Release
SMQueue UPDATED for Patch 6.2.4 and still alive 'n' kicking!!! Description SMQueue is a small LDB-plugin that was created to keep track of queue times when queueing. It is intended to replace eQueue and be a viable alternative to iQueue. It is a work-in-progress, and is based somewhat on iQueue and eQueue, but includes some additional features. Requirements As stated above, SMQueue is a LDB-plugin, which means you will need to have an LDB display AddOn of some sort in order to make use of it....

Spell Toggle

Apr 11, 2016 Inactive
This small addon allows you to set up macros to cast a spell or toggle the spell it casts. What this addon does There are sometimes spells we macro for situations that don't have a [condition]. For instance, warriors fighting one mob will use Heroic Strike, or fighting ten mobs will use Cleave instead. Battle Shout if no Death Knight in the group, Commanding Shout otherwise. Monks might use Tiger Palm if in melee range, or Crackling Jade Lightning at a distance. Warlocks might use Curse of...