Auto Revive Battle Pets

Jul 30, 2016 Release
No more waiting on that 3 minutes "Revive Battle Pets" cooldown on login with this very lightweight addon that revives Battle Pets on logging out and exiting the game! Known caveats It's impossible to actually replace buttons inside the game menu, but one can make use of trickery and overlay a new button on top of it. However, as the addon uses relative positioning and always loads first due to it's weight, other addons that moves around the content of the game menu may produce wierd results....

Hunter Tracks

Jul 30, 2016 Release
"Hunter Tracks" adds a small movable bar to the UI that incorporates "1 click" toggles for the various Hunter Tracking abilities. Commands /htm -- toggles moving of the frame /htr -- resets the position of the bar /hts X -- Scales the frame by X (ex: /hts 1.5)


Jul 30, 2016 Mature
GemSay is made of three interlocking components: 1. The command /gs <targets> <message>: Specify a list of targets, such as "irps". It will first try instance chat, then raid chat, then party chat, then regular say, using the first one that works. No more talking only to your party in a raid, or "You aren't in a raid group." Also incorporates variables -- if your message refers to the target, and you have nothing targeted, no one but you will see anything. Keeps you from looking like an...


Jul 30, 2016 Release
Disables the Battleground/Arena countdown Removes those big numbers at the 10 second mark, and instead makes the bar continue from 10 to 0 seconds


Jul 30, 2016 Release
Block guild solicitations in whispers and public chat channels. Messages that look like guild recruitment spam are blocked from General, Trade, and whispers. There are no notifications to you or the sender, no dependencies on other addons, and no options to fiddle with. It just works. It will automatically disable itself while you are unguilded and have disabled the "Decline guild invitations" option in the default UI, since presumably this means you are interested in guild invitations....
Configuration panel

Class Colors

Jul 30, 2016 Release
Class Colors lets you change class colors without breaking parts of the Blizzard UI. Die Klassenfarben ändern, ohne die Blizzard-UI zu zerbrechen. Cambiar los colores de clase sin romper la interfaz de usario de Blizzard. Modifier les couleurs de classe sans casser l'interface Blizzard. Modificare i colori di classe senza rompere l'interfaccia utente Blizzard. Mudar as cores de classes sem quebrar a interface do usuário da Blizzard. Изменение цветов класса не вмешиваясь в Blizzard UI. It is...

Benefits with Friends

Jul 30, 2016 Release
Benefits with Friends Makes interacting with trusted friends easier! Current Features Auto-accept group invitations from friends Targeted third person follow command for when your afk friends get stuck on that pesky fence. Target them and type "/bwf follow" or "/bwf f" Auto-loot method changing (auto free for all when full party of friends) Auto pass lead to friends; they need to type /bwf passlead (or "bwf passlead" in party chat if they aren't running BWF) Auto invite friends who whisper...


Jul 30, 2016 Alpha
Note, this is a Work In Progress XervishUI A minimalist UI, inspired by the likes of TukUI, FreeUI, and others. I also want to write my own version of oUF Hank, which I always loved. What it does Reskins the default UI in a reasonably pleasing sort of way. Except with less tiny, pixel fonts. This UI will be for folks who can't read 6pt text. Actually stuff included: Action Bars Layout of shizzle Unit / Party / Raid Frames (with spec detection)

This Scampi Happening

Jul 29, 2016 Release
Description Tooltips for all your fishing profession related items, spells and NPCs now have added fish flavour! Works great in Legion! This Scampi happening? Oh but it is! (Not incessantly mind you. The same item, spell, and NPC will not be flavoured again for 30 minutes. And regular fish and low-skill trash caught on your line will not be flavoured at all) Let minnow if I cod do batter! How to Use Instal like any other AddOn. Perhaps use the installer provided by this website. No...
Tip #4


Jul 29, 2016 Release
Description Displays spell, item, NPC and pet IDs at the foot of Tooltips. Works great in Legion! Perfect for researching at Wowhead, macro authors trying to squeeze within character limits, and AddOn authors needing to identify game assets. Features Unlike some other Tooltip AddOns, Tip does NOT flicker Over 40 Tooltip sources are included. For example: Auctions, bags, spell book, bank, transmogrification, pets, glyphs, talents, NPCs, friendly players, gear, chat, mounts, toys, buffs &...

Mega Damage

Jul 29, 2016 Release
Inspired by Blizzard's blog post about the "great item squish", this addon brings to life the proposed "Mega Damage" system. When a spell/ability deals enough damage or healing in one hit, the MEGA DAMAGE display will flash on the screen, accompanied by the Arcanite Ripper sound. The amount of damage/healing done by the spell is converted into "mega damage"/"mega healing" (at 1/1000th of the original value), which is then what is displayed on the screen. Configuration Type /mdmg to open the...
SiL 2.0 Tool Tip

Simple iLevel

Jul 29, 2016 Release
Simple iLevel shows the Average Item Level (AiL) of people you target or who are in your group in the tooltip. There are many checks in place to make sure you aren't repeatedly scanning their gear when it isn't required. Scores SIL does not take your spec or what is on your gear (SIL Resilience does) into account when computing a score. It just sums the iLevel of all your gear and then comes up with the average, their is a little magic with heirlooms so they are properly registered, unlike...
Main display

Character Owned Count

Jul 29, 2016 Release
For the DragonBall Z: Abridged fans out there - This addon adds your own personal "Krillin Owned Count" that displays each time you die. - Records are saved so they continually increase over time - Separate counts are saved per character - Plays the accompanying 'ding' sound Configuration Type /charowned to open the configuration window. The following can be configured: - Ding sound on/off - Change/reset counter position on screen - Reset counter to zero (per character) Video preview:...
Professions Tab w/ Queue


Jul 29, 2016 Release
This addon is part of the TradeSkillMaster suite. It will not work by itself! You must download the main TradeSkillMaster addon. Whether you're a new user or long time TSM veteran, please check out our website for more information about the TradeSkillMaster addon suite: See how you can't comment on this page? Don't give up! Check out our wiki page for information on how to get help with TradeSkillMaster or provide feedback! _Crafting automates the process of...
Main tab

Extended Guild UI

Jul 29, 2016 Release
Extended Guild UI expands the size of the guild interface to improve the visibility of various elements (reduce text cutoff, etc.) No configuration necessary, just install and enjoy. Key Improvements - Guild new and events now have much more space to display before text is cut off - Guild roster has more space for player/zone names and guild notes


Jul 29, 2016 Release
A plug-in for PitBull4 to show the amount of stagger damage for Brewmaster Monks. This is currently a very simple bar, but I would like to hear feedback and any other features you believe would be useful. Features I would like to add include: Colors based on stagger amount. (Now included.) Customization of the percentage breakpoints for stagger amounts. (Now included.) Customization of the colors displayed for stagger amounts. (Now included.) Display values and percentages. Please let me know...


Jul 29, 2016 Release
Left side - Player Runes, if DK Health Power Total absorb if greater than 0. Right side - Target Target Name Health Power Threat Above Center - Target Cast Bar, For interruptable spells it starts out all green and empties out. For non-interruptable, it starts out black and fills with red. Below Center - Incoming Damage, incoming damage as percent of current health. Example: If a 1k hit brings you down to 3k health, the bar will show 1/3 red. The text on this bar will show the source of the...
Blood DK

Wyr3d's Icy Veins Stats Priorities

Jul 29, 2016 Release
Borrowing from Papasol's innovative "Sol's Noxxic Statistic Priorities" this add-on achieves the same results, but using statistic data taken from Icy Veins build data instead. As the Legion expansion has rendered a lot of alternative builds obsolete, I've opted to simply tack on changes required for any survivng builds. This decision should be very useful for classes with Single/Multi target switches, as Multi changes now appear at the end too. Features: Pop-up window with Stat Priorities...
See gathered information everywhere

Titan Panel [Gathered]

Jul 29, 2016 Release
This simple WoW addon track all useful tradeitems and materials in your bag and show result in Titan Bar. Over right click is posssible choice which categorys you want to see in main tooltip result and which each materials be track and visible as titan title. This addon is full configurable then also you can setup if you want to see zero materials, disable/enable to see each category in tooltip, enable see count of all materials stored in bank etc. I did it for my self, because I don't want...


Jul 29, 2016 Release
Show available external Tank CDs and their remaining cooldown. Makes use of LibGroupInSpecT functions to scan group member's specs and talents. "/tankcds" to show command options (e.g. "/tankcds move" to move around). Upon joining a group it may take a while for all CDs to show up.