Alphamap 3

Change log

Alphamap3 v4.3.0.1
Changed version number to work with version 4.3

Alphamap3 v4.2.0.1
- implemented a fix made by Kesitah
- implemented a fix made by Windgazer

AlphaMap3 v4.0.3 build 1
- Fixed issue with tooltip disappearing after closing AlphaMap because the parent window was set incorrectly.

AlphaMap3 v4.0.3 build 0
- Fixed native support for Gatherer!

AlphaMap3 v4.0.2 build 0
- Fixed Orgrimmar/Cleft of Shadows map - Fixed bug where maps were not using terrain level maps if required.

AlphaMap3 v4.0.2 build 0
- Added support for Questhelper2 map overlay - Thanks Smariot for the assistance.

AlphaMap3 v4.0.1 build 12
- Fixed AlphaMap3 Exteriors in general where pathnames were incorrect for the images.
- Fixed AlphaMap3 WorldBosses in general where pathnames were incorrect for the images.

AM3 v4.0.1 build 11
- Added additional error checking for AM_ClearPartyProgress function.

AlphaMap3 v4.0.1 build 10
- Fixed mouse wheel scrolling for alpha blending.
- Fixed mouse wheel scrolling for map size.
- Fixed configuration buttons when pressing ctl-alt while map is visible.
- Fixed remaining global variable access to be compatible with WoW 4.0.
- Refactored configuration button and configuration button checkbox for option changes while map is open using ctl-alt keys.
- Fixed travel agent (Flight Master) display toggle to use the global configuration value.
- Fixed CT Map notes
-   Rewired to because CT_MapMod now has hidden their functions via keyword local
-   Fixed a bug where the icons were behind the map instead of on top

Alphamap3 V4.0.01

- Works with Cataclysm v4.0

Alphamap3 V3.3.03

- Made requested change of separate settings per character

Alphamap3 V3.3.02

 - Included Battlegrounds  (working on new battleground maps)

 - Included Exteriors (working on new exterior maps)

 - Included Instances (working on new instance maps)

 - Update existing maps with new requirements and data

 - Add new maps

Alphamap3 V3.3.01

 - Updated TOC to current patch

 - Provide a basic Alphamap

Changes in v3.76.30100 from v3.75.30100

- fix to display of Party members

- fix to tooltip information for Play/Pause/Player button

- fix to button checking of Quick Options from earlier versions

- fix to Options tab resetting when selecting certain Instance style options

Changes in v3.75.30100 from v3.64.30100

- added Instance maps for Ulduar

- added AtlasLoot data for Ulduar bosses

- added display of player dots in Northrend Instance maps

- added quick control button to toggle the display of Party/Raid members on maps
Simply hold down <Control> + <Alt> keys and Check / Uncheck the players button

- added a third update mode called "Player" mode to the existing Paused / Play modes.
Just keep clicking on the AlphaMap Pause toggle button to cycle through these three modes.
This new mode makes AlphaMap track the Player and will always try to display the current map where the player is.
You will NOT be able change the map to view other Zones or Instance maps where the player is not displayed.
If you want to browse different maps, then change the map update mode to either Paused or normal Play modes

- the Pause/Play button now behaves differently and displays the icon representing the CURRENT update mode.
So if the Pause button is displayed - then AlphaMap is PAUSED.
If the Play button is displayed - then AlphaMap is in its default Play mode.
If the Player arrow is displaed - then AlphaMap is in "Player" mode, and the map will always change to the map showing the player arror

- added BattleGround POIs to Strand of the Ancients

- Battleground POIs now slightly larger for clearer visibility

- slight cosmetic tweaks to several maps including Strand of the Ancients, Chamber of Aspects, the Oculus

- some small data corrections to maps & notes, AtlasLoot links, and POI locations

Known caveats

Newer and updated Dungeon, Raid, and PVP maps are not currently included.
Questhelper is no longer being supported by the author. Questhelper interface will be removed in the future.
Switching between WorldMap and AlphaMap with Questhelper2 active may crash WoW.
The drop down list box for continent and zone sometimes requires the world map to be opened for them to function. Pause the map to select a map other than current map.


Uploaded on
Dec 02, 2011
Game version
  • 4.3.0
10.6 MiB