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This addon will allow you to equip the highest ilvl gear in your bags - regardless of whether it is right for your class, spec, etc. If there is an item in your bags that has a higher item level than what you have equipped (and you can equip it, and it's bound to you) the addon will equip it. Why would you want to do this you may ask? Well I'm not sure why anyone else would want to...but as with most of my addons, I had a specific need and decided to write an addon for it which I explain below - you may have another need and find this useful. If you find this addon useful, go ahead and leave a comment with how you use it and I will add it to the description.

Why I made it

As for my reasoning...Blizzard limits you from doing certain things such as dungeons and LFR until your "Average Item Level" has reached a certain point - this average includes items in your bags and bank. Oftentimes when leveling/gearing up you will loot items that are of no use to you (cloth on a warrior, intellect gear for a hunter, etc) but you CAN equip - these items boost your Average Item Level and thus allow you to enter things like LFR queues even if you aren't wearing gear sufficient for that item level (I'm not interested in debating the ethics of this, thanks). My problem comes in when I want to sell off extra items to make bag space - its fairly obvious that I don't want to sell anything I have equipped (this is my best gear for my class/spec) but I also don't want to sell off any gear in my bags that might be boosting my Average ilvl.

Here's what the addon actually does for me...I use a bag addon called Arkinventory which allows me to create separate inventory sections based off of an equipment manager gearset (it's an awesome addon, go download it), I assume other bag mods have similar functionality. When I open my bags I have sorted sections one block is consumables, one block is my tank set, one block is soulbound items not in a gearset, etc. The basic functionality of AMFG Lazy Ilevel Cheese is loading all of my highest ilvl gear into a specific gearset, which I can then sort into a separate bar in my inventory automatically, which allows me to easily sell off any items I don't need because they are in a nicely formatted bar.

Work in Progress...

This addon is not yet complete, but it is fully functional and tested. There are a few things that have yet to be implemented/need to be figured out:

  • It will not equip weapons/offhand items/shields/anything that goes in the Main Hand or Off Hand slots.
    • There is some extra logic needed for this that I haven't sat down and hammered through yet.
  • You will most likely need to click the "Cheese!" button 2-3 times (or more) to finish the process.
    • You will get a message in chat letting you know to hit the button again along with your current equipped/average ilvl</li>
    • This is either due to weird looping in my code or issues with delay waiting for the client to update inventory/bags after equipping. When I rewrite the checking algorithm completely (more complex, more efficient, more time invested by me) to add weapon checking in, this may resolve itself</li>
    • If you press the button more than 3-4 times and you're average still doesn't equal your equipped it's likely that your weapons are to blame, for now you will have to manually check and equip your highest ilvl weapons (this is easier with a 2H)

Written by Nosorcatu of Fenris.

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