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Low Durability Warning With the release of cataclysm I've found myself wiping a lot in heroics. On many occasions after a few wipes I've been standing in front of the boss ready to rip his face off when the healer asks me "Hey mister Bear person, why do you only have 40k HP?" Of course the answer is most of my gear is red and I didn't notice! In my case one of the many addons I use hides the paper doll frame and I don't think to look at TitanPanel's durability status regularly, so I needed something that would alert me in an obvious way when my equipment was in disrepair.

AMFG Lazy Durability will pop up a warning upon entering an instance when you are at low durability (any item is below 25%) and another when something is broken (any item at 0 durability). There aren't any options, it just works.

Written by Nosorcatu of Fenris.

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AMFG Lazy Durability - Simple low durability warning when entering a dungeon

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Jan 04, 2011
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Sep 11, 2013
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