Atlas v1.20.0

Change log

Atlas, a World of Warcraft instance map browser
Copyright 2005 - 2010 Dan Gilbert <>
Copyright 2010 - Lothaer <>, Atlas Team
Copyright 2011 - Arith Hsu <>

= Change Log =
v1.20.0 (June. 28, 2011)
- TOC update to support WoW 4.2
- Maps added / updated:
    - New raid map - Firelands (dubca7, Dynaletik)
    - Dungeon location map update (dubca7, Dynaletik)
    - Baradin Hold map update (dubca7, Dynaletik)
    - Transportation maps update (arith)
    - Zul'Gurub map update (arith, Dynaletik)
    - Zul'Aman map update (dubca7, Dynaletik)
- Remove dungeon keys (Dynaletik)
- Boss name translation enhancement by using Encounter Journal feature
  (Dynaletik, arith)
- Fixed some dungeon level ranges (Dynaletik)
- Translation update
  - German (Dynaletik)
  - Russian (StingerSoft, Dynaletik)
  - Spanish (maqjav, Dynaletik)
  - French (Dynaletik)
  - Traditional Chinese (zhTW, arith)

v1.19.2 (May 30, 2011)
- Dungeon maps' auto-select feature fixed for Throne of Tides,
  Blackrock Spire, and Wailing Caverns
- Maps' auto-select database enhancement
- Transportation map update:
   - Added flight point - Vendetta Point (Horde) in Southern Barrens, Kalimdor
- Translation minor update
  - Spanish (maqjav)

v1.19.1 (May 06, 2011)
- Updated Wailing Caverns map (dubca7)
- Updated Zul'Aman NPCs
- Translation update
  - German (Dynaletik)
  - French (Khiria)
  - Russian (StingerSoft)
  - Traditional Chinese (arith)
  - Spanish (maqjav)

v1.19.0 (Apr. 28, 2011)
- Support WoW 4.1
- Added Zul'Gurub dungeon map
- Dungeon level info update

v1.18.3 (Apr. 13, 2011)
- TempestKeep Entrance map info update
- Transportation maps update
- TolBarad 3 cell blocks added
- Rare mobs locations updated in several dungeon maps
- Archaeology Quest in Uldum 5 men dungeons
- Remove Argent Dawn faction from dungeon maps

v1.18.2 (Jan. 28, 2011)
- NPC map updates for several dungeons
- Added Caverns of Time: Hyjal Entrance map
- Added Tempest Keep Entrance map
- Added Ulduar Entrance map

v1.18.1 (Jan. 06, 2011)
- Translation update
  - German (Dynaletik)
  - French (Khiria)
  - Russian (StingerSoft)
  - Traditional Chinese (arith)
  - Spanish (maqjav)
- Maps and NPCs update for several dungeons and continents
- Resolve Eastern Kingdom dungeon menu display issue by spliting into two parts
v1.18.0 (Dec. 07, 2010)
- Prepared Atlas for the Cataclysm Maps
- Added Baradin Hold
- Added Blackrock Caverns
- Added Blackwing Descent
- Added Grim Batol
- Added Halls of Origination
- Added Lost City of the Tol'vir
- Added The Bastion of Twilight
- Added The Stonecore
- Added The Vortex Pinnacle
- Added Throne of the Four Winds
- Added Throne of the Tides
- Added Battleground maps
  - The Battle For Gilneas
  - Tol Barad
  - Twin Peaks
- Revamped and updated all old maps
- Dungeon Level info updated
- Battleground Level info updated
- Introduced LibBabble-Boss, LibBabble-Faction to Atlas
- Fixed the right-click won't bring up WorldMap issue
- Fixed minimap Middle-Click won't bring up Atlas Options window
- Translation update
  - German (Dynaletik)
  - French (Khiria)
  - Russian (StingerSoft)
  - Spanish (maqjav)
  - Traditional Chinese (arith)

v1.17.2 (Oct. 18, 2010)
- Hotfix to resolve the plugins maps won't show when AtlasLoot is enabled.
- Added About panel.

v1.17.1 (Oct. 13, 2010)
- support WoW 4.0
- translation update
  - Simplified Chinese (DiabloHu)
  - Spanish (maqjav)
- change the options to be per account instead of per character
- fixed Ruby Sanctum map

v1.17.0 (Aug. 15, 2010)
- improved auto-selection feature for foreign languages (Dynaletik, arith, Lothaer)
- introduced LibBabble-Zone and LibBabble-SubZone to Atlas (arith, Dynaletik)
- new map: Hellfire Citadel dungeon entrace map (arith)
- new maps: Halaa PvP, Hellfire Peninsula PvP, Zangarmarsh PvP,
            Terokkar Forest PvP, Wintergrasp PvP, Game of Tower, Silithyst Must Flow (arith)
- cleaned up and tweaked some code
- translation update for several languages
  - German: Dynaletik
  - French: dokcharlie
  - Russian: StingerSoft
  - Traditional Chinese: s8095324, arith
  - Simplified Chinese: arith
- rewrote the readme file for Traditional Chinese (arith)
- added Lunar Elders locations in Northrend maps (Deadca7, Dynaletik)
- several maps refine (Deadca7)

v1.16.1 (Jun. 07, 2010)
- new map: Ruby Sanctum
- fixed and added some ICC entries
- minor fixes

v1.16.0 (never released)
- new map: Icecrown Citadel, in three parts (Deadca7)
- new map: The Frozen Halls: The Forge of Souls (Deadca7)
- new map: The Frozen Halls: Pit of Saron (Deadca7)
- new map: The Frozen Halls: Halls of Reflection (Deadca7)
- added Toravon to VoA and updated the map (Deadca7)
- added new instances to the dungeon locations map (Dynaletik)
- added the new flight paths (Dienur, Dynaletik, Jeehell)
- added event boss to SFK (Dynaletik)
- removed Onyxia attunement (Dynaletik)
- fixed wave 6 to wave 5 in Culling of Stratholme (Dynaletik)
- fixed many flight path routes (Dynaletik, Jeehell)
- fixed some map categorization issues
- rewrote and simplified the readme file
- removed the world map coordinates feature

v1.15.2 (Dec. 18, 2009)
- updated TOC number to 30300 for the 3.3 patch
- fix for zhTW (Traditional Chinese) translation (s8095324)

v1.15.1 (Oct. 10, 2009)
- fix for deDE (German) translation
- updated version check for some Atlas addons
- settings will now be preserved between some updates

v1.15.0 (Oct. 07, 2009)
- new map: Crusaders' Coliseum: Trial of the Champion (Deadca7)
- new map: Crusaders' Coliseum: Trial of the Crusader (Deadca7)
- new map: Isle of Conquest (Deadca7, Celellach)
- added Koralon the Flame Watcher to VoA (Deadca7)
- added Dark Ranger Marrah to Utgarde Keep (thandrenn)
- added Prospector Doren and Archivum Console to Ulduar (thandrenn)
- added flight path from The Dark Portal to Shattrath (Celellach)
- added trans routes (portals) from capitals to Dark Portal (Celellach)
- added exit to The Botanica (Celellach)
- added VoA to dungeon location map (Celellach)
- added brackets to battleground level ranges (Celellach)
- removed Highlord Kruul map entirely (nonameform)
- removed Maraudon key since it's no longer needed (Hegarol)
- fixed some level range groups (Celellach)
- fixed some mob positions in Wailing Caverns (arith)
- tagged Ahune with Midsummer Festival (Celellach)
- changed Lunar tag to Lunar Festival (Celellach)
- updated Onyxia's Lair player and level data (Bolino)
- current deDE (German) translation (Nihlo)
- current esES (Spanish) translation (maqjav)
- current frFR (French) translation (TrAsHeR)
- current ruRU (Russian) translation (StingerSoft)
- current zhCN (Simplified Chinese) translation (arith)
- current zhTW (Traditional Chinese) translation (arith)

v1.14.2 (Aug. 19, 2009)
- updated TOC number to 30200 for the 3.2 patch

v1.14.1 (May 12, 2009)
- fixed some locations in Blackwing Lair (Celellach)

v1.14.0 (Apr. 28, 2009)
- updated TOC number to 30100 for the 3.1 patch
- new map: Ulduar [in 5 parts] (deadca7, everyone else!)
- new map: Vault of Archavon (deadca7)
- new map: Strand of the Ancients (deadca7, Celellach)
- new map: The Eye of Eternity (deadca7)
- revamped Stratholme Past map (thandrenn, Celellach, Nalumis, Hinalover)
- revamped Northrend transportation maps (Timo, Celellach, Dynaletik, dcemuser, Kharthus)
- revamped The Oculus map (Celellach, thandrenn)
- added Stratholme Past to CoT Entrance map (Celellach)
- added exit to Ahn'kahet map (Celellach)
- added Brigg Smallshanks to Utgarde Pinnacle (Celellach)
- added Commander Kolurg to The Nexus map (Spleebie)
- added Kurzel to Drak'Tharon Keep map (thandrenn)
- added Drakuru's Brazier to Drak'Tharon Keep map (Celellach)
- added Vesperon, Tenebron, Shadron, and the entrance to Obsidian Sanctum map (Celellach)
- added Ahn'kahet Brazier to Ahn'kahet map (Celellach)
- added Watchers to Azjol-Nerub (Celellach)
- added additional entrance and exit to Gundrak (Celellach)
- added Wanders tag to Bjarngrim in HoL (Celellach)
- added Ulduar to dungeon locations map (Celellach)
- added exit to Tempest Keep Mechanar (Celellach)
- added The Violet Hold Key to Violet Hold (Celellach)
- added Celestial Planetarium Key to Ulduar (Celellach)
- added a new category for 80+ maps
- moved Trollgore's location in Drak'Tharon Keep (Spleebie)
- moved Elder Starsong in Sunken Temple map (Robsato)
- removed rep lines from Magtheridon's Lair (Celellach)
- removed rep line from Naxx (Dynaletik, Celellach)
- removed Archmage from Naxx (Celellach)
- removed Mallet key from Zul'Farrak (Celellach)
- removed Amulet key from Onyxia's Lair (Celellach)
- removed all keys from Molten Core (Celellach)
- removed Seal key from UBRS (Celellach)
- removed Urn key from Karazhan (Celellach)
- removed Medallion key from all BT (Celellach)
- removed Tempest Key from The Eye (Celellach)
- removed optional deps from TOC file (Phanx)
- renumbered Ahn'kahet (Celellach)
- renumbered The Nexus (Celellach)
- increased battleground level ranges to 80 (Celellach)
- increased frame strata to HIGH to avoid messing with the default interface
- changed x-category in TOC files (Phanx)
- fixed some Alterac Valley coloring and ordering issues (Celellach)
- current deDE (German) translation (Dynaletik)
- current esES (Spanish) translation (maqjav)
- current frFR (French) translation (Kiria, TrAsHeR)
- current ruRU (Russian) translation (StingerSoft)
- current zhCN (Simplified Chinese) translation (DiabloHu)
- current zhTW (Traditional Chinese) translation (banana, arith)

v1.13.0 (Nov. 24, 2008)
- added tons of new WotLK instance maps!
- added most if not all WotLK map data (thanks to DiabloHu, Deadca7, and others!)
- corrected some map category grouping issues
- added cursor coordinates to the world map
- added Don Carlos and Guerrero to Old Hillsbrad Foothills (Hegarol)
- gave Veyzhak the Cannibal a home in The Sunken Temple (Telchar)
- updated Naxx information and data for WotLK changes
- the flight path plugin now contains all transport routes (boat, zep, portals)
- the flight path plugin has been renamed to Transportation
- added Northrend dungeon location map
- outdated modules are now checked for and disabled
- resetting defaults now properly resets the sort-mode
- resetting defaults now properly updates the status of the lock button
- other minor tweaks and improvements

v1.12.3 (Oct. 26, 2008)
- fixed various errors on non-English clients
- fixed the right-click to toggle world map bug
- added LibDataBroker support
- Titan Panel support fixed (via LDB)
- changed the options panel to the built-in interface
- added support for the built-in defaults button
- removed the minimap button icon's green tint

v1.12.2 (Oct. 15, 2008)
- scrolling error fix
- all remaining instances of 'Rep' changed to 'Reputation' in the locale files
- non-English readme files should have no more messed up characters

v1.12.1 (Oct. 15, 2008)
- updated TOC number to 30000 for the 3.0 patch
- some compatibility fixes for the new patch
- added 'Ahn'Qiraj' and 'Blackrock Mountain' as a prefix for the instances within them
- added Delrissa's Minions to MT
- added 'Griz Gutshank' to BRD
- added a Minimum Level for SP
- renamed 'Rep' to 'Reputation'

v1.12.0 (Jul. 25, 2008)
- changed the Atlas data format to include GUID information (no in-game change)
- changed the frame strata back to MEDIUM so Atlas can cover/be-covered-by other windows
- added a fix for some UI elements that appear above the Atlas window
- added a Shattered Sun Offensive reputation tag to MT
- removed 'The' from both AQ instance names
- added a mark (1) for Patchwerk to the map of Naxx
- changed the entry colors for the Abomination Wing in Naxx
- split C'Thun encounter into two entries in AQ40
- removed 'The' from ST title
- added an AKA line to ST
- changed Troll minibosses to Atal'ai defenders in ST
- changed Doomrigger's Clasp to Doomrigger's Coffer in UBRS
- added the chapter to Draconic for Dummies in BWL
- split the key entry into two in MC
- added 'The' to the different Deeds in Scholo
- added 'Various' to Postbox Keys in Strat
- changed Scarlet side to Living side in Strat
- changed Medallion of Faith to Malor's strongbox in Strat
- changed Plans: Serenity and Plans: Corruption to Blacksmithing Plans in Strat
- removed Plaguewood from Naxx location
- added Four Horsemen Chest to Naxx
- removed 'The' from Argent Dawn reputation line in Scholo, Strat and Naxx
- added brakets to the two Pusillin entries in DM East
- added brakets to Thralls stop entries in COT1
- added (Lower) to Discs of Norgannon in Ulda
- added a new key for Edge of madness in ZG
- removed 'The' from Zandalar Tribe reputation line in ZG
- added a Servants Quater entry to Kara [A]
- completely rearanged the opera event in Kara [A] (renamed titles, added NPC)
- added Dustcovered Chest to the chess event entry in Kara [B]
- changed Budd's Map of ZA to The Map of ZA
- changed Windcaller Claw to Claw in Underbog
- changed Seer Udalo to Udalo in the Arcatras
- removed Stasis Chamber tag from Yor in Manatombs
- changed the order of reliquiary of souls in BT
- added 'The' to Illidari Council in BT
- refreshed the Shadowfang Keep map (Deadca7)
- added minimum level data to instance maps (Deadca7)
- changed the frame artwork to accommodate min level
- zone information text will no longer extend past the edge of the frame
- zone information text can now be ctrl-mouseover'd for a tooltip
- merged the Entrances plugin (and all its maps) into the core Atlas addon
- tweaked auto-select, more outdoor zones are now associated with instance maps
- expanded meta-zone abbreviations to their full names, eg. HFC --> Hellfire Citadel
- added a new sort-by option: type (separating instances and entrances)
- added a key-binding to force a one-time auto-select, even if the option is disabled
- added <Angle Bracket Titles> to all appropriate mobs in the Atlas database
- changed "East" and "West" designations to "Eastern Kingdoms" and "Kalimdor" (Telchar)
- added Ahune <The Frost Lord> to Slave Pens (Nihlo, Telchar)
- this is a giant update, my apologies if I've forgotten anything

v1.11.0 (Mar. 26, 2008)
- updated TOC number to 20400 for the 2.4 patch
- new map: Magisters' Terrace
- new map: Sunwell Plateau
- the Atlas legend is quite a bit wider now
- some artwork updates and tweaks, mostly for the scrollbar
- added a button to toggle between entrances and instances, including a dropdown menu for multi-instance entrance maps
- updated all the entrance map level ranges
- with the wider legend, removed some instances of wrapping and abbreviation
- tiny code fix for AtlasMajorCities (preliminary) (Andy)
- tweaked the default position of the minimap button (Telchar)
- renamed the five default Atlas plugins for a cleaner AddOns directory
- improved the screen clamping offset values
- fixed a bug with the reset position button
- frame scale slider option increased to 1.5
- legend entries that are too long will be truncated now
- added an option to show a legend entry tooltip if the control button is held down
- changed the frame strata of the main window so it covers all the action bars
- added an option to display the player's coordinates on the world map
- changed Horde Base to Horde Encampment and Night Elf Base to Night Elf Village in Hyjal (Telchar)
- changed Blacksmith Plans to Blacksmithing Plans 3 times in BRD (Telchar)
- added acronyms to Gnomeregan, Stockade, Magtheridon' Lair and all battlegrounds (Telchar)
- changed Mailbox Keys to Postbox Keys in Stratholme (Telchar)
- added Zaelot to the names of Zath and Lor'Khan in ZG (Telchar)
- changed Necro Wing to Plague Wing in Naxxramas (Telchar)
- removed Prince from Kael'Thas Sunstriders name (Telchar)
- many changes to the Zul'Aman map (Celellach)
- many changes to the Blackwing Lair map (Nihlo)
- many changes to the Shadowfang Keep map (Celellach)
- added Razorfen Spearhide to Razorfen Kraul (Celellach)
- new map in outdoor raids: Skettis (Celellach, Nifl)
- revamped Alterac Valley North and South maps (Celellach)
- added Base Camp to Grom'Gol flightpoint (Telchar)
- added Harrison Jones to ZA map (Kiria)
- added angle-bracket titles to some mobs (more coming)
- fixed a number of typos
- remove attunement quest required for Karazhan, Hyjal Summit and Black Temple
- revamped the auto-select feature to make use of SubZone data
- Titan Panel support fix and some updates

v1.10.3 (Nov. 30, 2007)
- the Atlas source is now hosted at Google Code
- updated TOC number to 20300 for the 2.3 patch
- new Zul'Aman map (Nifl, Celellach)
- new CoT entrance map (Nifl, Celellach)
- new SM entrance map (Nifl, Celellach)
- revamped the background artwork on the FP and DL maps
- updated the FP maps with the new flight points/paths
- updated the DL maps with the new dungeon (Zul'Aman)
- renumbered the FP and DL maps for consistency
- new Karazhan entrance map (Mottie)
- revamped the UBRS map (Nifl, Celellach)
- revamped the LBRS map (Nifl, Celellach)
- revamped the Karazhan map and split into two (Mottie)
- revamped the DM entrance map (Nifl, Telchar)
- combined BT full and middle maps into one BT start map (Telchar)
- added a new option for the grouping of instance maps
- fixed an auto-select issue with the new grouping code
- deDE, frFR, and esES localisation files are now encoded in UTF-8 (Maqjav)
- updated instance level ranges with the patch 2.3 changes
- alphabetized some multi-part maps so they appear in the correct order
- fixed a slight problem with Atlas remembering the last map you were looking at between sessions
- Atlas will only remember the last map between sessions if it's one of the built-in ones
- added specific zone names to the 'dragons of nightmare' areas (Celellach)
- added named mobs that are roaming at the 'dragons of nightmare' spots (Celellach)
- added Coren Direbrew (Brewfest) to BRD (Celellach)
- added class-info to the mobs of the Kael'thas Sunstrider encounter (Telchar)
- added Sah'rhee to RFD (Celellach)
- changed the organization of DM arena mobs (Kiria)
- added Elder Mistwalker to the DM arena (Celellach)
- tagged DM arena mobs as random (Kiria)
- added Library marker to the DM North map (Celellach)
- added Shrine of Gelihast, Morridune and Altar of the Deeps to BFD
- changed Fathom Core to Fathom Stone in BFD
- retooled the mob locations in SM Graveyard a bit (Celellach)
- added The Headless Horseman to SM Graveyard (Celellach)
- added posible spawn points for Burning Felguard in LBRS (Celellach)
- added Elder Stonefort to LBRS (Celellach)
- put Doomrigger's Clasp in UBRS in the right place (Celellach)
- changed the organization of Vem encounter in AQ40 (Celellach)
- added Lord Kri and Princess Yauj to Vem encounter in AQ40 (Celellach)
- added Vek'lor and Vek'nilash to Twin Emperors in AQ40 (Celellach)
- added the entrance and a few mobs to Naxx (Celellach)
- added specific mobs and their classes to Illidari Council in BT (Telchar)
- added a number of mobs to Black Temple (Arzach)
- renumbered Black Temple maps for consistency (Thandrenn)
- added event names to CoT maps (Celellach)
- added Ambassador Pax'ivi to Mana-Tombs (DiabloHu)
- added Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen to Mana-Tombs (Celellach)
- added D'ore to Auchenai Crypts (Celellach)
- added Lakka to Sethekk Halls (Celellach)
- added Shattered Hand Executioner to Shattered Halls (lichee)
- added a number of mobs to The Shattered Halls (Celellach)
- removed Blackened Urn key from Kara end (Celellach)
- added Seer Olum to Serpentshrine Cavern (Celellach)
- added Indormi and Tydormu to Hyjal Summit; locations still needed (Celellach)
- renumbered Serpentshrine Cavern map for accuracy (Nihlo)
- fixed some indentation issues
- this was a huge update, so one or two things might have been missed here
- current French translation (Kiria)
- current Spanish translation (maqjav)
- current Simplified Chinese translation (DiabloHu)
- current Traditional Chinese translation (arith)
- current German translation (Telchar)

v1.10.2 (Sep. 28, 2007)
- updated TOC number to 20200 for the 2.2 patch

v1.10.1 (Sep. 05, 2007)
- added individual instance names to Outland DL map (Telchar)
- changed/fixed the CoT instance names in the West DL map (Telchar)
- added class types to Maulgar's adds in Gruul's Lair (Lothaer, Yegg)
- changed/fixed typo "Ferelas" to "Feralas" in FP maps (Celellach)
- changed/fixed Moonglade FPs "Shrine of Remulos" to "Nighthaven" (Celellach)
- added/clarified the additional Moonglade flight points (Celellach)
- added a few mobs to the Wailing Caverns entrance map (Celellach)
- changed plugin name "Entrances" to "Instance Entrances"
- changed/fixed Naxx location to "Plaguewood, Eastern Plaguelands" (Celellach)
- changed layout of CoT instances in Dungeon Locs plugin (Celellach)
- added numerical displays to all the options pane's sliders
- the Reset Position button now resets all the sliders too!
- new Dire Maul entrance map including arena mobs (Kiria)
- added troll miniboss names to ST map (Kiria)
- added High Priestess of Thaurissan to BRD (Kiria)
- added Oggleflint to RFC (Kiria)
- added Zelemar the Wrathful the RFC (Kiria)
- added Dire Pool to DM entrance map (Celellach)

v1.10.0 (Aug. 20, 2007)
- fixed the Forest Song, Ashenvale flight point
- renumbered the Alliance Kalimdor flight path map
- translated into zhCN / Simplified Chinese (DiabloHu)
- translated into zhTW / Traditional Chinese (arith)
- translated into frFR / French (Kiria, TrAsHeR, Wysiwyg77)
- translated into deDE / German (Nihlo, Thurraz, Celellach)
- translated into esES / Spanish (maqjav)
- koKR / Korean translation still needed

v1.10.0pre5 (Aug. 15, 2007)
- added class tags to Moroes adds in Karazhan
- added Sneed's Shredder to The Deadmines
- renumbered The Arcatraz for better flow
- added Stormwind to Thorium Point flight path
- added Grom'gol to Flame Crest flight path
- added Ratchet to Gadgetzan flight path
- added Ratchet to Astranaar flight path
- added Ratchet to Brackenwall Village flight path
- added Brackenwall Village to Camp Tauraj flight path
- added Brackenwall Village to Freewind Post flight path
- added Thunderbluff to Zoram'gar flight path
- added Evergrove to Toshley's Station flight path
- added Honor Hold to Shattrath flight path
- added Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood flight point
- added Forest Song, Ashenvale flight point
- added Emerald Sanctuary to Talonbranch Glade flight path
- added Emerald Sanctuary to Bloodvenom Post flight path
- added Forest Song to Astranaar flight path
- renumbered Horde Kalimdor flight path map
- renumbered Alliance Kalimdor flight path map
- renumbered Horde Outland flight path map
- renumbered Alliance Outland flight path map
- added Blackwind Landing, Terokkar Forest flight point
- added Skyguard Outpost, Blade's Edge flight point
- added Blackwind Landing to Skyguard Outpost flight path
- thanks to Celellach for providing so much data!

v1.10.0pre4 (Aug. 10, 2007)
- removed optional tags in Kara (Nalumis)
- changed cot3 name back to Hyjal Summit (Celellach)
- re-lettered Black Temple maps (Celellach)
- added acronym for Blackrock Mountain (Nihlo)
- added Vorrel Sengutz to SM Graveyard
- added Kazkaz the Unholy to ST entrance
- added Zekkis to ST entrance
- added Veyzhak the Cannibal to ST entrance
- added Hammertoe Grez to Uld entrance
- added Magregan Deepshadow to Uld entrance
- added Tablet of Ryun'Eh to Uld entrance
- added Krom Stoutarm's Chest to Uld entrance
- added Garrett's Family Chest to Uld entrance
- added Digmaster Shovelphlange to Uld entrance
- added Conspicuous Urn to Uldaman
- added Tablet of Will to Uldaman
- added Shadowforge Cache to Uldaman
- added Blackened Urn to Kara as key
- tagged Nightbane in Kara with summon
- added The Eye of Haramad to Mana-Tombs as key
- tagged Yor in Mana-Tombs with summon and heroic
- added Essence-Infused Moonstone to Sethekk as key
- tagged Anzu in Sethekk as heroic (fixed summon tag)
- fixed Blood Guard Porung's heroic tag in HFC:SH
- added Mortog Steamhead to CFR entrance
- changed player limit for CFR entrance to 5/25

v1.10.0pre3 (Aug. 06, 2007)
- finally added data to Battle for Mount Hyjal
- modified Hyjal map; shaded the top half
- fixed Lothos Riftwaker's name in Blackrock Mountain
- fixed the Blackrock Spire names in Blackrock Mountain
- added numerical data for Black Temple (Full)
- added attunement requirement to Ony and Kara
- moved all attunement requirements to be listed first
- updated all Black Temple maps considerably
- once again, special thanks to Celellach
- fixed "Slim" in Auch entrance (Nihlo)

v1.10.0pre2 (Aug. 06, 2007)
- new map: Black Temple (Full)
- updated Maraudon entrance map
- updated Deadmines entrance map
- updated Blackrock Mountain entrance map
- updated Gnomeregan entrance map
- updated Auchindoin entrance map
- added attunement requirment to CoT and BT maps
- added key and rep to BT maps
- added Illidan Stormrage to Black Temple (Top)
- added underwater entrance to CFR entrance map
- changed all entrance markers to letters
- thanks to Celellach for the majority of the notes

v1.10.0pre (Aug. 05, 2007)
- new maps: Black Temple (three levels)
- new plugin containing entrance maps
- changed Durnholde Keep to Old Hillsbrad Foothills
- hyphenated Mana-Tombs
- added several mobs to the DM library
- added Yor to Mana-Tombs
- added Anzu to Sethekk Halls
- added Overcharged Manacell to The Mechanar
- added several mobs to Kara
- added several mobs to Gruul's Lair
- added Skar'this the Heretic to The Slave Pens
- added Seer Udalo to The Arcatraz
- added several mobs to The Eye

v1.9.1 (May 23, 2007)
- updated TOC number to 20100 for the 2.1 patch
- removed Interface/AddOns structure from archive
- fixed two swapped mobs in The Eye (avatarshokpin)
- minor updates to French (frFR) translation

v1.9 (May 21, 2007)
- made several database changes and additions
- archive now contains Interface/AddOns structure
- updated level ranges (needs some more work)
- completely rewrote and updated the readme file
- contains translations for enUS, deDE, frFR, koKR, zhCN, zhTW
- still needs readme and GPL files for koKR (Korean)

v1.9RC2 (Apr. 16, 2007)
- split Scarlet Monastery into four different maps
- made many database changes, additions, and corrections
- added auto-select code for Outland instances (Drahcir)
- renumbered LBRS and Stratholme maps (Celellach)

v1.9RC1 (Mar. 23, 2007)
- new maps: The Eye, Doom Lord Kazzak, Doomwalker
- new maps: Outland dungeon locations and flight paths
- changed Kazzak encounter to Highlord Kruul
- added key listings to many maps (thanks Celellach)
- added repulation listings to many maps (Celellach and Hegarol)
- many, many database additions and fixes (thanks everyone)
- changed Addon List formatting and coloring of plugins
- tweaked appearance of certain maps for consistancy
- probably more stuff that I'm forgetting right now

v1.9b1 (Feb. 22, 2007)
- many new Burning Crusade maps
- many database additions and fixes
- cleaned up options panel

v1.8.6 (Feb. 01, 2007)
- updated TOC number to 20003
- disabled "Replace World Map" for taint issues
- various translation updates across the board
- search function improvement (Keith)

- added a search feature (thanks Keith G.)
- made visual changes to the options panel
- some minor window texture improvements

- the legend is now fully scrollable
- maps can contain more than 27 entries
- improved the frame's artwork a bit
- switched all the button templates
- updated German (deDE) translation (Dynaletik)
- updated Spanish (esES) translation (bornay)

- split off non-instance maps as Atlas plugins
- install or enable any of them or none of them

- version number is now only stored in the TOC
- updated German (deDE) translation (Dynaletik)
- added a simple code interface for plugins!
- comes with the sample plugin AtlasPlugin

- integrated Titan Panel support
- truly massive internal restructuring

v1.8.5 (Dec. 02, 2006)
- wide release in anticipation of WoW v2 patch
- fixed options frame dragging compatibility
- fixed Spanish (esES) localization file
- Atlas is now released under the GPL

- no more AtlasLoader; no more load-on-demand (goodbye)
- scrapped v1.8.5b2 and reverted to v1.8.5b base
- the "Reset Position" button works again
- all other b2 features should be a-okay
- settings are now saved per-character
- removed some unnecessary myAddOns code (as of b2)
- new default minimap button position (as of b2)
- lots of new metadata in the TOC (as of b2)

- completely localized (arith, Sirlefou, Dynaletik, bornay)
- added AtlasLoader which loads Atlas on first use (whoa!)
- changed minimap button to use crisper built-in art (snazzy!)
- auto-select should be hackishly working again (whoops!)
- frame position is stored differently due to load on demand
- renamed all the localization files (Atlas-xxXX.lua
- created some folders for organization

- updated TOC number to 20000 for TBC (WoW 2.0)
- added a bunch of new HC and CFR maps (Nifl)
- instance maps are now divided into categories
- new option to scale the Atlas window
- new option to set the radius of the minimap button
- new option to clamp the Atlas window
- the options panel is now draggable and clamped
- the options sliders now display their min/max values
- code compatibility update for BC (Daviesh)
- minimap icon has new colors to diff from blizz's world map button
- higher quality minimap icon, with new default position
- changed naming scheme of localization files

v1.8.4 (Oct. 21, 2006)
- since the beta NDA has been lifted, the HC maps are back; see:
- changed Spanish (esES) localization to be automatic
- NOTE: ***Atlas needs a full Spanish translation!***
- updated German (deDE) text (Dynaletik)
- updated Korean (koKR) text (k2hyun)

v1.8.3 (Oct. 11, 2006)
- removed HC maps as per Blizzard's wishes, see:
- updated French (frFR) text (Pherus)
- updated German (deDE) text (Dynaletik)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) text and readme (DiabloHu)
- updated Chinese Traditional (zhTW) text (arith)
- updated the backgrounds of the two HC maps (Nifl)
- changed AQ20 damage from physical to nature (Pherus)
- added Ony as Onyxia short version (Pherus)
- added Onyxia as fire damage (Pherus)

v1.8.2 (Oct. 07, 2006)
- new map: Hellfire Citadel, The Blood Furnaces (Patrick M.)
- new map: Hellfire Citadel, The Shatterd Halls (Patrick M.)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) text and readme (DiabloHu)
- updated Chinese Traditional (zhTW) text (arith)
- updated Korean (koKR) text (k2hyun)
- improved the ToggleWorldMap replacement (Daphne P.)
- possible fix for a rare World Map scaling bug
- added damage type to ZG, MC, BWL, AQ20, AQ40, Nax (Pauper)
- added druid-only flight paths

v1.8.1 (Aug. 22, 2006)
- updated TOC number to 11200 for the 1.12 patch
- fixed a serious World Map error caused by 1.12
- fixed a bug in the French translation (KKram)

v1.8 (Aug. 17, 2006)
- new map category: Raid Encounters
- new maps: Azuregos, FourDragons, and Kazzak
- added Death Knight Darkreaver to Scholo (Aludian)
- added Lord Hel'nurath to DM West (Aludian)
- added Master Elemental Shaper Krixix to BWL (Hegarol)
- changed the location of Lord Roccor in BRD (Medion)
- changed "n/a" to "---" for localization reasons
- fixed BRD data so everything shows up

v1.7.5 (June 30, 2006)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) text and readme (DiabloHu)
- updated Chinese Traditional (zhTW) text (arith, Suzuna)
- updated French (frFR) text (Pherus)
- updated German (deDE) text (Nihlo, Dynaletik)
- updated Korean (koKR) text (k2hyun)
- added some localizations to the TOC file
- removed the separate Spanish TOC file

v1.7.4 (June 20, 2006)
- updated TOC number to 11100 for the 1.11 patch
- added the new flight hubs and paths
- updated Catalan text (Lehn)
- updated Chinese Traditional (zhTW) text (Suzuna)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) text (DiabloHu)
- added Chinese Simplified (zhCN) Readme (DiabloHu)
- fixed some errors on the flight path maps (arith)
- fixed some errors on the UBRS legend (Aludian)
- added Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz to ZF (Aludian)
- added Solakar Flamewreath to UBRS (Hegarol)
- added Dungeon Set Quest Bosses (Niflheim)
- added EarthFeatureFrame as optional dep (Ryan S.)

v1.7.3 (June 6, 2006)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) text (DiabloHu)
- updated Chinese Traditional (zhTW) text (arith)
- updated French (frFR) text (Pherus)
- updated German (deDE) text (Nihlo)
- updated Korean (koKR) text (k2hyun)
- updated Spanish text (festor)
- added Spanish Readme (festor)
- added Spanish TOC (festor)
- fixed typo in Kel'Thuzad's name (Aludian)
- fixed position of Magister Kalendris (Dynaletik)
- fixed numbers for Dungeon Locations East (Morfin)
- fixed numbers for Dungeon Locations West (Mox)
- added some acronyms and abbreviations (thegabbert)

v1.7.2 (May 29, 2006)
- new map category: Dungeon Locations
- new maps: Dungeon Locations (East and West)
- tweaked Uldaman, Sunken Temple, and ZG maps
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) text (DiabloHu)
- updated Chinese Traditional (zhTW) text (arith)
- updated German (deDE) text (Nihlo)
- updated French (frFR) text (Pherus)
- widened the Reset Position button
- Rajaxx is listed first in AQ20 (Nihlo)
- AQ20 might work with auto-select now (Cold)
- bugfix for the right-click feature (Cold)

v1.7.1 (May 24, 2006)
- quick fix for the PURP error with non-En clients

v1.7 (May 24, 2006)
- new map: Naxxramas (eDark, Cryect)
- updated the resolution of many maps (Niflheim)
- added Catalan text, see above for use (Lehn)
- added Dutch text, see above for use (JungZandvliet)
- updated German (deDE) text (Nihlo, anon)
- updated Chinese Traditional (zhTW) text (arith)
- updated Korean (koKR) text (Next96)
- localized Atlas_GetFixedZoneText (DocVanGogh)
- fixed a typo in Battleguard Sartura's name (Iskim, Michael R.)
- added a new option: Display Acronyms
- changed the way Atlas inits (Grayhoof)
- changed the way Atlas saves its settings (Grayhoof)
- escape once again closes the Atlas window, sorry about that
- TitanAtlas, MapAtlas, and AtlasLoot will be (re)appearing soon!

v1.6.2 (April 8, 2006)
- updated TOC number to 11000 for the 1.10 patch
- removed Titan Panel support (TitanAtlas) for the time being
- hopefully fixed the awful load-time errors (send me feedback)
- fixed a typo in the name of Captain Dreenn in AQ20 (Manias, baloor)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) text (DiabloHu)
- updated Chinese Traditional (zhTW) text (warrenchen, arith)
- updated French (frFR) text (Pherus)
- updated German (deDE) text (Nihlo)
- fixed the colors of some NPCs in Alterac Valley (RommelESP)
- fixed the location of Mulverick in Alterac Valley (RommelESP)
- Auto-Select might start working in Ahn'Qiraj (Gnor)
- fixed the names of Drenn, Qeez, Xurrem, and Tuubid (anon)
- player limits updated to reflect 1.10 changes (Faithbleed)
- changed Stormspike to Stormpike (Dazzle)
- added flight: Ironforge and Light's Hope Chapel
- added flight: Stonetalon Peak and Astranaar
- added flight: Talendris Point and Everlook
- added flight: Theramore and Talendris Point
- added flight: Sepulcher and Tarren Mill
- fixed "Kraal de Tranchebauge" in frFR text (Sparrows)

v1.6.1 (March 1, 2006)
- fixed a clarity problem with BWL (placebo)
- fixed a typo in the name of Arygos in AQ40 (Foogray)
- fixed some location errors in AQ40 (anon, Manias)
- fixed the location of a few mobs in AQ20 (anon, Pater)
- added a number of missing mobs to AQ20 (anon, Jan S.)
- added data to both AV maps (RommelESP)
- added an flight from Morgan's Vigil to Stormwind (Harm H.)
- marked Ghaz'Ranka in ZG as optional (placebo)
- moved Atlas_MapTypes into localization file (Pherus)
- changed "Flight Point Maps" to "Flight Path Maps"
- updated French (frFR) text (Pherus)

- slightly expanded the Atlas frame
- implemented a category system for maps
- added a button to reset the frame's position
- new map: Alterac Valley (North) (Niflheim)
- new map: Alterac Valley (South) (Niflheim)
- new map: FP (Flight Points) Alliance (East)
- new map: FP (Flight Points) Alliance (West)
- new map: FP (Flight Points) Horde (East)
- new map: FP (Flight Points) Horde (West)
- added location data to AQ20 (Jan S., Pater, Zanchez)
- fixed AQ20 orientation (thanks everyone)
- marked certain bosses in ZG as optional (Aludian)
- added Dustwraith (Rare) to ZF (KarWing)
- removed a nonexistent pathway in BWL (Ferahgus)
- updated French (frFR) text (Pherus)
- updated German (deDE) text (GermanWraith)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) text (DiabloHu, Slaytanic)
- changed the way Atlas initializes (Shamino)
- fully commented Atlas.lua (more to come)
- Auto Select, Replace World Map only work in instances
- added Right-Click setting to TitanAtlas menu

- new map: Warsong Gulch (Niflheim)
- new map: Arathi Basin (Niflheim)
- new map: The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (Niflheim)
- added Korean (koKR) text (hicle, Mars)
- added Spanish text, see Readme for usage (festor)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) text (Xiang Lei)
- updated French (frFR) text (Pherus)
- updated German (deDE) text (Chinkuwaila, ninjamask)
- added data to The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj map (Ragowit, Zanchez)
- added Sandarr Dunereaver (Rare) to Zul'Farrak (DiabloHu)
- changed the location of Jed Runewatcher in UBRS (Aludian)
- graphical updates for BRD, MC, Stockades, RFK, RFD, UBRS (
- the Replace World Map feature is now turned off by default
- fixed a bug that would prevent the World Map from closing
- chaged the way Atlas checks to see if you're in an instance
- to decrease download size all maps are now 16 bit instead of 32 bit
- changed Muddy Churning Waters in Zul'Gurub from (B) to (1')
- added an Atlas watermark to the corner of all maps
- changed "The Stockades" to "The Stockade" (tyroney)
- added Right-Click for World Map feature (tyroney)
- added Interface/Addons directory structure to the zip file

v1.4.1 (January 14, 2006)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) text (DiabloHu)
- updated German (deDE) text (EarMaster)
- fixed an error-causing bug in non-Enlish clients

v1.4 (January 13, 2006)
- new feature: Replace World Map
- new map: The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (
- changed the minimap button's tooltip to be more user friendly (Yatlas)
- the position of the minimap button can be changed with the mouse (Yatlas)

v1.3.3 (January 11, 2006)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) text (Slaytanic)
- updated German (deDE) text (Maischter)

v1.3.2 (January 9, 2006)
- updated TOC number to 10900 for the 1.9 patch
- added Spirestone Battle Lord (Rare) to LBRS (Bhaerau)
- fixed a number of Stratholme spawns (Ville K.)
- fixed Lorgus Jett in Blackfathom Deeps (Ville K. and Greymalkin)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) localization (DiabloHu)
- updated French (frFR) localization (Pherus)
- updated German (deDE) localization (anavolver, Jan S.)
- hopefully fixed some auto-select problems (jmu)
- fixed a bug with the sanitize function (Pherus)
- changed minimum transparency from zero to 0.25

v1.3.1 (December 6, 2005)
- updated French (frFR) localization (Pherus)
- added Deviate Faerie Dragon to Wailing Caverns (Searing)
- added Spirestone Butcher to Lower Blackrock Spire (Gauss)

- updated TOC number to 1800
- added Chinese Traditional (zhTW) localization (ama)
- updated level ranges for all instances based on meeting stones (David C.)
- fixed a minor event handling bug (PiraMod)
- added the Library to Dire Maul North and West maps (Pherus)
- updated French (frFR) localization (Pherus)
- added more fishing spots to Zul'Gurub map (Jan)
- added automatic drop-down list sorting (Alexander M.)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) localization (DiabloHu)
- added Zul'Gurub boss aspects (Matthew M.)
- added ModWatcher support
- fixed a drop-down list bug
- centralized LevelRange and PlayerLimit values

- added Titan Panel support via TitanAtlas addon (Adsertor)
- core addon code tweaks and improvements (Adsertor)
- updated MyAddOns support for both Atlas and TitanAtlas
- Atlas now remembers the last map you were looking at

- added Chinese localization (DiabloHu)

- added French localization (Sparrows)

- added German localization (Dermott, Katastrophen)
- updated rare spawns in Scarlet Monastery (Geisterkarle)
- removed (Rare) status from The Unforgiven in Stratholme (tanniss)
- Auto Select is now enabled by default
- fixed the AutoSelect variable bug

- updated TOC number to 1700
- new maps: Blackwing Lair ( and Zul'Gurub (Jan)
- re-added the Auto Select feature as an option
- created a Readme.txt file to include with releases
- added Tsu'Zee (Rare) to Dire Maul West (Quiche)
- added The Unforgiven (Rare) to Stratholme (Aludian)
- added Earthcaller Halmgar (Rare) to Razorfen Kraul (Luke)
- added Fifth and Sixth Mosh'aru Tablets to Lower Blackrock Spire (Billy)
- added High Interrogator Gerstahn to Blackrock Depths (Yukkon)
- added Blood Steward of Kirtonos to Scholomance (Ernesto)
- named each Postbox in Stratholme (Thomas)
- added Bannok Grimaxe (Rare) to Lower Blackrock Spire (Galon)
- added Deathsworn Captain (Rare) to Shadowfang Keep (Harri)
- added Alchemy Lab to Scholomance (Gere)
- added Commander Gor'shak to Blackrock Depths (Jonas)
- each item in the legend now has its own line

- updated TOC number to 1600 for 1.6 patch
- added French localization! (thanks Sasmira)
- marked Ragglesnout in RFD as rare (thanks Joshua B.)
- fixed the location of Marshal Windsor in BRD (thanks Stefan and Fegnus)
- reverted to the old default minimap button position, for all you trackers

- major layout changes!
- new maps: Shadowfang Keep and Blackrock Spire (Lower)
- all instance data is now stored as text
- full localization support (other languages coming soon)
- CTMod support added and Cosmos/myAddOns support improved
- options frame layout tweaked a little bit
- minimap button position code improved
- minimap button default position changed
- saved variable name changed to AtlasOptions
- reordered drop down menu to ignore "The"
- the frame can longer be right-click-dragged
- changed the player limit for UBRS from 10 to 15 (thanks Scynn, Vilkku, and many others)
- fixed the location of Kharan Mighthammer in BRD (thanks Mark)
- fixed the location of Old Serra'kis in BFD (thanks Aludian)
- fixed the location of Lorgus Jett in BFD (thanks Slooter and Komal)
- added Marshal Windsor to BRD (thanks Mark)
- made a number of changes to the Strath map (thanks Chris)
- added Father Flame to UBRS, duplicated marking for both map sections (thanks SageoftheTimes)
- added the names of the deeds in Scholomance (thanks Aludian)
- added Zul'Farrak Dead Hero to ZF (thanks Dor)
- added Magister Kalendris to DM West (thanks Ziiv, Buio, and Joshua B.)
- added a secret chest and the lever that opens it to Scholomance (thanks Aludian)
- removed the exit from Strath

- updated TOC number to 1500 for the 1.5 patch
- new maps: Onyxia's Lair and Blackrock Spire (Upper)
- added player limit to all maps
- added location of instance to all maps
- added Skul to Stratholme map (thanks Miya)
- added the various locations Targorr the Dread can spawn in The Stockade (thanks Deathmatcher)
- moved Lorgus Jett in Blackfathom Deeps; is he in the right place now? (need feedback)
- removed statue activation order from Temple map (due to a number of requests)
- have many of the mobs in Stratholme moved? looking for solid and detailed information

- new maps: The Temple of Atal'Hakkar and Dire Maul (North, East and West)
- special thanks goes out to Nogame at for the blank maps
- added Lorgus Jett, Baron Aquanis and Fathom Core to Blackfathom Deeps (thanks Cadex)
- added Azshir the Sleepless to Scarlet Monastery (thanks John K.)
- added Fallen Champion and Ironspine to Scarlet Monastery (thanks Shape)
- added Bruegal Ironknuckle to The Stockade (thanks DragonBlade)
- added Stonespine to Stratholme (thanks Shape)
- moved Magistrate Barthilas to the correct location (thanks Shape)
- made a few cosmetic changes to the Scholomance map
- changed the framestrata of the minimap button to low (thanks Zilas)
- added a small credit to the titlebar

- added Zerillis to Zul'Farrak map (thanks JennerCobrari)
- fixed a typo in the Scarlet Monastery map (thanks halfhand and nonlinear)
- marked Hearthsinger Forresten in Stratholme as rare (thanks DrimIT)

- new maps: Scholomance, Stratholme and The Stockade
- Atlas is 28% larger! (all maps are higher resolution)
- added Meshlok the Harvester to Maraudon map (thanks Aludian)
- added version number to the Atlas window
- added an options button to the Atlas window
- added a key binding to toggle the options window
- updated all level ranges from official wow website
- changed the Atlas icon to something better
- the minimap button now collapses with the minimap
- options are now saved under a single variable

- updated Gnomeregan map with a new mob and marked one as rare
- updated myAddOns support for the options frame
- fixed problem with saving the status of the minimap button
- fixed problem with the frame level of the minimap button

- added Obsidian Sentinel to Uldaman map (thanks Bhaerau)
- new options window: type '/atlas options' to bring it up
- new minimap button, moveable and hideable (thanks CTMod code)
- transparency control slider

- added Lorgalis Manuscript to Blackfathom Deeps map (thanks Connall)
- lock button added next to close button, frame can only be dragged when unlocked
- lock status is saved between sessions
- frame position no longer resets all the time
- frame position is unaffected by other UIPanels

- added Ragglesnout to Razorfen Downs map (thanks beffe)
- Escape once again closes the window (clearly important)
- still draggable, but position isn't saved (a temp solution)

- new map: The Deadmines (thanks Pycelle)
- updated level range for all maps
- due to popular demand, Atlas is once again draggable!
- Escape no longer closes frame, use hotkey instead
- updated myAddOns support

- new maps: Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen Downs and Molten Core (thanks Conquest/Sudo)
- added punch card locs to Gnomeregan map
- added missing credit to SM map

- new maps: Gnomeregan and Zul'farrak
- removed loaded message (spam) upon entering the world
- added level information to all maps
- minor tweaks and spelling fixes

- new map: Wailing Caverns (thank you [email protected])
- fixed issue with not being able to open other panels while Atlas was open, as a side effect dragging is disabled (feedback welcome)
- Atlas will now automatically open to the map of the instance you're in (needs feedback and testing)
- added myAddOns support
- added Cosmos support

- new map: Scarlet Monastery
- pressing escape now closes frame
- fixed version numbering

- new maps: Maraudon and Uldaman
- added hotkey binding to toggle frame

- unreleased

- unreleased


Uploaded on
Jun 28, 2011
Game version
  • 4.2.0
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