If you're like me, you hate it when your add-ons give you auction prices that are out of date, distorted by outliers and thin trading, or just plain wrong. Even WoWuction, with its hourly 14-day scans, isn't perfect at avoiding this problem.

So you read the prices and do mental math, comparing the various numbers WoWuction comes up with. But this is slow and tedious, and you make mistakes like everyone else.

To solve that problem, this add-on brings together advanced statistics, domain knowledge from WoWuction's developer, and the work of real-world financial analyst John A. Bollinger. And it works as an Auctioneer stat module, so you can combine it with other advanced sources you know and trust, like Auc-Stat-Purchased and Auc-Stat-ILevel, using Auc-Appraiser's sophisticated Market Price meta-model.

With Auc-Stat-WoWuction, Auctioneer and TSM can do the thinking, so you have time to play the game.



  • Average the current market price with the 14-day median with customizable weight, so you choose how stable or reactive the estimates will be.
  • Bollinger Bands: Uses the standard error of the median (+/- range in the tooltip) to correct abnormally high or low prices.
  • Price Breakout Detection and Volatility Shock Detection: Use region-wide data to detect when the median or the +/- range is out of date (e.g. due to the economic impact of a patch), and fall back to the current market price or a widened +/- range when that happens. More accurate than if you relied on realm-specific data to check its own sanity.
  • Region-Wide Fallback: Fall back to region-wide data for items that haven't been posted recently on your realm.
  • Custom confidence setting, so you can adjust Auc-Stat-WoWuction's weight relative to other Auc-Stat modules.
  • Alternative confidence settings for when Price Breakout Detection and Region-Wide Fallback are triggered.
  • Reasonable, play-tested defaults for all settings.


  • Imports data from the TradeSkillMaster_WoWuction addon, which can be updated hourly by the TradeSkillMaster App (unlike The Undermine Journal) and which includes market activity from when you were offline (unlike AuctionDB).
  • Acts as an Auctioneer stat module, so you can combine it with Auc-Stat-Sales and Auc-Stat-Purchased to refine your price estimates. (WoWuction doesn't provide sold-item data for export, so set Auctioneer to scan your manual and other-addon searches.)
  • Doesn't add redundant data to tooltips.


  • Auc-Advanced
  • TradeSkillMaster_WoWuction


  1. Install the TSM App from, and set up WoWuction automatic updates.
  2. Open Auctioneer (either using the toolbar icon or by clicking "Configure" in the Appraiser tab at an AH).
  3. Under "Stat Modules", click WoWuction.
  4. Check the "Enable WoWuction Realm Stats" box.
  5. Set up the other options if desired; right-click them for explanations.
  6. Disable the Simple, Histogram, StdDev, WoWecon and Undermine Journal stat modules, since those will now be redundant.
  7. If you use TradeSkillMaster, set "Auctioneer - Appraiser" as a price source wherever you'd like to combine WoWuction data with your other Auctioneer sources.

See also

Auc-Stat-Wowuction-Xrealm if you'd like to use region-wide prices directly even when realm-specific prices are available.

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  • Avatar of elvinhome elvinhome Nov 12, 2014 at 09:53 UTC - 0 likes

    It seems like WoWuction stat module have no influence on calculated market price in my case. I turn it on and off in 'stat modules' and 'market price' not changing. Price changes only if i choose 'wowucion' price model, i.e. it works separate from market calculations. As far as I understand it's not an intended behavior?..

  • Avatar of seahen seahen Sep 18, 2012 at 18:44 UTC - 1 like

    @Dohram: Go

    Try setting Auctioneer to scan other addons' scans. WoWuction doesn't provide the details of individual auctions as a data export, so this add-on won't be able to supply other Auc-Stat modules with data.

    Also, I suggest disabling those Auc-Stat modules that WoWuction renders redundant (Simple, Histogram, StdDev, Wowecon and TUJ, but NOT Sales or Purchased). If you sell random-suffix items a lot and want to price each suffix separately, consider setting up a separate bank alt and custom Auctioneer scans for them.

    Sorry if these points aren't clear in the description; it's in beta too. I'll be rewriting it soon.

  • Avatar of Dohram Dohram Sep 18, 2012 at 02:41 UTC - 0 likes

    Doesnt seem to work , I followed directions and i still have to manualy update my auctioneer scanned data



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