AutoVendor options


This addon will automatically perform most of your vendor needs by selling any items you have in your bags, which you may not want and auto-repairing. Currently the following options are supported:

  • Sell grey items (always enabled as long as the addon is enabled);
  • Sell soulbound items that your class cannot use (disabled by default). I tried to make this very conservative, so it will also not sell stuff you haven't yet trained for. Also, mail will never be sold for hunters/shamans and plate will not be sold for paladins and warriors;
  • Sell soulbound items that are "not optimal" for your class (cloth for Druid/Rogue, cloth/leather for Hunter/Shaman, cloth/leather/mail for Warrior/Death Knight/Paladin).
  • Sell soulbound items below a certain level. This feature is currently experimental. Will sell items below a (configurable) level. It will try to keep items that have a Use: or Equip: effect, in order to not sell items like the Cloaks that teleport to your home town. Be advised that this may sell "fun" items you might want to keep! If that happens, buy it back immediately. Afterwards, please let me know in a comment which items the addon sold, so that I may add them to the exclusions list. You can also do this yourself (see below).
  • Sell Fortune Cards, which are obtained by using a Mysterious Fortune Card or eating a Fortune Cookie. Only the non-epic ones will be sold by this option. The epic ones (currently worth 1000 gold and 5000 gold are kept because these have other uses (for instance, using them to take extra gold with you on a server transfer).
  • Auto repair when visiting a repair-capable vendor (optional to use the Guild Bank for repairs);
  • Support for filters, meaning you can have a list of items you want to always keep or always sell.


You can use the interface options panel to modify some settings for this addon, or type /av to see some options.

The following slash commands are also available:

  • /junk: when provided with an item link, it will add this item to the "always sell" list, or remove it from that list if it's already on. When provided with just an item name, it will attempt to remove that item from the list (case insentitive);
  • /notjunk: does the same as /junk but for the "never sell" list;
  • /junklist: shows a list of items you have marked as "always sell";
  • /notjunklist: shows a list of items you have marked as "never sell".
  • /dropcheapest: destroys the cheapest junk-item you have on you. This can be useful if you're farming old content and find something you want to keep, but your bags are full. Note that while this prints the name of the item that was destroyed in chat, there is no confirmation, nor way to get it back! Use at your own risk.


By default the addon will report the total of items sold and the value of these items combined when you visit a vendor. You can change this by using the interface options panel. The values correspond to the following behaviour:

  • none: no reports at all;
  • summary: only summaries (default behaviour);
  • all: full reports, lists every item beind sold.

When no items are sold no reports are given, even if this value is set at something other than "none".


The addon currently supports the following languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese

Other languages will work, but only the "sell grey items" feature will work for those languages. If you wish to support the addon by adding localization for your language, please look at the Locale/ruRU.lua (for example) and change this file for your language. Afterwards please send me a PM with the contents so I can add it to the next version. Thanks!


You can use a LDB display addon (such as Titan Panel, Bazooka or Chocolate Bar) to view basic information from this addon. It will show information in the following format:

AutoVendor: Repair: xG yS Junk: zG aS (b slots)

The AutoVendor: part is a label and can be turned off, there is no configuration available for the rest as of yet. G and S indicate icons for Gold and Silver. To keep the info display a bit short, copper will not be displayed.

Other information

The addon comes with a default list for "never sell", currently consisting of the full Twill set and two Pitchforks. Other suggestions are welcome ;) Feature requests are also welcome. I am thinking about a way to manage the junk and not-junk lists, which might be implemented when I figure out a good way ;)

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  • Avatar of DanoPDX DanoPDX Aug 23, 2016 at 14:22 UTC - 0 likes

    Mods Updated

    DBM-Spell Timers
    Handy Notes Draenor Treasures
    Titan Panel

    I had just updated several mods with the Curse client and then I received the following error:

    Date: 2016-08-23 07:03:09
    ID: -1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\AutoVendor\AutoVendor.lua line 2:
       Cannot find a library instance of "AceLocale-3.0".
       [C]: error()
       !Swatter\Support\LibStub.lua:23 LibStub()
       AutoVendor\AutoVendor.lua:2 in main chunk
    (*temporary) = "Cannot find a library instance of "AceLocale-3.0"."

      Swatter, v7.0.5664 (TasmanianThylacine)
      AutoVendor, v36
      BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v7.0.3.70000 <none>

    Steps Taken to resolve

    As noted in the above log, I kept reverting to older versions.  I stil have the error with v36.  Now I have v34 installed and the error is gone.  

    Additional notes:

    I also tried the v39 nolib but it still had the error which is odd since it shouldn't require Ace.  Looking at the first lines in AutoVendor.lua for the nolib version still has the following lines.

    AV = LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):NewAddon("AutoVendor", "AceConsole-3.0", "AceEvent-3.0")
    local L = LibStub("AceLocale-3.0"):GetLocale("AutoVendor")

  • Avatar of Runehide Runehide Mar 27, 2015 at 04:06 UTC - 0 likes

    Requested feature - Guild Repair Only in Guild Group

    AutoVendor.lua Lines: Lines 96 - 105 guildgrouprepair = { type = 'toggle', order = 10, name = 'Use guild bank (Only in guild group)', desc = 'Use the guild bank for auto-repair if in guild group', disabled = function() return not AV.enabledState or not AV.db.profile.autorepair end, set = function(info, val) AV.db.profile.guildgrouprepair = val end, get = function(info) return AV.db.profile.guildgrouprepair end, width = 'full', },

    AutoVendor.lua Lines: 494-495 local guildGroup, numGuildPresent, numGuildRequired, xpMultiplier = InGuildParty() if (self.db.profile.guildbankrepair or (self.db.profile.guildgrouprepair and guildGroup)) and CanGuildBankRepair() and GetGuildBankWithdrawMoney() >= repairCost then

  • Avatar of Coasty Coasty Jan 31, 2011 at 00:59 UTC - 0 likes

    Your description for the addon mentions that it support filters, but I don't see any way to set up (syntax and so forth) or even how to use a filter.

    It'd be nice if you were to give some info on how to set up and use them.



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