BadBoy_Levels: Filter Whispers By Level

Latin American Spanish


English: You need to be level %d to whisper me.
Current Latin American Spanish: Necesitas ser nivel %d para susurrarme.
Translated by funkydude May 12, 2009
English: Filter whispers by level, minimally.
Current Latin American Spanish: Filtrar susurras por nivel mínimo.
Translated by Valandris Aug 19, 2010
English: You have reached the maximum amount of friends, remove 2 for this addon to function properly!
Too many friends error
Current Latin American Spanish: Has llegado a la cantidad máxima de amigos, quita 2 amigos para que este addon funcione propiamente. 
Translated by Valandris Aug 19, 2010
English: Note: Death Knights lower than level 58 are blocked
No current translation for Latin American Spanish