Battle Pet BreedID

What is the BreedID?

Seriously, what is it?

Each of your battle pets has 3 stats: Health, Power, and Speed. As your battle pets level up, these stats will increase. How they increase is determined by 3 factors:

  1. Rarity
  2. Base Stats
  3. Breed


Rarity is pretty simple: the more rare a pet is, the more stat points it gets as it levels. If a poor quality pet is the baseline, Rarity works like this:

  • Common pets will have all stats multiplied by 1.1
  • Uncommon pets will have all stats multiplied by 1.2
  • Rare pets will have all stats multiplied by 1.3
  • and so on for Epic and Legendary pets (which are currently unavailable to players)

Base Stats

Base Stats are the same for each particular pet. For example, all Minfernals have the same base stats - regardless of rarity and breed. The base stats are multiplied by the level of the pet to determine their contribution to the total. Or, to think of that another way, every time a pet levels up it will add its base stats to its current total (multiplied by rarity). Base stats can and do vary from pet to pet - some pets inherently have more Speed or Power than others. So, if you're looking to maximize a certain stat, this should be the first thing you check. For example, if you want some type of Frog that has a really high Power, check the base stats of all the frog types and find the one with the highest Power base stat. Then you'll know what to try to capture.


Breed is the final component of the stats. There are 20 different breeds in the game, and each pet gets exactly 1. Each breed corresponds to a set of numbers that are also multiplied by the level of the pet, and added to the stats. So again, you can also think of it like each level the pet gains stat points equal to its base stats + its breed stats (multiplied by rarity, of course).

Each of these breeds has a set of 3 numbers, for example: '.5/.5/.5' - which happens to be breed 3/13. These numbers correspond to Health, Power, and Speed (in that order). So, if your pet happens to have breed 3/13, each level it will gain .5 to all stats, in addition to the benefits from Base Stats and Rarity.

Even though there are 20 breeds, there are really only 10 different sets of numbers, because breeds 3-12 have exactly the same values as 13-22. The only difference is that 3-12 are male, while 13-22 are female. This is why you'll see breedID expressed as things like 3/13 or 11/21 - the pet could be either male or female, but we can't really tell based on the numbers.

In this addon, we also express breed IDs as a set of 2 letters, looking something like: P/S. Take a look at the following table of breed IDs and their corresponding values, and then I'll explain how the letter system works.

  • 3/13 - B/B - .5/.5/.5
  • 4/14 - P/P - 0/2/0
  • 5/15 - S/S - 0/0/2
  • 6/16 - H/H - 2/0/0
  • 7/17 - H/P - .9/.9/0
  • 8/18 - P/S - 0/.9/.9
  • 9/19 - H/S - .9/0/.9
  • 10/20 - P/B - .4/.9/.4
  • 11/21 - S/B - .4/.4/.9
  • 12/22 - H/B - .9/.4/.4

The Letter System

The goal with the letter system is to make it so you don't need a chart. What I found in using it myself is that when looking at things like 4/14, I'd need to always look up what 4/14 meant... in my head I'd think... "pretty sure it's one of the breeds with a two and 2 zeroes, but is it 2 power, or 2 health?"

So, the letters seek to alleviate that. H = Health, P = Power, S = Speed, B = Balance. Think of it like 2 components of the whole. If you see H/H, that means the pet has a double dose of Health, which would be 2/0/0. If you see H/B, that's Health mixed with Balance, or .9/.4/.4. B/B is double Balance, or .5/.5/.5. and P/S would be Power mixed with Speed, or 0/.9/.9.


A few things worth noting:

  • Not every pet can come in every different breed (in fact, only 1 currently can). Most pets come in only 2 or 3 different breeds.
  • The more specialized a breed is, the more points overall it will get from the breed. The ultra-specialized 4/14, 5/15, and 6/16 breeds get a full 2 points per level, while the ultra-balanced 3/13 breed gets only 1.5 points total, and the other breeds scale in between.


For more information regarding Breeds, see these sites

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