Battle Pet Tabs

Change log
 + Updated TOC for 5.3
 + Fixed issue with other addons, causing BattlePetTabs not to load properly.
 + Renamed the new feature to "Snapshot Manager".
 + Fixed the issue with macros disappearing when switching to a snapshot with less teams than your other snapshots. (The addon assumed the macro was invalid as the team didn't exist in the current snapshot, so now the macros are left in peace in most cases when dealing with snapshots.)
 + Added the ability to rename and pick a snapshot icon from a new popup interface, rather than the old rename popup dialog. For the moment this only applies to snapshots, team renaming still is the same as before.
 + Fixed a bug where a team would be re-loaded endlessly because the pet ID when compared appeared wrong, because the stored ID is in lower-case, while the one returned when checking was in upper-case.
 + The buttons gray out while a team is being loaded in the background. This is to avoid weird behavior, created from too much queries to the server.

 + Added "Team Manager", a way to create snapshots of all the current teams. The popup menu allows you to load a snapshot, or create one based on the current teams. Note that currently if you make a new snapshot, then load it and edit the teams, you have to make a new snapshot for those changes to be saved - meaning if you plan to make changes to a snapshot, you have to load it, do your stuff, make a new snapshot, then delete the old snapshot that is now obsolete.

 + Recoded the addon, trying to work out the issues with the database. Please provide feedback in case of errors, along with the errors and description how to reproduce them. Testing on my end has proven error-free, hopefully it will be for you too.
 + Working on making the addon error less if data is corrupt. In case there is a invalid petID being used from the database, the addon will avoid feeding it further into the API so errors aren't caused, this way if a pet or one team is corrupt, they should automatically be cleansed without causing errors. Please provide feedback if you experience that your team data gets corrupt too often, this is not intended and to be frank I've never myself experienced this before so you got to give me some time to try work around this issue. Thank you very much.
 + TOC bump to 50200 (patch 5.2)
 + Fixed an issue where the UI wouldn't update when you swap teams.

 + Added a bonus feature; the ability to remove pets from the teams, all you have to do is hold down a modifier key (ctrl/alt/shift) and click the small avatar in the team loadout screen, a confirmation dialog will ask you before removing the pet. You can create teams that consist of one or two pets, you don't have to have a full team.

 + Patch 5.1 update has been applied, sorry if you lost your current teams because of the old version bugging out.
 + Working on Squire2 compatibility, broke its loading process by forcing the PetJournal to load. Giving the author a break by doing this as a temporary fix, side effects are limited to simply not seeing the tooltips when hovering over the macros, nothing big really.

 + Further optimizing of loading process. At the moment I think the issues have been resolved, speak up if something happens, thanks for your patience.

 + Appears to have been resolved, keeping a close eye on the situation. Please do provide feedback about this version and about the issue with loading teams between sessions, thank you.

 + The hunt to fix the saving issue continues, being told it's not yet corrected to trying with a small fix.

 + Revamping how the addon loads, making pet quality coloring (while in battles) work without having to show the Pet Journal first, and hopefully fixing some issues with the saved variables.

 + Fixed an issue with pet tabs while being queued or in battle, if you tried to swap teams or modify your teams it would error by spamming you in chat that the action is unavailable, so to counter this issue I made it automatically disable the tabs while you are busy in battle or queue, rather use your time to manage teams outside of these situations, like it was intended.
 + Attempting to harden the saved variables problem, someone reported settings not being stored so I edited a vital line, hoping it would help reduce these occurrences. Keep me posted on the matter.

+ Fixed an issue with non-existant pets being loaded then the addon trying to set their spells properly, when there is no data to use, so the addon fired an lua error telling you there is no field '?' at line 331 (in version 1.0.7), this should be fixed now, provide feedback if otherwise.

+ Updated tooltip code to work better with build 15913. The tooltips now appear more compact, and pet level and experience is now shown.

+ Fixed team swapping issue where pets would revert their abilities back to default instead of using what was assigned to them by the player.

+ Swapping teams too often will no longer cause problems like the loadout not changing or only one or two pets changing while the last are still from the old team. This happened because the game isn't made to handle too many requests to changing loadouts, so this is fixed by having the addon retry and update the loadout in intervals until the expected loadout is loaded properly.
+ Caging pets will remove them from the team, cage all pets from a team and that team is removed from the tabs.
+ Variable initialization issues should now be gone.

+ Fixed a problem with macro creation when you have the macro UI opened, it will close it automatically to avoid any problems.
+ The team tooltip hints change depending if it's on the tab, or on the macro.

+ Swiftly added tooltip information about dragging the tabs.

+ Pet type defensive bonuses and penalties are locale independent and should not cause problems any longer, in case you were early out with a non-English client, this should fix the problem.
+ You can drag a tab to automatically create a macro for that team load-out, you can press it to quickly load a team from your actionbar, this way you don't have to open the screen to toggle between a fixed set of teams. When you mouse-over these type of macros, the tooltip will change into the team load-out tooltip. You can also right-click the macro to toggle the Pet Journal for quicker access to your pets. Note that macros are stored in the general category.
+ Team tooltips will now use the positive and negative arrows to describe if attack or defense is stronger or weaker, instead of text.
+ Minor tweaks regarding icon alignment on tooltips, still not perfected tough.

+ Minor tweaks before release, nothing substantial.

+ Initial release.


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Jun 06, 2013
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