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542 - Suggestion: Emphasize message when on me

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1. I love the new pulse, individual ability sound options and Only when on me options on the alpha builds.

2. However, there is another option I would love to see implemented, lets call it Emphasize message when on me.

3. The reason for this is that there are boss abilities (like fixate), where I like to have the message as ordinary message (BigWigs ordinary message output) with an info sound if it is on another player, but I would like to have it as an emphasized message (BigWigs Emphasize message output) and BigWigs: Alarm sound if the boss ability is on me.

4. I know some abilities have options like Flash/Pulse, but having the option to use different message output and sound type would be a further improvement in my honest opinion.

5. My suggestion is to divide the options for abilities that can hit individual players into "On me" and "On others" with individual settings for message output frame and sound (choose one off Alarm/alert/info/long info).

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Gjerdesmett Mar 01, 2013 at 08:57 UTC Create

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Mar 01, 2013
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